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Zodiacs are Bullsh*t

I Said What I Said

By Grace LinnPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Photo is from: https://www.enchantedangels.com.au/blog/2019/1/15/scorpio-zodiac-sign

With people still believing covid is a hoax, it's no surprise to me there's people out there that believe zodiac signs hold some kind of truth. In reality, zodiac signs are just a flawed method for people to validate their characteristics no matter how positive or negative they may be. After all, you would probably roll your eyes if your waitress treated you poorly and said Oh I'm sorry, I'm a Pisces.

For the curious mind, my sign is Scorpio, born on November 13th, falling right between the October 23rd to November 21st boundaries. There are many different things said about the scorpio sign, all of which vary in nature. Some sources will tell you that we are emotionally intense people, while others will say that we are weak. This itself is a contradictory statement, making it apply to anyone. There are more discrepancies in scorpio traits, namely it's said that we hate dishonesty and always tell the truth, yet we also are crafty and cunning, suggesting deception. Do I even align myself with any of these values? Why yes, I do, some of them.

I do find that I am quite emotionally intense compared to most people. So much so, that I currently require medications (thanks so much anxiety). I also find that I despise those who are dishonest, and myself am honest to a T. Want to know what I am the worst at? Go ahead, guess. The answer is lying. I cannot tell anything except the truth, which most of the time is an asset, but when it comes to birthdays and holidays and I have to give gifts, I'm pretty bad at spoiling the surprise to the other person. It feels like if I didn't, I would explode. Me trying to contain excitement or hide truth is nearly impossible.

As for other traits that are supposedly common of Scorpios, I have also read that they are creative. Hm, another coincidence. I do write Vocal articles for fun (which I love to do very much) and am also a musician (piano). However I have also read that scorpios are weak and unstable which for myself is very untrue. It is these numerous contradictions throughout astrology that prove its fallaciousness. A great example of this is the central theme to an episode of my favorite show, The Orville.

Photo is from: https://www.dailystartreknews.com/read/the-orville-will-soon-resume-production-on-season-three

In the season 2 episode "All the World is Birthday Cake", the crew makes first contact with a civilization that they quickly discover is run by astrology. They make this discovery when two of their officers are put into a camp simply for having birthdays around that time of year. This astrological sign is called "giliac" and the civilization associates this with violent and malicious tendencies. Obviously this is an extremely biased and unfair assumption as the two captured officers throughout the series never once present any negative behaviors.

The reason for these ill associations is thousands of years ago, the citizens witnessed a star of the giliac constellation get sucked into a black hole. Being a primitive society, this sent a terrible omen for the people and caused them to associate terrible qualities with being born during those months. The rest of the episode is spent trying to find a way to prove the giliacs' innocence. It resolves with recreating a fake star so the giliac constellation is complete.

Now that seems pretty ridiculous to prosecute people just for when they were born, right? Granted that's just an extreme example, but it proves how astrological signs are completely invalid. For most of my life, I've really thought zodiac signs were just another creation of humanity designed to comfort and validate viewpoints and character traits. Which the validation feels nice, but what is important to keep in mind is that zodiac signs really aren't for anything serious. It is best used as something that's just for fun, instead of being taken seriously. Please, do not try to actually plan your life according to how the stars align. You will probably inhibit your opportunities and miss out on a lot of things in life that you would enjoy.


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