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You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar…But Only Sometimes

by Mandy Raquel 2 months ago in astronomy

The struggle of being stereotyped because of your Zodiac sign.

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar…But Only Sometimes
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What’s your sign?

I bet I can guess your sign!

Oh, it makes so much sense now on why you are this way!

The endless array of speculation and judgement when it comes to learning each other’s zodiac sign is more dominate than ever. As someone who grew up reading the daily horoscope in the back pages of a magazine or newspaper, I can honestly say that the intense importance in what sign you were born under has grown over the years. Whether you’re a compatible match with someone comes down to the day and month you were born.

I was born on the boarder of Leo and Virgo on August 22nd at 10:02pm. Only one day and two hours away from forever being labeled as a Virgo or a Leo. The correct term for it I’ve found is the Leo-Virgo Cusp. The stars rolled a dice and it landed on the line when it comes to me. Being a fire sign comes with many stereotypes. You’re deemed as stubborn, egotistical, and too proud to beg. Me refusing to believe that these traits are facts makes me seem like such a typical stubborn Leo. There are many agrees and disagrees when it comes to a person’s zodiac traits and behaviors.

Whenever someone learns something new about me, they say ‘oh what a typical Leo thing of you to say.’ To which I have to wonder is it really though? Reading into Virgo traits there are some similarities between them and Leo, and also many differences. Virgos can be over-thinkers, and I also do tend to overthink a lot most of the time. Leo’s love to be the center of attention, and I am perfectly happy not standing out in a crowd. When it comes to being loyal as well as wanting to give more than receive, traits found in both Leo and Virgo, then I can agree that this describes me. The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes I could go either way when it comes to traits and my behaviors related to Leo and Virgo.

Zodiac stereotypes have always been responsible for the reasoning behind a temper tantrum, wittiness, or the need and want for materialistic things. They’ve become the explanation as to why a person’s personality and habits are what they are. I’m a weird balance of fire and earth. I’m passionate and also laid back. There is a time for impulse and then there is a time to be patient and just wait for the right moment to really let yourself shine in a confident light. Having a bit of both worlds to work with lets you see both sides of the spectrum.

I’ve always rolled my eyes at the idea of me being a typical Leo, because I didn’t always feel like one completely and for that reason it had caused me to be a bit jaded in believing the traits of the star signs. Figuring out that I was a sort of hybrid of fire and earth has opened my eyes to being more open minded when it comes to trusting in Zodiacs. Would I ever not want to get to know someone because our signs aren’t compatible? No! That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still Google their traits online just to see how much of it is true though.

The accuracy of everyone’s sign isn’t going to always be 100% on the nose, but if it’s not then maybe it’s possible you’re a nice mix of two signs or even a bad mix, yikes! For me a lot of the traits between the two signs Virgo and Leo are very true. The world of astrology is so vast that I ended up spending an hour researching if my progressed sun had moved into Virgo yet, and if that was the reason behind my desire and ambition to fully take my writing seriously once and for all. (It worked for J.K Rowling why not me?)

I’ve always been curious about the fascination others have in star signs and wondered if the compatibility of not just lovers, but friends also played into it. I have friends in a wide variety of different star signs, ranging from Capricorn, to Aries, to Sagittarius and I even married a Taurus who is way more stubborn than me for sure. I get along well with all my friends equally no matter their sign, and I’ve never thought to write someone off just because the cosmos said we wouldn’t be compatible.

For me I’m always going to be stereotyped as a Leo, and that’s truly alright by me! Call me a fiery Leo all you want, but I don’t believe it fully represents who I am today as a person. I’ve been straddling the boarder of Leo and Virgo my whole life and now that I’ve learned more when it comes to zodiac hybrids, I feel validated in my questioning of the accuracy of the sign I have been given. I get the best of both worlds, sun and earth thrive off of each other and I am determined to keep on being this nice little mix of both, no matter if others pass judgement on me because of what the stars say. In the famous lyrics of Britney Spears, what you see is what you get!

Mandy Raquel
Mandy Raquel
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