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The Holocaust

by Eva 2 months ago in Historical
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Go back in time and learn about the brutal holocaust

The Holocaust
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The Holocaust

Go back in time and take some further insight about the brutal, horrendous, holocaust.

The Holocaust -also known as shoah- was located in Poland and Germany. This took place from the year 1941 to the year 1945. The hardships, however, did not end there; after the Holocaust took place there was still a need for food and homes. The Holocaust was the genocide of European Jews in World War Two. Just a couple of the many people involved were the Jews, Nazis, Germans, Polish, and English. The Nazis were against the Jews and killed around 6 million Jews. Not only that but they killed a significant amount of other people who were caring for, and hiding wanted Jews. The English and Russians were the people who helped kill the Nazis. Some of the Polish people wanted to help the Jews and kill or hurt Nazis; others, wanted the Jews dead, and others just wanted their life back to normal.

The Holocaust is presumed to be caused by multiple things. Just one of these numerous things is historic antisemitism. Historic antisemitism-sometimes called history's oldest hatred- is hostility, prejudice or discrimination towards Jews. A couple more of these considerable causes are the rise of eugenics, the aftermath of the first world war and nationalism. Eugenics is the science of regulating a population through controlled breeding. Nationalism is an extreme form of patriotism, to the point of thinking less of other countries. Some other key roles in the timing and scale of the Holocaust are the rise of the Nazis, the role of Adolf Hitler, the internal operation of the Nazi state. The second world war collaboration was also a key contribution to the Holocaust.

During the events of the Holocaust, around 6 billion Jews were killed. These Jews were killed in many ways. Some of these ways include being: hung, shot, killed with a knife, or tortured. According to the Once series by Morris Gleitzman, people were called to the town square to watch people being tortured. Not only were many Jews killed; many polish and Nazis were killed as well. Polish people were killed as a result of helping Jews or not obeying Nazis, they would also get killed for putting up a fight with the Nazis. The Nazis were killed as many people wanted revenge. During the Holocaust Nazis invaded Poland. Jews wore armbands for the Nazis to identify them. There were also labour camps and death camps.

After the Holocaust happened there were still many hardships for the Jews and Poles. Some of these included a need for food and homes and revenge for others' deaths. Following the Holocaust, many people were still in Nazi death camps as some people were kept for work. This caused people to be extremely sick and have to wait years before repositioning to their new homes. Many Jews feared going back to their homes because of postwar violence and antisemitism caused by the Holocaust. Most people's homes were destroyed by bombs or fires that Nazis or Europeans caused. Finding places in other countries, were initially difficult; but later on this became easier.

In conclusion, I think these events were scandalous. Many people died for their beliefs or religions. I think it is important to stop things like this because many people die and children suffer and have a hard life. The bible says to love one another as yourself. The Holocaust is not an example of this. People were not loving each other; they were judging others for their religions. The Nazis were brutal during the Holocaust and many people suffered.


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