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How The Secret to Effective Metabolism Can Keep You Out of Trouble

by Orkos Appointment 6 months ago in Science

The Secret to Effective Metabolism

The process of breaking down the food we consume and convert it to energy is known as metabolism. It keeps the organs functioning as expected and delivers nourishment. Any general physician in Kolkata would tell that maintaining a healthy metabolism is not a big deal when done right.

Health Starts at Home:

There is no place like home and no food like homemade food. Nowadays, if you go to any general physicians near you all that they will tell you to do is eat homemade food and do yoga and exercise at home. Keeping yourself active and consuming healthy food ensures rock-solid metabolism.

Balance Between Nutrition and Fibre:

One of the main parts of metabolism is excretion. The waste products need to be expelled from the body to keep toxin levels low and enough room for nutrients. Food rich in nutritious elements like vitamins and minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and so on, are very important. At the same time, the top general physician in Kolkata would opine that fibre-rich food is equally important. Fibre helps to supply the pressure which helps the processed food down the alimentary canal. Wholegrain breakfast cereals, oats and pasta are some of the best examples of fibre-rich food.

Consuming Food at a Specific Temperature:

Metabolism is basically a chemical reaction. Just like any other chemical reaction, it takes place optimally when the reactants are at a specific temperature. The reactant in metabolism is the food and it should be consumed at the desired temperature. The optimal temperature is your internal body temperature. This works out to be around 40 degrees centigrade. Such a practice ensures that metabolism plays out normally.

Revitalising Your Digestive Tracts With Ayurvedic Goodies:

The quantity and quality of food that we eat nowadays are not too agreeable to our digestive system. As such, this results in digestive problems, acute and chronic, as well as constipation. This can be corrected by some old-fashioned Ayurvedic goodness, as concurred by some of the best general physicians in Kolkata. Homemade “churans” are a favourite of Indians and it is no wonder that we can digest some of the spiciest dishes.

Maintaining the Biological Clock:

Our bodies run on the biological clock. A simple proof of this is the jet lag that people face when flying across time zones. It is important to make sure that it keeps functioning at its normal frequency. The biological clock runs on the activities of eating, sleeping and waking up along with any other regular activities. Doing these at their usual times every day makes sure that the clock runs normally and metabolism takes place optimally.

Drinking Lots of Water:

Any general physicians Kolkata would be able to tell you the importance of water in the body. Water ensures proper metabolism and 8-10 glasses of water is a must.

Regular Health Check-Up:

It is best to get a comprehensive checkup once every few months from the best general physicians doctors near you. It helps to keep track of your health and have an expert’s viewpoint on it.


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