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"Medication" (Pimp, Pusher, and Addict)

Pimps—Pharmaceutical Companies Pushers—Doctors and Pharmacists Addicts—Patients

By Karen ThomasPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

For centuries our doctors and pharmacists have been pimped by pharmaceutical companies to push potentially life-threatening drugs into our already fragile systems. We depend on our legal drug dealers (doctors and pharmacists) to aid us, the patients, in maintaining good health. What happens when the side effects of the treatments are more dangerous than the illness?

The Pharmaceutical company push drugs that treat the symptoms but not the disease. And, in treating the symptoms, you can expect some or most of these side effects: dizziness, constipation, heart palpitations, fever, vomiting, muscle pain, sleeplessness, skin rash, heartburn, angina, swelling of the feet and ankles, enlarged heart, jaundice, liver failure, death, and kidney failure just to name a few.

Now we have to take sixteen different medications to treat the side effects. Thus, we have become hooked, if not dependent, on pharmaceutical companies to provide us with drugs that “supposedly” sustains our life. Our doctors use “coercive persuasion” methods to brainwash us into thinking that we will surely die if we do not take these drugs.

Yet, they do not tell us that the medications we have been intimidated into taking can also kill us. And, to add salt to our illnesses, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approves the poisons that are killing us faster than the illness. The FDA is supposed to be looking out for our best interests. Do they though, or does the pharmaceutical companies supply the FDA demands ($$$). Years later, after the pharmaceutical company has made billions off us addicts, you will see a late-night commercial claiming the drugs we took can cause cancer, and pharmaceutical companies' settlement will be mere millions. You’re dying, and you may get a thousand-dollar settlement. Go figure!

Wise old folks have been treating their illnesses for centuries without the aid of doctors or manufactured pills, and they were the healthier for it. In those day's folks could not afford to visit a doctor for every slight ache or pain, so they treated their ailments with herbs and spices. Then some anal Brainiac that works for the pharmaceutical company realized that if we make doctor visits more accessible (medical insurance), we can push more drugs.

Now, we have a new threat—Covid-19. We are expected to take a vaccine for covid-19 that will make the world a safer place to live in. I personally think Covid-19 is one big hoax. If covid was the culprit in killing so many people, the "wear mask" mandated law would have become an actual law to save lives. If covid is so severe, why isn’t it a law? We would have been forced to wear a mask. That decision would not be left up to the governor of each state or the business owner. And, anyone caught not wearing a mask would receive a fine. And, those so-called doctor’s excuses exempting some from wearing a mask would not be. No matter where you go or what you do, a mask MUST be worn to limit the spread of covid. That law would be a real effort to save lives.

I am waiting to see if the vaccine will turn us, civilians, into zombies (you know one day some drug will) or if limbs will start falling off. The vaccine was rushed, and not enough testing of side effects was done. For all we know, in two years from now, we could all develop some rare form of cancer because of the covid vaccine—become blind or severely disabled.

I suffer from pharmacophobia (the fear of drugs) and question every motive in my doctor’s prescribing me medications. In doing so, I have been passed from doctor to doctor for my defiance. This is my life, and I will not be coerced into putting legal poison into my body that is not 100% effective with little to no side effects. With all their years of medical training and testing, they have not found a cure for the common cold, or have they?


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