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Seven Christmas Things I Learned In Five Minutes

Crazy Christmas trivia and facts that might be fun to know.

By Jason Ray MortonPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Seven Christmas Things I Learned In Five Minutes
Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash

There are all sorts of interesting histories behind our favorite holiday. From what things mean to the validity of how we view some traditions, Christmas is open to interpretation. Here are seven of the craziest facts about the holiday that I could find in five minutes. You won’t believe some of them and I’m sure you’ll disagree with one or two.

Christmas Magic

Kissing under the mistletoe is an old tradition predicated on the belief that if you’re standing under the mistletoe with someone you like it means you’re supposed to kiss each other. What is mistletoe, besides a hanging decorative plant? Mistletoe is a weirdly named plant dating back to an Anglo-Saxon word meaning dung twig.

Next time you go in for the kiss at a Christmas party, keep that in mind.

Photo by Paul Zoetemeijer on Unsplash

Warp Speed Now, Rudolph

How long would it take Santa to deliver all those presents? A professor at North Carolina State University in 2012 believes it would take six “Santa Months.” Of course, he’s a Santa math specialist with students that took on the problem.

Santa has to deliver gifts to 200 million kids across 200 million square miles. Each house has an average of 2.67 kids. With 75 million homes to visit and 1.63 miles between them, old Saint Nick has 122 million miles to travel in 24 hours. The professor says it’s possible because that’s still about 130 times slower than light speed.

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Oh, Little Star Of Uranus?

In 1979 Astronomer George Banos wrote that the Holy Star of Bethlehem, the sign of Christ’s birthplace, was the planet named Uranus. Maybe he had a sense of humor, or maybe it was a comet, but this is a funnier explanation.

Without running the risk of offending people, can we imagine the story about the birth of Jesus being under the star as a Beavis and Butthead joke? This one is one that many might choose to disagree with out of principle.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

Christmas Season Breakups

David McCandless, a data analyst, reported that analyzing Facebook status updates of 10,000 people found that two weeks before Christmas is the most likely time a man or woman will split with their partner. So, if you can stick it out with your significant other until Dec 25, you’re probably alright for another year.

There are two seasons of the year that see the most broken up relationships. Those are Valentines Day, and Christmas. These are also the two most expensive times of the year if you're in a relationship, and create the most unnecessary stress in relationships.

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

The Day We Start Getting Fat

A study by Associated British Foods and reported on by ABC News showed this was the day we all start fattening up. The average American was consuming approximately 7,000 calories on Christmas day, more than three times the recommended daily intake. Most of that damage came from two large meals and nibbling throughout the day. What about all those leftovers? There’s no more fattening time of year.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

How Does Santa Do It?

To accomplish such insane feet of magic would require assets. How much would Santa be worth? Financial experts working for Forbes figured out Santa Claus’ net worth would be around infinity to get the job done. Sorry Elon Musk, Santa’s got you beat! But, he has been around a lot longer so if you can live a few thousand years, maybe you can catch up.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Oops, We've Had It Wrong!

One man left an indelible mark on the Christmas season and it has lasted for over 30 years. That man was Bruce Willis. Die Hard became a Christmas tradition to guys everywhere. It's been used as a subject of Christmas movie debates in sitcoms, it's been argued by couples, and it's been a part of pop culture.

According to the man himself, we've had it wrong.

"Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, it's a 'f'n' Bruce Willis movie."

-Bruce Willis at the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis

That's it. That's seven crazy things about Christmas found in five minutes. I hope you enjoyed the article and if you really enjoyed it, show it some love.


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  • Frank Racioppi28 days ago

    Great story. Loved the little-known facts. Thank you Jason.

  • Mark Grahamabout a month ago

    Quite the piece of interesting items of around the world. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michele Hardyabout a month ago

    That’s such a bummer about the relationships statistic. The getting fat stats are a bummer too, but good to keep in mind.

  • will make sure to keep that in mind about relationships … also the fact about santa being scientifically possible is everything

  • Chelsea Lynne2 months ago

    That’s a crazy statistic on relationships!! Fun article and so many interesting facts. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Tracy Willis2 months ago

    1. I’ll never look at mistletoe the same again 2. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. Thank you for putting this together - so fun!

  • Wow Jason. I'm sorry I missed this earlier! Congrats on top story, this was excellent!

  • DiscipleMaking2 months ago

    Thanks for the article, I’m just writing an essay on a similar topic.

  • Neo Natsu2 months ago

    Excellent article.

  • Erica Wagner2 months ago

    What a fun piece! Thanks for sharing, merry merry.

  • Niklas2 months ago

    christmas wishes

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    Christmas is awash with cultural and familial traditions, it's what marks the day as special. Bruce Willis does not get to dictate anyone's Christmas but his own. Die hard is a Christmas movie.

  • Jason Basaraba2 months ago

    Well done , like the fun facts. They both got it wrong: Die Hard is a Christmas movie And a F’k Bruce Willis movie. Ya can’t have one without the other.

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    It's the most fattening time of the year ( in Andy Williams voice). Great job. Congrats on the top story.

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