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Adam Levine's DMs have become meme material

The Maroon 5 frontman’s alleged Instagram messages are taking on a life of their own.

By kamika eleanorPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Imagine if your private messages had become the most talked about thing on the internet overnight, and not only that but they were sexual in nature and incredibly cringeworthy.

Awful, right? Unfortunately for Adam Levine, that’s exactly the position he finds himself in.

If you missed it earlier this week, Levine has denied allegations he cheated on wife Behati Prinsloo with model Sumner Stroh.

The Maroon 5 singer made headlines this week after Instagram model Stroh, 23, claimed the singer had asked to name his new baby after her following a year-long affair – something he denies.

On Tuesday, the Maroon 5 frontman denied the cheating allegations, writing in a statement that he “did not have an affair” but “crossed the line”.

“I used poor judgement in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner. I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period in my life,” he said.

Since Stroh posted the video, social media users have been taking screenshots of Levine’s messages which read: “It is truly unreal how f*cking hot you are; Like it blows my mind”.

It’s become the most meme-able thing on the internet and has taken on a life of its own referencing everything from scorching hot food to overheating laptops.

Levine also said that “in certain instances, it became inappropriate” and that he has “addressed that” and “taken proactive steps to remedy this with [his] family”.

Levine continued: “My wife and my family is all I care about in this world. To be this naive and stupid enough to risk the only thing that truly matters to me was the greatest mistake I could ever make. I will never make it again. I take full responsibility. We will get through it and we will get through it together.”

The “Payphone” singer’s comments came one day after Sumner Stroh claimed that they had a year-long affair via a now-viral TikTok video. “At the time, I was young, I was naive … I was very easily manipulated,” the Instagram model said in the clip, adding that she never planned to come forward with her story. “My morals were unknowingly compromised. I was completely manipulated. … [But] I had sent some screenshots recklessly to some friends that I trusted, and one had attempted to sell [them]. So here I am.”

The TikTok Video

On September 19, Stroh claimed that Levine "manipulated" her into a year-long relationship. "At the time, I was young, I was naive … I was very easily manipulated,” she alleged via a TikTok video, adding in the caption that she was "embarrassed I was involved [with] a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect."

The University of Texas alum also claimed that she wanted to handle the situation "privately," but felt compelled to come forward after a friend allegedly attempted to sell screenshots of her and Levine's conversations. "I know the implications that come with doing what I do … so, being tied to a story like this [isn’t good for my image],” she said.

More Women Come Forward

Amid the drama, several more women came forward claiming that Levine had exchanged "flirty" messages with them online. In a since-deleted TikTok video, one woman alleged that she had "a lot" of screenshots from her conversations with the "Misery" singer but opted not to share them because she "wasn’t “comfortable posting everything" Levine allegedly sent her. “I guess if any other girls have experienced this with him … I just think they should post it ’cause I feel really bad for his wife, and nobody deserves this,” she added.

Meanwhile, a third woman named Maryka uploaded screenshots of conversations that she allegedly had with Levine via her Instagram Story, claiming that he asked her to "distract yourself by f–king with me!" Her Instagram Story has also since been deleted.

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