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by Savannah Huntsman about a year ago in fantasy
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What if you could save the world?

It all happened yesterday, the end of everything I ever knew and ever loved. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away... Yesterday.

April 25th, 2018

Dear future me, When you look towards the future, hopefully you look towards it with hope and the happiness of a dreamer. I hope every day you wake up and feel as though tomorrow and the rest of your future will be the most splendid of times. I wish that you wake up and think further into your day with joy and the readiness to tackle the day with fervor and hope. Yesterday you made a promise, a promise you're not sure you can keep a promise that must be kept for the betterment of the world, a promise burdening your shoulders that nobody else can see. When you read this I hope you remember yourself and the beautiful delight in your eyes when she walked up to you and offered you a way to make the world a better place. It was a promise you wanted to make and keep because you want the world to be the best place for everyone you hold so dearly. Yesterday you put your life on hold in order to be what she needed you to be. Now today, you're not so certain about this promise that you vowed to keep; but you'll keep the promises that you made and pray to live to the day where you will see the benefit of your promises. This morning I awoke to the sound of screeching children and firetrucks blaring their sirens, I awoke to a blaze that was hotter than hell and blistering my skin. And yet, I stayed still. I had to for the promise that I made, this was set in stone. The fire is wicking at my flesh, scorching every individual piece, eating away at my skin. I feel the need to scream and yet my throat seizes to function. My body aches as the fire consumes my entire being and the echoes of screams bounce off the walls. I can't see whose screaming, but I can feel the presence of other beings around me. Oh yesterday.

April 25th, 1997 "Wahh, Wahh, AHH!!!!" Not my finest moments on this planet although they are my very first, I swear I get way better from here. My mom swaddles me, cooing at her new baby boy. Nikolai, although I generally prefer Nik or Nikolas. Nikolai seems so unlike me. I never understood what my mother saw in me that day of my birth, why she named me such a bizarre name. Looking through the eyes of my baby self, I see no color and it terrifies me. I see no light, there is nothing but blackness that consumes my entire sight. There's a hissing noise ringing through my ears and I start to wail louder. The hissing grows louder as I start to thrash in my mothers arms. "Welcome to this world Nikolai, enjoy this life for now because on your twenty-first birthday you will be offered the opportunity of a life time and you will be MINE!!!!" A voice echoes hissing the last words over and over in my head. The hissing subsides and my thoughts are back to none, nestling myself into my mothers loving embrace. I draw myself out of the memory of my baby eyes, my sight returning to normal. I see my mom smiling at me, loving me for perhaps the first and last time. See here's what nobody in my life knew, not even me for a very long time. My mother named Everly left me that same day of April 25th,1997. I never had the opportunity to know her personally. She abandoned me at the hospital and a widow named Esmeralda came and saved my life. In a small town like Devorsah, I would have had no chance. I would have been left for dead, too much consumption for a poor and wasteful town left an infant like myself I would've been as good as garbage. Esmeralda and Everly had an understanding long before I could even see and I was ignorant to this fact for almost the entirety of my life.


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