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Logitech G Pro X TKL Lightspeed review: a compact and efficient wireless keyboard

After the G Pro and G Pro X keyboards in 2020, Logitech is coming back this year to update its TKL gaming model, bring it some new features and offer it wireless connectivity.

By Nora SGPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Logitech G Pro X TKL Lightspeed review: a compact and efficient wireless keyboard
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In addition to its G Pro This compact keyboard does not shake up the formula of the previous model, but simply rejuvenates some aging aspects of it and above all brings it wireless. The keyboard is sold in black, white or pink at a price of €230 upon release, a substantial price, but quite common for high-end models. It remains to be seen if the investment is worth it, especially since it shares many characteristics with the G715 that we tested a few months ago and which can be found for €145 at the moment.


The G Pro This is perfectly rigid, and the keyboard exudes solidity. It loses a small centimeter in length with final dimensions of (35.2 x 15 x 3.4 cm). It is therefore very compact, which is logical given its Tenkeyless format (without numeric keypad) and it is therefore easily transportable, with a total weight of 916 g. It also offers more freedom on a desk, and in particular more space for mouse movements during gaming, an advantage of TKL formats over full-size (complete keyboards).

First notable addition compared to the previous version, PBT keys, more worthy of a high-end model and much more durable than the classic ABS plastic. Also, there are now dedicated multimedia keys and a volume wheel, very practical in everyday life. Small downside, the latter is made of plastic and does not exude premium, unlike competing keyboards which have opted for metal (the Corsair K70 Max for example). In the upper left corner, a few buttons have been added to activate Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz connection, activate “Game” mode and manage the backlight power. You can in fact connect the keyboard in three different ways: via Bluetooth if necessary, with the Lightspeed 2.4 GHz dongle recommended for video games and wired when the keyboard needs to be recharged.

Finally, the keyboard strangely resembles the G715 that we tested at the beginning of 2023, although this time we do not find RGB lighting on the sides, nor its famous cloud wrist rest. The G Pro X TKL does not offer one, not even as an option; a bit of a shame given the asking price and the height of the keys which forces you to “break” your wrists a little. Likewise, forget about hot-swappable switches here, a technology that is found on more and more high-end keyboards and which allows you to personalize typing or repair a defective key.

The backlighting is adjustable key by key in the Logitech G Hub software and you can modify it as you wish or apply pre-recorded lighting effects. Of course, you can also modify shortcuts and add macros in this same software.

Finally, the keyboard can be raised on two levels thanks to the adjustable feet placed under the chassis. There are also non-slip pads and a location for the 2.4 GHz receiver if you want to carry the G Pro X in your bag. A charging cable is obviously provided, as well as an adapter to plug in to switch from the wireless dongle to the wired one and only occupy a single port on the PC. An original element, a carrying case is delivered to transport the keyboard safely.


On the Azerty version of the keyboard, only brown tactile switches are offered, but it is possible to choose Clicky or linear models by opting for Qwerty. Logitech therefore uses “in-house” GX Brown which are in reality Kailh switches, comparable to Cherry MX Brown. Their total stroke is 4 mm with an activation point of 1.9 mm and a necessary activation force of 60 cN.

The typing is in any case efficient, with a responsive rebound, and we perfectly feel the tactile feedback typical of this type of switch. Good point, no resonance is audible on this keyboard, which is not the case with certain competing models. We appreciate it, even if the keyboard remains noisy, like most mechanical keyboards which do not have specific silent switches.


The G Pro With its PBT keys and its customization possibilities, it constitutes a high-end model which more than does the job for playing in good conditions, but it still lacks a few options compared to certain competitors who have set the bar very high with more metal, a palm rest and hot-swappable switches, for example.

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