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2023 Guinness World Records That'll Surprise You

While the obscure and grotesque tend to dominate Guinness World Records' rankings, new records born in the modern age are garnering notice. Here are just a few that may surprise you.

By Allie Z.Published 2 years ago 4 min read
Image Copyright: Guinness World Records Limited

When an individual thinks of Guinness, the second thing that comes to mind is the most obscure record or a skill done repetitively for an extended time. And while those topics have become popular in recent years, to the point that every Average Joe is setting out to break records for the most mundane of hobbies, the modern age is giving birth to new unique Guinness World Records worthy of note.

In the entertainment industry, warring companies have always fought competitively over top spots in any rankings list you can think up. The one that generally garners the most attention is which movie sets the record for the biggest box office sale because that also places them in Guinness Record territory. Every blockbuster movie gets the appraisal treatment from news publications trying to determine if one will beat movies like Avatar, Titanic, or Avengers: Endgame out for the top spot or not. Except, that achievement isn't the only one warranting Guinness' attention. Other records — not set before — are making headlines, and a few may surprise you.

Disney: Most In-Demand Digital Original TV Show

Image Copyright: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney recently added a noticeable notch to its belt in that department. They broke the Guinness World Record for the Most In-Demand Digital Original TV Show during the 2020-2021 seasons. The Disney+ series The Mandalorian, of all series, remarkably managed this accolade. Yes, in addition to getting nominated for countless awards, the Star Wars-centric show delivered on being the type of streaming series that fans wanted. The demand speaks for itself.

According to a survey by Parrot Analytics, its global demand was 57.6 times greater than the average show. The Mandalorian accomplishing such a feat speaks to the show's quality and explains why the Jedi-adjacent territory is just as interesting to fans as the Skywalker saga was. Some doubted the success of a plot outside the main narrative, but the streaming series proved naysayers wrong. That also gives context to why Disney has produced three seasons of The Mandalorian and one for The Book of Boba Fett very quickly.

Netflix: Most Viewers For A Netflix Original Debut

Image Copyright: Netflix

As far as others go, Netflix landed a Guinness World Record of its own. The competing streaming service took home an award for the Most Viewers For A Netflix Original Debut.

Squid Game, released on September 17, 2021, debuted to a whopping 142 million subscribers within one month. Such a premiere is massive for any steamer because two-thirds of their paying customers tuned in. We should also mention that the above statistic does not account for people who watched the Korean-based survival thriller socially. So, the number of viewers probably goes well beyond what the estimated data says.

Additionally, a side benefit to this record-breaking debut is Netflix saw gains in the stock market. The overall value was boosted by $19 billion, all thanks to South Korean filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk and his eye-catching series. And the streamer will probably see a similar increase in revenue when Season 2 premieres. Squid Game remains one of the most popular shows, after all.

Movies: Highest Grossing Disney Movie Ever

Image Copyright: Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures

As we circle back to Disney, the studio received another award from the Guinness World Records committee. The following accomplishment is slightly more restrictive since the record is solely Disney-based, yet an accolade deserving of applause nonetheless.

The newly broken record is for the Highest Grossing Disney Movie ever. Avengers: Endgame has the honor of being the cinematic feature to dominate the company. There's probably an assumption that Fantasia, or Avatar, is on the top rug, but no. Marvel's climactic superhero thriller topped the charts in sales. Up to now, Endgame has accumulated $2.8 billion for the company. Blu-Ray sales and digital on-demand rentals likely continue to add to that number, although those two are exceptions to which sales contribute to overall gross.

Honorable Mentions: Most Nominations For A Sci-Fi Film

Image Copyright: Warner Brothers Pictures

One record that fits into the old adage of last but certainly not least is the one Dune (2021) set. The futuristic reboot made headlines by acquiring an impressive number of award nominations. It currently sits with over 40 potential accolades, winning notable ones like the Academy Award for Best Original Score and Best Cinematography. Altogether, this has proven beneficial because now Dune is credited as having the Guinness World Record for Most Nominations for a Sci-Fi Film. Technically, Dennis Villanueva's odyssey of space adventures tied with Gravity (2013) in that category, yet the record is still an admirable feat.

Something else which can't go overlooked is Dune 2 might outdo the first installment for its record as having the most award nominations in the sci-fi genre. The next entry in this potentially massive franchise will have the same crew, production quality, and cinematic style, so one can safely assume it'll measure up to the criteria of Dune.

There's also the matter of Dune 2 being a lot more action-packed than its predecessor. Sequences in the first film teased the titular character, Atreides (Timothy Chalamet), donning a golden armor during a major battle. The fight never took place, but it will, presumably, in the second installment. Said sequence holds significance because an expertly choreographed battle scene involving hundred-plus characters could warrant additional nominations in action movie categories. In doing so, Dune 2's chances of breaking another Guinness World Record for Warner Brothers Pictures have increased, without the catch of tying with Gravity or Dune itself.

The Guinness World Records 2023 Edition is currently available for purchase in paperback and hardcover.

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