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The Online Book Club (2023).

By Rosie J. SargentPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
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Hello and welcome to May's edition of the Online Book Club! I hope you are well and doing your best as always. May has been a hellish tough month that has thrown me into my own psychological prison, unable to escape the events of past. I am too tired to live within the present, and exhusted for the future ahead. As such, I have been cursed with the dreaded readers slump; a bilbophiles worst nightmare.

Another nightmare for me is warm coffee gone cold. I hate it is bloody awful. Coffee is my literal life force, I am gollum as he is to the ring. Coffee is precious. I was sat in the same chair as I do everyday with a warm cup of two shot coffee scrolling my never-ending Waterstones wishlist. Long story short, I brought three books to make myself feel better and thanks to Toshikazu Kawaguchi's Before the Coffee Gets Cold (2022), I suddenly feel a lot lighter, though still very tired.

*Makes another cup of coffee*

Before the Coffee Gets Cold -

"...tells of a café in Tokyo that allows its customers to travel back in time, as long as they return before their coffee gets cold."

It is a wonderful book that is short, sweet and makes you want more. Kawaguchi is an excellent story-teller and playwright. The texts reads like a threatre script although it isn't written like one, yet I could clearly envision the characters performing on a timeless stage; the set, of a dim cafe in Toyko.

My favourite chapter is the Husband and Wife story. It is...ah. There are no words without spoiling it - no words only feelings, then thoughts and once again more feelings. Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a book that should be in everyones Waterstone wishlist. It is a book that has to be read, to understand these...feelings.

I have always found it funny that feelings have no face and cannot be touched, yet abandently felt. If we could hold our feelings in our hands I think it would be this book, so I encourage everyone to get your hands on this wonderful piece of Japanese Literature. Thanks to this book I am free from my curse and have such began preparing reading lists for the next couple of months.

It's a beautiful book cover, I love that blue.

Toshikazu Kawaguchi please accept my virtual bow and gratitude for your work. Lately I've been feeling like the girl in the chair occasionally getting up to go to the toilet after having several cups of coffee. I have of sorts become a ghost of my past. Your book I am certain will stay with me forever, and ironically, I think I will reminiscence, and wish I could go back to when I first read the book so I could read it all over again with depressed gloomy eyes.

If I have taken a lesson from this book, it is - the Universe will give us what we need, but it will also throw things our way that we don't want - that is life. Getting caught up in the silly things that have been and gone can make you lose sight of the present, a present of which you cannot change.

Don't miss it for being caught up in two minds of thought.


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Stay safe, stay hopeful and stay blessed :)

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  • Pearl Dylan11 months ago

    I love it.

  • Great Article ❤️❗

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