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Mondeo's August sales fell slightly month-on-month. Can this American muscle car maintain its popularity?

American muscle car

By nally norrisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Mondeo sales in August were 5,992 units, down 6.46% month-on-month.

The magnitude is not large, but it is not a good momentum, because August is the warm-up stage of the hot-selling season of cars, and the vehicles of the first-tier brands are basically rising; so the trend of Mondeo still does not seem to be ideal, but this larger size, Why is it still difficult to counterattack a car that has raised the "fat change" standard and sold at a reduced price?

Perhaps the overly exaggerated power is its biggest flaw. The car's published 100km/h acceleration result is 6.5 seconds, which is quite different from the real level.

Basic parameters:

The body size of Mondeo is 4935*1875*1500 and the wheelbase is 2945mm, which belongs to the B+ standard car; the curb weight is naturally not very small, the standard is 1552-1604kg. The engine it is equipped with is CAF488WQC-2.0T, the power reserve is 175kw/376N m (2500~3750rpm), and the maximum net power is 173kW; the power and torque are relatively high, but the speed node of the maximum torque burst is a bit late and can only last 1250 rpm is indeed a bit narrow, which should have an impact on the performance of the vehicle.

Its thrust-to-weight ratio is a maximum of 151.59Hp/T and a minimum of 146.68Hp/T.

This standard corresponds to a hundred-to-hundred-hours score of about 7 seconds, so Mondeo’s 6.5-second break-to-hundred score was not questioned; however, the actual acceleration of its vehicle failed to break even 7.5 seconds, which is somewhat unreasonable.

If it is only at this level, the Malibu XL and Buick Regal are not inferior; the LSY-2.0T standard of its equipment is 174kw/350N m (1500~4000rpm), although the power and torque are lower. , but the maximum torque burst early, and the low-torque burst is still good. Therefore, the 100-kilometer acceleration result can reach about 7.5 seconds, which is on par with the Mondeo.

Under the premise of comparable performance, fuel consumption will inevitably become an important reference for car selection.

The following is the latest dynamic data of the public measurement of fuel consumption, which are:

Mondeo 2.0T&8AT, 10.6L/100km

Regal 2.0T&9AT, 9.5L/100km

Malibu XL 2.0T&9AT, 9.1L/100km

Obviously, the fuel consumption of Mondeo is the highest, and it is indeed a bit high; for a car with a curb weight of only about 1.6 tons, its fuel consumption should be controlled at about 9L/100km, because of its low wind resistance coefficient; Now there are some domestic compact SUVs with a curb weight of 1.6 tons or higher, whose fuel consumption can be as low as about 9.5L/100km, and the drag coefficient of SUV models is much larger.

Therefore, Mondeo is really not fuel-efficient. This generation of Ford's 2.0T is like the previous generation of GM LTG, but the main driving force ignores fuel consumption; however, users who choose these joint venture cars will still take the cost of the car as an important reference for car selection. One, especially on the premise that the price is not high, Mondeo will not reduce fuel consumption after the price cut, which is not a very smart setting.

Still need to talk about the gearbox

Ford's AT gearbox is developed in cooperation with General Motors, and Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac all belong to GM; but GM's front-wheel drive car chooses 9AT, and it seems that only the 9AT of Buick Encore is not available in the series production cars. "Manual shift mode" (automatic manual function). Ford's front-wheel drive car chooses 8AT. Although the loss of a forward gear may not have a substantial impact, the digital hints will be very interesting; at the same time, almost all of Ford's production vehicles have a reduced configuration "manually integrated". Function, Mondeo is no exception, only the ST-Line version of the car has this function, other versions have been reduced.

To sum up, Mondeo is not a performance benchmark in the American sedan camp, and its fuel consumption is the "benchmark" of its class. Therefore, it is unrealistic to counterattack Malibu XL and Regal, and the new design is difficult. Long-term maintenance of heat.

And if it is compared to design, sense of technology, intelligence, as well as power and handling, the benchmarks of these three mid-range joint venture sedans can only be played in the joint venture car camp.

Refer to the medium-sized car Changan Dark Blue SL03 and the medium-sized car Nezha S. Both cars have rear-mounted rear-wheel drive options. Nezha S has more four-wheel drive options; the weakest performance is also comparable to Mondeo; The plug-in extended-range version has no battery life and energy replenishment anxiety, and the focus is on the pure electric driving range of 200 and 310 kilometers respectively. Vehicles also have good smart car machines. The key point is that with a large-capacity power battery pack, these configurations can be used with peace of mind when parking. Therefore, the entire joint venture car camp is sinking, and the popularity of Mondeo is difficult to maintain.


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