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Red Wine Headache Hacks to Save Your Day

After a night of indulgence and your headache wakes you up before your alarm, you need these hacks to save your day.

By Tamika Morrison OkelekePublished 3 years ago โ€ข 3 min read
Red Wine Headache Hacks to Save Your Day
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Have you ever had a headache wake you up before your alarm? The kind that makes it impossible for more than one eye to open from the throbbing headache that began as soon as you entered your dream state, but you tried desperately to ignore it.

This has happened to me the day after I overindulged in my favorite pastime -- drinking red wine. My best friend and I have enjoyed drinking red wine for the better part of our adult life but lately, we have both encountered lingering migraines after too much indulgence. I'm sure my fellow wine connoisseurs who have experienced this will appreciate these red wine headache hacks.

As I get older, my experience in drinking wine or any alcohol is having a lower tolerance for higher intake. In my research, I've found various contributing factors that cause wine headaches or hangovers. What stands out to me are whether I'm drinking on an empty stomach, the foods eaten that day, the stress and fatigue and/or other ingredients mixed with red wine such as in sangria.

1. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a major cause of wine headaches. Studies link dehydration as a cause for tension and migraine headaches. Before partaking in the enjoyment of a glass of red, make sure you drink a full glass of water or two. And if you want that second glass, sip the first glass slowly, drink another full glass of water and then go for the second one. If your headache starts in the middle of your enjoyment, put the glass down and drink plenty of water. You can also add a couple of the following strategies to ease headache symptoms:

o drink a cup of black coffee or any caffeinated beverage

o use essential oils like peppermint on your temples or lavender above your upper lip to inhale

o prepare for rest and relaxation by lying in a dark room

2. Eat before you drink wine

It's not advisable to drink any alcoholic beverage on an empty stomach but limit foods with histamines, tannin and sulfates. Most red wines are made from the whole grape including grape skins which have a higher amount of histamines than white wines. Histamine is a major trigger of wine headaches and could signal an allergic reaction. A simple salad with steak or chicken makes for a good pairing. Other foods with histamine that should be avoided when drinking red wine are:

o aged cheese

o vegetables such as eggplant, sauerkraut and spinach

o proteins such as fish, sausage and salami

Avoid mixing wine with other alcoholic beverages or you're asking for trouble.

3. Avoid drinking if you are under stress or tired

If you get a headache soon after drinking a glass of wine, consider whether you are under stress or experiencing fatigue. This should go unsaid, but let's say it aloud so that we are clear: stress drinking worsens stress. Being fatigued or exhausted is not the time to pour a glass of red. I know it's easy to decide to relieve stress or tiredness after a rough day with a glass of wine, but if you're trying to avoid nursing yourself back from a headache caused by drinking, then say no to wine for now.

4. Just say no to red wine

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it may be time to give up drinking red wine for good. The higher levels of histamine, tannins and sulfites may be too much for your system. White wine is an alternative since these ingredients are in a lower dosage.

You can also keep track to see if it's the quality or it may be a type of red wine you are reacting to. For example, I avoid drinking pinot noir because it gives me an instant headache but I can enjoy the other reds with no problems.

Indulgence is a major factor to consider when dealing with a wine headache. The recommended dosage of any alcoholic beverage is 5 ounces of wine per day or 1 glass for women and double the amount for men. If you stay within your range of recommendations and make sure you're checking all the boxes, then you should be able to continue enjoying your glass of red wine.


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