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You Visited My Dreams


By Lele BluePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
You Visited My Dreams (VISIONS)

My sister’s 18th birthday. 11/24/19. I was 19.

My cousin took her life, and passed on to the spiritual world.

Dream 1: (A week after the getting the call.)

Everything is white. Chairs, the sky, the air.

I cannot move nor do I try to. I just watch.

I watch myself float down the left side and I see your sister telling me something. She is inaudible to me. She is wearing all white.

I float past her sideways and see a casket coming into view. It is white with red ribbons coming out of it, and the closer I get the more red and white I see. Then I see you. Your eyes are closed and you are resting inside the casket. I never been to a funeral or wake before in my life. Yet here I was? You moved your eye lids even though they were closed. I felt you were alive in my dream.

Then I woke up.

I immediately told my boyfriend and his mom. He told me write it down.

Two weeks later, my boyfriend, his mom, and I were wearing all black, ready for the wake.

As soon as we walked in, they noticed the red and white flowers and casket.

I did not. I noticed my family as they beckoned me over. We go sit with my cousins. They tell me, “Go see her,”

I cannot.

Okay. I muster up the strength. I have never seen someone dead before, especially someone I loved. Someone I considered like a sibling.

They walk me up the left side, of all the wooden chairs. Immediately, my deceased cousin’s sister stops me and hugs me. “Thank you for being here, it means a lot,” she says.

They continue to walk me sideways towards the casket.

I see the red and white flowers, the white casket. I still do not realize how everything was playing out from my dream. Until I see my cousin. She is wearing a red and white tuxedo. Realizations weigh in on me and I want to cry, how beautiful. How beautiful is it someone who has died, could show me the future. Someone I loved.

I always knew I was clairvoyant, but this. This was next level freaky, and gives me hope when I think of the other side. It’s a beautiful thing to die. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Dream 2: (after the wake & funeral)

I am in my old house again. The one I grew up in.

My sister Aaliyah, and my boyfriend Alejandro and I were smoking. We then came inside and went upstairs. It was night. We are on a laptop upstairs when my grandpa shouts at us to go to bed. We listen, but right then I hear the screen door open and you came in.


I run halfway down the stairs as you run halfway up. You look the happiest I’ve ever seen you. I grabbed your hands and hugged you. I realized they were cold. I could.. feel your hands. You. You were alive??

I run downstairs by the garage and catch my grandpa before he walks in there.

“Papa!” I say.

“Yes Ollie?” He asked with concern in his eyes.

“Papa. If Angel passed away, how is she here right now?” I ask, genuinely confused.

“Well you know how Angel fell righ-“

“No she didn’t fall, she died!” I exclaimed.

His face twisted in confusion and he slammed the door on me. I walk back towards the living room and see Angel asleep on our couch. Peacefully resting her head on her girlfriend. Her girlfriend is telling her baby son a story about Angel.

I go upstairs and tell my sister. When the baby comes up too. I ask him, holding his little baby hands.

“Can you see Angel?”

He nods yes.

I wake up.


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Lele Blue

Poetry, Life Stories, Stories, Lightworker, Peacemaker

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