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Past can be changed!

by Rahul Kumar 3 months ago in Mystery

What will happen when you wake up one day and notice that social media apps was never invented in the world...

Past can be changed!
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Hello there!

This article is going to be about a phenomenal phenomena which will blow your mind. One of my most preferred example I would take for this is that; One day you woke up, checked your mobile, and found that your social media platforms are not on your smartphone and when you ask your friends and family regarding the same; they shock you by replying back, "This app! We don't know about this app." But, the thing is that you have already used that app. Just think about this particular thought-provoking situation. Though, most probably it is not going to happen in reality and I hope that no one experience this kind of dilemma😜.

The term Mandela Effect emerged from a situation when some people started saying that they remember Mandela died in a prison in 1980s and they saw that news in 1980s. But, the fact is that he died in 2013. Now, what about the people who were arguing about his death in 1980s. It was a debatable topic and similar such cases came out where some people were claiming different perspective on the same thing/event and then later on this phenomenon was termed as Mandela Effect and we are going to dive into this phenomenon.

Do you remember the Pokemon cartoon or video game?

I am sure that everyone have seen pokemon or played the pokemon game.

Try to recall the cute mascot of the Pokemon Franchise, Pikachu and try to remember whether he had a black strip on his tail or not, because people have there own perspective on our own little cute pokemon and it may be possible that you are one of those people, which is enthralling and I also got confused the first time when I heard about this. Some people say that pikachu is having a black strip on its tail. But, the fact is that there is no black strip on its tail, not in any single episode of pokemon since it was started.

I am Your Father

By Javier Martínez on Unsplash

Have you heard the the famous line from Star Wars, episode V, "Luke, I am your father."

If you are a Star Wars fan then definitely you will be surprised to know that the actual line was, "No, I am your father." A lot of people agree that they have heard 'Luke' instead of 'No' and may be you can say that it can be human error, but this is not the case for with 1 or 2 people and amazingly there is no evidence that is it a human error or anything else.

There are plenty of examples related to this phenomenon and debates through out the world.

The potential reasons for this phenomenon

There's been an inattention which can happen to everyone and there is nothing strange in this and indeed sometimes we all slip up things in cartoons and movies. But this should not happen in other examples of Mandela Effect.

Sometimes our brain automatically fills the gap or change it while recalling the things for making a sense or making it better. So, this can also be a reason behind these issues or may be something else which is yet to be discovered.

False memory can also be a reason for this effect because in case of Alexander Hamilton, people refer him that he is founding father of US and when we ask about the first president of US, they tend to recall Alexander Hamilton. So, this can be good reason for confusion between people.

Alternate Reality or parallel universe is a theory which is a very interesting theory and can satisfy this problem. This phenomenon of parallel universe is very unique in its own and a debatable topic where it is said that there are galaxies and planets which exist just like our planets and the galaxies are distant from us but mirroring our planets which may include us also. No body among us can say this as wrong theory because no one has proved it wrong and at the same time no one have proved this as correct, so there is a good chance that it is true till one comes and prove this theory wrong.

cyberspace is a platform where wrong information can spread very quickly and can form collective reality even it is wrong, hence in some cases internet could be the reason because very few people circulate news or a piece of information after verifying.

The Mandela Effect continues to be a debatable topic and till date there is no concrete information that is it true or not but still scientists and researchers are trying to satisfy this phenomenon with some theories or with fallibility of humans.


Rahul Kumar

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