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You are my Eyes.

by Dawn Earnshaw 5 months ago in fantasy
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Return of my Night Owl.

Becoming one.

Becoming at one with your Owl you close your eyes and trust implicitly that your owl will connect, they don’t just teach how to listen, they teach you how to listen to the tone in the words spoken to you , the vibration of energy will become more important than sight.They teach you to understand body movements, your subtle facial expressions. To interpret silences. Helping you to hear everything not said in words.

Let’s not forget that to learn from your owl you have to appreciate that men can become lonely, cheated on. Feel Suicidal. Be mentally ill.Cry often if you use your unique listening and eyesight skills from your owl you become a very gifted councillor.

Trust your Owl implicitly

When people are brave enough to share their most painful experiences with you giving you their trust to publish it, stop saying they are “attention seeking” They have offered up a sacred gift. The only appropriate response is to listen. Listening is the most important skill you will learn from your owl.Offer them gratitude for their brave vulnerability. Because this is my life and that is the only explanation that you needed.

Owls are a gift of learning.

It takes a superpower at first to remain calm when you are in a difficult and emotional state, do not become attached but choose to remain silent. I love when people that have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the flames. It also takes great strength to remain single in a world that is accustomed to settling with anything just to say they have something.

Lord of life is poetic that the rough my owls eyes I see from the whirling vortex of the endless void comes this transitional world of dark ancient mystery. Flesh and blood rain from the sky born into an illusion through the mirrored mind of duality. Armies shake the ruined corps clad earth. Vultures come to prey on death as they smell the blood of evil.

Owls feeding off pigeons.

The wind grieves in silence, hearts darken becoming bitter and dry until the light is lost.No weapon can pierce the life that unfolds you. Voice of the water rising from the river, flowing through the form of all worlds.

All the worlds hear each other.

Brothers and sisters of spirit rise up, wielding the the sword of unharmed truth. Riding chariots of faith aflame with passion.

The earths vibration is entering a higher frequency, we are witnessing the new arrival of a new consciousness, it’s rebirth of humanity, of a new Earth.Through the tangled forests of delusion.Gaurdians of the mystic way to the pyre Law, the heart of the secret temple within. Where you ascend the nine steps, where the sky will open to give you strength, rings of light around the moon. Rising from the earth. Are shining in everything you see.

Your breath will reach the furthest fringe, where all appearance, all your thoughts and words end. Like the last illusion. As you enter the timeless moment, the eternal sun of your being , and become a Lord of life.

My Owl is extremely in syncs with my multiple personalities and understands English and Wizadry , which causes me to be an outcast in most countries as they are seen as bad Omens. My Owl has hairlike edges which on flight reduces his noise in flight to almost zero- I’m highly surprised they have not been studied for flight aviation if rockets. They camouflage making them ideal to deliver letters, which I frequently send and receive.

Perfect for silence of delivery.

Owls have a natural affinity to magic unlike “pigs who are totally non magical” and Owls are able to find the receipt of a letter with an address. You could just find one on your doorstep next week with the local newspaper.


About the author

Dawn Earnshaw

Loves writing short stories and poems - learning punctuation and Grammar.ADHD

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