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Is the "mirage" really just an optical phenomenon? Scientists have offered two conjectures on this

by Deljewitzki 2 months ago in Science
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A "mirage" is an optical phenomenon


On the vast planet Earth, there are many phenomena that we can not explain, some phenomena are naturally formed, but the current human technology can not give a reasonable explanation, and some phenomena are more mysterious and look very simple, but the more you study the more mysterious it is found. One of the "mirages" is a simple-looking, but not simple phenomenon.

"mirage", I believe that friends have heard of it, and even many friends have seen it with their own eyes. In fact, "mirage" on earth is not a rare thing, in the sea, lakes, snow, next door, desert, and other areas, there will often be a magical "mirage" scene.

Mirage this magical sight, naturally also attracted the attention of scientists and researchers, in the past, we have always believed that the mirage is a light refraction phenomenon, is the refraction of distant scenes into the air, we see. This explanation naturally has some truth to it, to know that most mirage scenes can find prototypes in reality.

The study found that most the mirage appeared in a special place, basically concentrated in the sea, rivers, lakes, and other large areas of water, or will appear in the snowfields, the Gobi, and deserts, which contain a lot of water vapor, or light refraction stronger areas.

It is these universal facts, so many people simply think that "mirage" is an optical natural phenomenon, there is nothing strange and mysterious place. However, over time, there are some "mirage" phenomena beyond our perception of the emergence of some people that have changed their views. For example, once the sea appeared thousands of years ago the Vikings fought "mirage" spectacle.

This "mirage" scene can not be explained by the simple phenomenon of refraction of light, to know that the refraction of light can only refract the things we have in the present time and space, and the Vikings are thousands of years ago, and the reality of time and space is completely unrelated, scientists can not give a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon.

And this in real-time and space can not find the corresponding things "mirage" phenomenon, not only the Vikings this time, but also appeared many times. In addition, there is a "mirage" phenomenon that is also contrary to the optical imaging conditions, and it appears in the place or dry and cloudless over the wilderness.

So what kind of "mirage" phenomenon is this? This "mirage" scene in addition to the appearance of the place special, more importantly, from the mirage even came out of the human voice noise, perhaps you think this is a hallucination, but not, this is a real mirage scene that once occurred, also not just once, but in many areas of the Earth have appeared.

Scientists have investigated all but many regional witnesses and found that they saw this phenomenon in different places and times, and even see the sights and hear the sounds are different, so it is almost impossible to be a hallucination. If these phenomena are real, then how do explain? Can they be explained by the simple refraction of light? I'm afraid not. Scientists have done some research and analysis on this and put forward two conjectures.

A. Parallel Universe Hypothesis

I believe that many friends have heard of the parallel universe theory, which is a theoretical conjecture put forward by scientists, referring to the separation from a certain universe, and the original universe exists in parallel with other universes both similar and different. In these universes, some universes were born in the same conditions as our universe, and there may be planets that are the same as the planet humans live on, or have the same history, and there may be people who are the same as humans.

Different universes have almost the same physical rules, but the speed of time and corresponding events may be different, for example, our universe is in the age of technology, while another parallel universe may still be thousands of years ago in the age of cold weapons.

If the parallel universe theory is correct, then other universes may collide with our universe under some specific conditions, and the overlapping crossover at the moment of collision produces a magical mirage scene.

Perhaps many people think that the theory of parallel universes can not exist, but is only a hypothesis, but, according to the current scientific research, scientists have been on the cosmic microwave background radiation map, and found four suspected cosmic collision traces, if the future scientists confirmed that these traces are indeed cosmic collision, then the theory of parallel universes can also be confirmed.

Second, the cosmic camera hypothesis

The hypothesis is that the universe has some mysterious law, like video, which will be able to record all the events that occur in the universe. In these recorded events, under some special conditions, it is possible to randomly play out certain fragments, to show the mirage scene, so that it can also be a good explanation of why there is a sound.

This hypothesis sounds incredible, but it has been recognized by many people. If this hypothesis can prove to be correct, it will be of extraordinary significance to mankind, knowing that in our view, time is irreversible, and we want to understand things in the past, it is impossible to travel back in time and space.

And through the existing things to study to explore the mysteries of history, naturally can not be comprehensive, and can not understand the truth of events. We explore the study of the universe, for the origin of life, the origin of the universe, etc. is naturally very interesting, they may also be the ultimate mystery of the universe. But these events are happening in the distant ancient years, especially since the origin of the universe is 13.8 billion years ago, want to know what happened at that time, on the premise of the inability to travel through time and space, which simply can not do.

But if the universe has the function of the camera, the universe of all the real-time recording, then as long as we find a way to open the "cosmic camera", like the origin of mankind, the origin of life, the origin of the universe and so the ultimate question can be answered.

Of course, the above two are still only conjecture, in the end, the strange mirage scene, in end, is what? Further research by scientists is needed to explore. Whether it is a phenomenon of light refraction or other more mysterious reasons behind it, I believe that as long as human technology continues to develop, one day it will unveil its mysterious veil.


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