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Cult of Isis and the march of the Swiss Octogon Templars

From Solomon's Temple to infinity and beyond

By Steve HarrisonPublished 4 months ago 9 min read
The power of the octagon from Temple Mount to Bern

Far be it from me to try to fully explain the significance of the number eight, since it’s an extremely complex hypothesis with branches that stretch back into Biblical history, numerological mysticism and the Fibonacci sequence (made up of numbers which form the sum of the two preceding ones).

Why the number is perceived as being so auspicious is far too complex a topic for me to adequately address, but suffice to say it’s important in a historical and numerological context and, as a result, carries great merit for those who subscribe to such ideology… consequently it features prominently in architecture, design and other esoteric topics, not least the lore surrounding the Knights Templar, the Freemasons and Illuminati.

Eight is typically represented by an eight-pointed star or octagon in a religious context, with such sacred symbolism built into architecture through, for example, eight pillars or arches.

To numerologists numbers are more than simple digits, they are seen as holding unique vibrational patterns (or archetypes) and are containers for the currents of divine universal life in which we all flow.

Numbers can be used to describe everything from DNA sequences to ordinary everyday encounters... with everything in life supposed to have a sacred meaning and purpose that numbers can help us understand. As such numerology is often described as being the art of "decoding the voice of the Universe"… with eight representing the eternal flow of energy between the physical and spiritual realms.

But, as well as describing the world around us, numbers and their spiritual energy can serve as signposts, with eight supposed to represent a new beginning – a “new order or creation” – and mankind’s true “born again” state when resurrected from the dead into eternal life.

So the symbolic importance of eight feeds into the concept of reincarnation, with the ancient Egyptians placing little significance on it for this life but venerating it because its energy was supposed to be transferred to the next life.

So, naturally, the number holds great significance for organisations such as the Templars and Masons, which many believe are at the core of a push towards a “New World Order” by our planet’s elite bloodlines.

In almost all systems of numerology eight is characterised as being the number of renewal, although it is also believed to represent money and power. It’s a commonly held belief that the number’s power is instrumental in building great empires … although conversely it can just as easily destroy them. Because of this duality it is also seen as a representation of balance and just like the “eternal flow” of the infinity symbol (eight on its side) its energy is continually in motion.

Eight appears in Buddhism and Chinese traditions as balance and harmony of the cosmic order, whereas the Pythagoreans of ancient Greece expressed it as the embodiment of knowledge; fantasy, sense, art, opinion, wisdom, science and mind.

In Islamic art there are many depictions of the octagon – the geometric expression of the number – used to create tessellating patterns that are said to describe “the breath of the compassionate”, representing the rhythmic inhale-exhale of the divine that keeps the Universe in balance.

Scholars believe the eight-pointed star originated in Sumeria and was associated with the goddess Ianna, who would later become the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, the light bringer, who is the divine mother, opener of the womb and light-bringer to the world.

Her image is repeated through history as Juno, Hera and Isis… with this symbolism even being associated with the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Olympic torch. But it’s the association with the Egyptian goddess Isis, the wife of Osiris, god of the dead, that may hold the key to the veneration of the number by orders such as the Templars and Freemasons.

Isis played a central role in Egyptian, and later Nubian, concepts of royal power and in rites celebrating the dead. As the mother of the god Horus she was considered the embodiment of perfect motherhood.

The worship of her at temples in the Ptolemaic capital of Alexandria attracted the attention of seafarers from across the Mediterranean who adopted her as a patron goddess and spread her cult throughout the Greco-Roman world, where she was assimilated with goddesses of fertility such as Demeter and Venus. Outside of Egypt and Nubia, where she retained her queenly status, she eventually lost her association with royal authority and from Britain to Afghanistan the cult of Isis attracted many followers.

Temples to Isis were built throughout the classical world, with the one uncovered at Pompeii in the 18th Century being one of the finest examples. Some experts believe the temple so impressed Mozart, who visited in 1769, that it heavily influenced the composition of his most mystical opera, The Magic Flute.

And today Isis is still revered by pagans across the globe being the principal deity in rites connected with the dead and as a magical healer who cured the sick and brought the deceased back to life. Her image as the protective mother and devoted wife casts her as the perfect role model for all women but it is the association with reincarnation that lies at the heart of her cult status and her importance to the Templars and those groups plotting the rise of a New World Order.

