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10 Mysterious Photos That Still Can't Be Explained


By Anu MehjabinPublished 22 days ago 3 min read

Every picture has a story. While some stories may only be interesting to friends or family, some images give birth to endless discussions and make history. Taken by ordinary people and certainly unedited, here are 10 historical photos that look like fantastic movie shots. Prepare to be amazed as you see evidence of time travel, ghost photos, and pyramids on the moon.

1. A Monster Off the Coast of Hook Island

Do you believe in monsters like the famous Scottish Nessie? Whether real or imagined, one such creature appears to have been caught on camera in Australia. In 1965, photographer Robert Le Serrec noticed a suspicious object near Hook Island. He captured a photo of the monster, which continues to be the subject of zoological discussions. Many internet skeptics claim the photo was photoshopped, but it was taken long before Photoshop was invented.

2. Hessdalen Valley Lights

This shot, taken by a Norwegian photographer with a 30-second exposure, is one of many that show strange luminous objects flying over the Hessdalen Valley in central Norway. First reported by residents in 1981, spectral analysis reveals these objects consist of silicon, iron, and scandium. Scientists are still puzzled by these lights, questioning their nature, potential danger to humans, and whether they could be a new energy source.

3. Black Knight

In 1960, an unidentified object was first captured by an artificial satellite. Named the Black Knight by NASA specialists, this mysterious object has been appearing and disappearing from Earth's orbit ever since. A whole satellite conspiracy theory suggests aliens are spying on us using this aircraft. While scientists claim it is of artificial origin, the alien theory remains fascinating to many.

4. Babushka Lady

On November 22, 1963, American President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Among the many mysteries surrounding this event is a woman holding a camera, nicknamed Babushka Lady for her headscarf resembling that of a Russian grandmother. Despite efforts by special services, her identity remains unknown. Who was she, and why did she disappear from the public eye?

5. The Falling Man

Photographer Richard Drew captured this harrowing image on September 11, 2001, during the terrorist attack. The photo, known as "The Falling Man," shows a man falling almost straightened up, which many found strange and difficult to do. His identity remains a mystery, although some Americans claim to recognize their relatives. This powerful image even inspired a 2007 Discovery Channel documentary.

6. Tank Man

During the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, an unknown young man stood in front of a column of tanks for half an hour, blocking their way with his body. Known as Tank Man, his identity and fate remain unknown. Some believe he was executed, while others think he is still alive. This photograph has become an iconic symbol of the Tiananmen Square events and one of the most famous images of the 20th century.

7. A Cell Phone in Chaplin's Movie

In 2010, a DVD of Charlie Chaplin's 1928 movie "The Circus" was released with bonus frames. One frame appears to show a woman holding something very similar to a modern cellphone. Director George Clarke claimed this was proof of time travel. While many skeptics dismiss it as a marketing ploy, the idea of time travel remains intriguing.

8. Astronaut from Solway Firth

In 1964, Jim Templeton took a photo of his five-year-old daughter in the countryside. Upon developing the film, a figure resembling a man in a silver spacesuit appeared in the background. The Templeton family denied the presence of any such person, and neither the police nor Kodak experts could solve the mystery of the "space man" who photobombed their picture.

9. Sir Goddard's Squadron

A strange photograph exists in the album of Sir Goddard's squadron from World War I. In the back row of soldiers, an extra face can be seen behind the fourth soldier on the left. The ghostly face belongs to Freddy Jackson, who died two days before the photo was taken. Despite being taken on the day of his funeral, it appears Jackson decided to be part of the group picture anyway. Ghost photo researchers find this plausible, while others remain skeptical.

10. Pyramids on the Moon

During the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972, astronauts took numerous photos with Hasselblad cameras. One photo, initially listed as overexposed, reveals outlines of two triangular structures resembling the Pyramids of Giza. This discovery raises questions about ancient civilizations, alien construction technology, and potential connections between Earth and the moon. These questions, however, remain unanswered.


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  • L.C. Schäfer11 days ago

    I'd never heard of any of these!

  • Gael MacLean13 days ago

    I really enjoyed these vignettes.

  • Shirley Belk14 days ago

    These fascinate me~ great information

  • Michelle Liew15 days ago

    I've whether monsters like the one of Hook island are the last of underwater dinos! Great work and research.

  • Some very interesting shots

  • Sahomi22 days ago

    Enjoyed it :)

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