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Being in the Ottoman Empire during The Night Attack against Vlad the Impaler.

hell-shock in WWII, gasoline assaults in the trenches of WWI

By Muhammad AliPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

There are a lot of extremely good solutions here. Many logical, properly thought. Shell-shock in WWII, gasoline assaults in the trenches of WWI. Being trapped in a burning bomber or a historic foot soldier trying to get to grips with his enemy face-to-face. Battle with the chance of dying is no doubt a life-changing ride for each and every sane human being no count what facet you are on.

But let’s face it. Vlad the Impaler created a woodland of the lifeless and dead on spikes that the Ottoman troopers had to wade through. Some of our bodies are moaning, some are twitching, accomplishing out to you. You can’t sleep close to them or make camp. The stench is unbelievable. You are gazing at the rotting, slow-dying, and resultant, fly-covered, body-stripped, feces-pouring goop down the stakes that you simply wiped your shoulder against. As you strive now not to drop your breakfast, fingers brush towards your face from a character you thought was once dead. You have to damage up the security of your navy formation and stroll beneath and around this filthy sight.

You recognize that if you lay down or are wounded in war and captured, this is your fate. Vlad made it clear you are no longer welcome here.

There are endure and animal traps and caltrops scattered everywhere. You should be strolling and unexpectedly the man beside you receives his foot snapped in half or impaled in a hidden pike. You have to assist him and get his wound tended to. Then you seem to be up and there is an entourage of determined peasants contaminated with the Bubonic plague and skin-rotting lepers moaning and begging for assistance as they enter in the midst of your fellow men.

You attain a proper to get a drink after all of your vomiting and washing away the disease-ridden contact from half-dead fingers solely to discover out the well’s water has been caked in mud, made bitter, salty, or poisoned. You attain a farm and discover the location has been torched so there are few meals to eat.

As you lie down to sleep, your comrade beside you lays on caltrops that stab his arms, legs, and his back. He desires your assistance to pluck them out. Another man close to you receives up to relieve himself and likewise steps on something that impales his foot.

Then you wake up in the center of the nighttime and locate your camp is on fire. You are below assault with the aid of a lightning raid led by using Vlad himself. You don’t have a formation to grasp, and it’s puzzling to understand the place the enemy is precisely attacking.

After all this, your commander says that the military is going to withdraw and retreat. You have to back off from the genuine identical nightmare you put up with the previous many days again, with no fruitful consequence or any gain. You persisted in these trials and troubles in the identity of the Sultan and your god Allah for nothing, and you will have to face it all a 2nd time.

World War I Casualties

Even more indirect deaths are caused by wars that are not accounted for in such reports. When trying to answer the question "How many people died in WW1?", it is sometimes helpful to look at other tragedies. The Armenian Genocide, which killed 1.5 million people in the last years of the Ottoman Empire, led the Ottoman political leadership to believe that the Armenian people would side with Russia in World War I, which led to the collapse of the empire. To secure their borders, they put Armenian men into work camps, which became extermination centers, and forced the elderly, women, and children into northern Syria, which became a death march. .


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