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A Love Letter to My Favorite Genre of Music

"Rhyme and Rhythm: A Heartfelt Ode to the Artistry of Rap"

By Nathaniel BenjaminPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Up until very recently, I used to be one of those people you’d ask what their favorite genre was, and would go: “It’s hard to say really… I listen to all genres.” That was until I found out that there were genres of music I’d never even heard before. And not just that type of music, I mean the word itself, like Psychobilly or Folktronica, tf? 😂

That being said, I still like to consider myself a versatile listener. I could vibe all day to Pop yesterday, and only listen to Afrobeats today, R&B the next, and Jazz the next, and so on.

But my absolute undisputed most pleasurable genre of music, is Rap.

Spotify thinks it’s Pop, but I think they’re tripping, and they don’t really know me (we should really reevaluate our relationship, I mean what type of partner doesn’t know something as vital as their partner’s favorite music genre??)

Rap is just amazing to me. Storytelling, melody, groove, the metaphors, the DOUBLE ENTENDRES, the corniness, the play on words, the whole vibe of it.

Rhyme and rhythm, in its own rights, one can argue that rap is a form of poetry. Arguably, modern poetry on steroids.

The ability to bend words to create a cadence and flow, all while simultaneously telling a story, or narrating an ordeal and still make it beautiful to listen to. That’s amazing to me.

Rap can be aggressive most times, and somehow ends up not only provoking feelings like anger in you, but also feelings of determination, motivation, evolution, and pride.

Rap is the only genre I know of that sheds light vividly on serious issues in society with bravado, sincerity, and intensity.

Sure, there are rap songs that only talk about demeaning women, drugs, and living lavishly . But that isn’t exclusive to rap alone, other genres have artists whose entire body of work is about things like these. And I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying rap has gotten a bad rep because of this, which is why I understand why people don’t like rap. But under all that worldly and derogatory lyrics, some artists and songs have deeper meanings.

Dear Rap,

It’s your boy,

Just wanted to say that you’ve been more than a friend to me.

You are now a part of my loin,

No other genre it would rather be.

Oh, rap music how I adore,

Your beats and rhymes, they never bore,

From old school to the new,

You always know just what to do.

The way you tell a story,

Makes my heart skip a beat,

You bring me so much glory,

My love for you can't be beat.

You're bold, you're raw, you're real,

You make me feel alive,

With every verse, every spiel,

I can't help but thrive.

So here's my love letter,

To my favorite genre, rap,

You're the beat in my heart forever,

And that's a fact.

Rap is my favorite genre because it was the one singular thing that saved me in a time that I was in a very dark place. Back then, a sick beat was enough to change my mood, and a nice flow laid on top really had me bopping and grinning from ear to ear. Just listening and vibing to rap songs made me so happy, and emotional sometimes. I’d heard rap songs every now and then before this time in my life, but this time, it understood my pain, it comforted me, and it made me realize the blessings I had around me.

I think this is how everyone chooses their favorite genre or song. You had a very deep connection with that art form or piece of art, or it made you feel something you’ve never felt from any other variation of that source, and now your appreciation for it is beyond what you’d give anything else. In fact, I think this is how we choose our favorite anything, it’s because we find it special and unique.

Rap is like that for me, and I won’t have it any other way 🫶🏽✨.

As a side note, my favorite rapper is Eminem, and my favorite rap song at the moment… Rich Spirit by Kendrick Lamar.

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