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The body originated from the parents, so how did the human consciousness come into being?

body from parents

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Everything in the universe is composed of "elementary particles". The so-called elementary particles are actually the smallest units of matter in human cognition. If they are smaller than the elementary particles, they will lose the properties of the matter. These elementary particles are like It is a puzzle that is combined into this complex and changeable universe through different arrangements.

Life on earth is also composed of various basic particles, basic particles form atoms, and atoms form various organic substances. At a certain period of time on the earth, these organic substances gave birth to the most primitive life, and these life competed with each other, and eventually evolved. In order to understand life on earth today, scientists believe that all living things on earth today can be traced back to a common ancestor.

Larger body size and more complex internal organs are the overall trend of life evolution. In order to defeat other competitors, organisms need to evolve larger bodies and more complex brains to control the body. The spine of vertebrates is a powerful nerve center. System, with this special body structure, most vertebrates have become consumers in the food chain.

Among all vertebrates, humans are the most special, because humans have a particularly complex brain, with "consciousness" and "self-thinking" that most animals do not have, which is what we often call "higher intelligence", although There are also some animals with high IQs, such as chimpanzees, which are close relatives of humans. They also use tools, but their IQs are still far behind humans.

Since ancient times, our ancestors have been very curious about the self-thinking ability of human beings. They believe that human beings are "the spirit of all things" and are born with unique advantages. ”, that is to say, primates are the most advanced existence of biological evolution, while humans are the most fully evolved species in the primate order.

The ancients created the concept of "soul", thinking that the soul can exist without the body, and that human beings will enter another world after death, but modern science tells us that human "consciousness" is actually generated by the activity of neurons in the brain As a result, there are specialized "conscious brain regions" in our brains, and the conscious brain regions are separate from those that store memories.

For our human body, neither memory nor consciousness is impossible. If the brain is a computer, then consciousness is the memory stick, responsible for real-time calculation and processing information from the nerve endings of the body, and memory is the hard disk. All processed data and information are integrated into memory and used only when needed.

So what exactly is human consciousness? Our bodies come from our parents, so does our consciousness also come from the bodies our parents gave us? The answer may not be as simple as we think.

Since consciousness is a part of the brain, can it be considered that all human emotions and thoughts are actually just a manifestation of brain activity? If human beings create an "artificial intelligence" with self-awareness in the future, can the existence of this artificial intelligence be regarded as an alternative ideology?

In fact, human beings still have a lot of speculation about the existence of consciousness. After all, our brain is the most complex and mysterious organ, and there are many secrets buried in our brain. Our conscious brain area is "near the frontal lobe". If this part Damage to the brain area is likely to cause a person to lose self-consciousness. If it is explained from the existing science, human consciousness is a natural product that appears in the process of brain development and is a part of brain function.

There are some laws in quantum mechanics that state that our consciousness sometimes exists in a quantum state, and even after our brain dies, these quanta may still carry some information into the universe, just like everything is composed of elementary particles Yes, humans have self-awareness, while stones do not have the ability to think for themselves.

In fact, to a certain extent, biological consciousness is the extension of "instinct" in the process of evolution. All living things exist for "survival" and "reproduction". The meaning of survival is to transmit their own genes and ensure their own Our genes can continue forever, which is also obvious in humans, and we will subconsciously value our offspring more.

Compared with normal matter, the form of existence of life is more complex, and the thinking of human beings is more complex than that of other creatures. The fundamental reason is that human beings have chosen a different path in the process of evolution. In the future, human beings The overall evolutionary trend is also more complex and powerful brains, rather than strong bodies and large bodies.

Perhaps with the evolution of human beings, the human brain in the future will become more complex, and there will be more miraculous changes in the field of consciousness. Secondly, human beings are likely to create artificial intelligence in the future, allowing non-living matter to have self-awareness and renew it. Define the concepts of "life" and "consciousness".

There may be many secrets hidden in human consciousness, and there are still many unexplainable phenomena in quantum mechanics. Human consciousness is so special that it may have something to do with these currently unexplainable phenomena.


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