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Are We Getting Closer To The Truth?

Congress Wants to Know About the UFO's

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 5 min read
By SvenBachstroem from Pixabay Free Images

Being a bit of a sci-fi nerd after growing up in the age of Star Trek and Star Wars, among other fan favorites, I anxiously have awaited the true stories behind certain events in human history. Unfortunately, those events remain largely in the classified files or, if they made it to the notorious FBI Vault, are redacted, at times, so much that they can not be deciphered by normal everyday citizens. The why of it all is an intriguing question that people ponder as they look for answers. Journalists, researchers, politicians, and historians that have access to resources most of us don't have, file Freedom of Information Act requests and even lawsuits trying to force the information to come into the light of day. For most people, we have only our ability to read between the lines, local bar conspiracy theories to enjoy, and the hope that one day a president will see fit to declassify the truths past leadership deemed fit to hide from the taxpaying public.

Why do people hunt for the truth? Why do we not always believe idly what we are told and take things at face value? It's because the truth is not always that easily accepted and sometimes, the facts don't fit the narrative of the story. We live in a country, a great country, so don't get me wrong, that is known for its' secrets. Probably each and every person over the age of forty has heard the history behind J. Edgar Hoover. The events behind one of the greatest tragedies of the past seventy years warranted questions and commissions at the highest level of government, the assassination of J.F.K. and the failure of our intelligence communities, the reactions by our leaders, and the inquiries afterward left many questioning the 911 attacks and how they really happened. Reporters, researchers, historians, intelligence agencies, and our politicians could never come up with the truths for us, that would set all of our minds at ease. We see with our own eyes, hear with our own ears, we think with our own minds, and we feel with our own hearts. So not everybody is going to believe it is the truth when an alleged weather balloon from 1947 is reclassified under an ongoing interest in national security, in 1999. How does that happen?

In the United States, there is a special or executive order that laid the foundation for secret-keeping by the levels of government. It is known as Executive Order 13526 and formed the legal basis for the U.S. system of classification, assigning three levels to the system meant to keep the truth of certain events out of the hands of the general public.

1. Confidential-This is the lowest level of classified information the government handles. Its' simplest definition is information that could or would potentially constitute a national security risk if disclosed to the public without the property authorities' authorization.

2. Secret-This is the second-highest classification. Information is classified as Secret when disclosure without authorization was seriously detrimental to national security. This is where the vast majority of sensitive information in the United States lands on the scale of classified information or intelligence.

3. Top Secret-The highest level of security classification there is refers to information that only a number of individuals in the United States have access to. This is the number that includes high-ranking members of government, certain research scientists working with or for the government, military commanders, and the rest of a .03% of Americans involved with sensitive information or intelligence.

When an issue, event, or piece of evidence involved in either falls under the U.S. system of classification they are classified initially for twenty-five years before an automatic revue. Several reasons exist within the classification system that causes the information to remain classified at this point, keeping the piece of information secreted away until the fifty-year mark. Information can be kept classified at the seventy-five-year mark but only by special permission, usually utilizing an ongoing interest in preserving national security interests.

In a June 2020 interview that was Father's Day themed, during his reelection campaign, President Donald Trump spoke with his son Don Jr. The interview was humorously downed by Don Jr. asking his dad, the then president, if he would ever disclose more information about the famous Roswell New Mexico U.F.O. incident-"and let us know what's really going on." The presidents' response was honest, at least from his perspective, and in keeping with national security and the truth about Roswell being considered TOP SECRET. Trump told him, "I won't talk to you about what I know about it, but it's very interesting."

So, there you have it, even Donald Trump, the most vocal president of our time, and the man many believe is missing a filter between his brain and his mouth, wouldn't talk about the matter publically. While the president refused, like his predecessors over the past thirty years, there has been an official ruling by Congress on the matter. Congress, in December, gave orders to the intelligence communities and the military to present a report to their committees regarding the phenomenon known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This is the newer term for UFOs in America. What will they see, I don't know. But for many, we can go looking for answers ourselves.

So, in the summer of 2021, Congress will meet in committee to hear the truth about UAPs or for those of us that are old, UFOs. Hopefully, they will get more than the redacted files that have been dumped by the literal thousands, into archives and posted online for the public to inspect. Redacting causes much of the context of some files to be lost as people try to interpret them and only opens the door for even more questions.

Redacted File From The Black Vault

If you're waiting, and curious, the Black Vault and the FBI Vault contain files that have been declassified after revues, ordered released by courts, and released due to Freedom of Information Act requests and legislation. Largely, they are redacted files, which account for those issues still considered to be too sensitive or containing information about parties the government wants to protect. Somewhere in these files is the truth of most of the questions we, the people of the United States, have asked for the last seventy-five years. Whether we can decipher past the redacting is another question. Perhaps, this congress and this president will use the truth to their advantage. If there was ever a time in human history that the knowledge we aren't alone in the universe might help unite us, this is certainly that time.

If you enjoyed this, found it informative, or learned a little something you didn't know for the next time a buddy brings up the question do you believe, leave me a heart, a tip, or both. Until next time...


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