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The Coolest Book Club

The ABCs of your new Book Club. Also known as @thecoolestbookclubb on IG, two Bs on purpose.

By The Coolest Book ClubPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Coolest Book Club
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The coolest book club is an unlimited virtual and head space of each reader that participates. Created by Leandra R. Arellano, the club is a mecca for not only creative reading of ALL genres, but also creative writing for responses, reviews, and writing prompts initiated by Leandra and club members. I would say this club is for intermediate to advanced level readers and beginner to all levels of writing (coming from the girl who relies heavily on spell check).

The club is a donation based membership (in other words, free) mostly ran on Instagram, Next Door, and this Vocal webpage. If members decide they would like to contribute small donations that can be done through Leandra's Venmo account Leapea11.

To begin:

First, A book poll is taken at the end of every month through the platforms mentioned above. Amongst the polls there will be four options each month to choose from for our reading material. Those options come in the form of Leandra's reading list and recommendations from members and non-members. Once the polls have been tallied across all platforms will a reading decision be made. It should be noted that we will never read a book with more than 40 chapters and 500 pages. Also, if it is ok with members to re-read something they have already read that is encouraged as well.

Secondly, the number of chapters will be divided across a four week period so that the material has been read in time with our one month deadline. For instance, a book has 40 chapters, so we will be called to read 10 chapters a week with the at the most 120 pages.

Thirdly, in the last week of the month to the first week of the following month during the time the next poll is taking place, writing prompts, reviews, and responses will be due for the previous book. Responses will be shared to the club email or left as comments on any of the above mentioned platforms. Strong pieces will published on the club's Vocal account and shared on our social platforms along with one giveaway a month.

To close this small initiation, you are SO welcome to your new book club and please send ANY grievance, suggestion, or flat out criticism to the club's email [email protected]

A personal note from Leandra:

Acknowledgment to people, books, and places that have inspired this book club are as follows; Diane Castellano for always pushing me to be myself and show the world, the Catholic church for embracing me when I needed it the most, especially with free literature that reconnected me to my faith, Ken Castellano who is hard enough on me to teach me that it's never the end of the rope, John Ahern who has showed me that no matter how difficult temporal life becomes we can always find our spirit, even if it's in a book, Rachel Lucero for always believing in me even when I gave her no reason to at all, and to the fundamental idea of community, without it I would have nothing.

As you may have come to realize, this club is more than just another book club to me, it is a way for me to stay connected to friends who are far away, it is a way to meet and make new friends, and most of all it is a way for me to create the world that I believe is inside all of us; one without limitation.

In joining this club I hope that you receive as much as I do by creating and facilitating it. Thank you!

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