The Templars began their rise to world domination in Jerusalem at the end of the First Crusade around 1119 and soon after were granted rooms in King Baldwin II’s palace on the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque at Temple Mount to serve as their headquarters.

The mosque occupied a site adjacent to the Dome of the Rock, an octagonal structure built by Jerusalem’s former Muslim rulers in the 7th Century on the site of King Solomon's Temple that was raised to the ground following the Siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar II of the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 587 BCE and replaced by a second edifice, Herod's Temple, destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

King Solomon's Temple was said to have housed the Ark of the Covenant – the Israelites’ most sacred relic that was covered in gold and contained the two stone tablets that featured the Ten Commandments – in the Holy of Holies, a windowless inner sanctum within the structure. But no mention of its discovery surfaced after Nebuchadnezzar captured the city.

It is rumoured that excavations under Temple Mount by the Templars uncovered untold riches and a treasure trove of Biblical relics, perhaps even the Ark of the Covenant, which could have later found its way to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland or just as easily ended up in a vault somewhere in Switzerland.

An octagonal building, the Dome of the Rock with it’s beautiful golden roof still stands today but a vast labyrinth of tunnels underneath it have never been properly excavated since the age of the Knights Templar. So, if they did discover the Ark of the Covenant there, it would surely only have served to enhance their veneration of the number eight and the octagon... given its association with rebirth, money and power.

The Templars were finally driven out of the Holy Land in 1291 when the city of Acre fell to Muslim forces, 100 years after the end of the Third Crusade and coincidentally the same year the cantons of Unter-Walden, Uri and Schwyz attested to the Eternal Alliance of the League of the Three Forest Cantons that launched the “Old Swiss Confederation” which eventually became the federal state of Switzerland in 1848, by which time “Swiss mercenaries” had become renowned throughout the continent as a potent fighting force.

The union of the three cantons dates to early August 1291, which in the 20th Century inspired the date of Swiss National Day... 1 August.

And becoming a neutral European republic didn’t end the lineage of Swiss military service with cantonal armies converted into the federal army and every Swiss citizen required to serve in the federal army under the constitution.

It is widely believed that under the Dome of the Rock, in the bowels of King Solomon’s Temple, the Templars spent nine years uncovering its mysteries that dated back to Pharaonic Egypt.

One of Solomon’s wives is historically referred to as “Pharaoh's daughter”, who appears to have cemented a political alliance for the king with Egypt and who could have been the mother of Solomon's successor, Rehoboam.

Who knows what secrets the Templars unearthed under Temple Mount but Isis may have played a major part in the ritual worship practised there and documented in the scrolls believed to have been discovered by the knights.

Consequently the number eight and the octagon seem to have assumed great significance for the Templars, becoming an important feature of their architecture and symbolism. Even the cantonal flags of the three founding members of the old Swiss confederation can be construed as being Pharaonic in appearance with Schwyz represented by a white cross on a red background, the cross possibly being symbolic of the Templars, the octagon and Isis; Uri being represented by a bull similar in appearance to the deity Apis, also a symbol of rebirth; and Unter-Walden featuring keys not dissimilar to the ankh, an Egyptian symbol for life.

A shield displaying a Templar's cross like those that appear in front of all Swiss embassies

The modern Swiss flag, with the white cross on a red background, is also widely believed to be of Templar origin, with the cross being symbolic of Isis and the number eight when the four red triangles “inside” it are linked to it to form an octagon... the mark of the Swiss Octagon Templars, who legitimised themselves through the Freemasons, were instrumental in the founding of the United States and today set the agenda on planet Earth and control the flow of finance around the world.

From the founding of the US to the Boer wars in South Africa and from the 20th Century’s two world wars to the Swiss Guard that protects the Pope, the Swiss Octagon Templars have capitalised on the guise of neutrality to set the stage for a New World Order takeover in which we are all sacrificial pawns in their pursuit of absolute power.

Neutral? Don’t you believe it, their militia system is formidable but the state cannot be seen to get involved in external conflict. However, as well-trained fighters, there is still a place for Swiss mercenaries in the world of private security and as agents of the Federal Intelligence Service and Military Intelligence Service of the Swiss Octagon Templars!

Wonder what happened to all the Nazi loot from World War II? Access to some of Switzerland’s secret vaults could provide answers and offer some indication as to how Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany and how Swiss neutrality served the Third Reich and paved the way for the Fourth Reich to up sticks to the United States to continue the New World Order’s march to world domination.


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