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Would These Non-Force Users Survive The Squid Game?

by Culture Slate about a month ago in star wars · updated about a month ago

Who Would You Choose For Your Partner in Marbles?

Warning: Possible Spoilers For Squid Game

You might have heard the buzz around Netflix’s latest show Squid Game, which has taken the online world by storm. We are seeing the dalgona candy being reproduced on various social media platforms (along with unfortunate news of children recreating the savage games from the series). The show asks a lot of questions concerning humanity, and causes viewers to evaluate themselves. What would we do if we were in the same situation? How far would we go for money? What were we willing to sacrifice? We have already debated moral issues in the galaxy far, far away, like whether Anakin did the right thing by turning to the dark side for the altruistic goal of saving Padme’s life or whether Obi-Wan was right in lying to Luke to prevent him from joining his evil father. In the spirit of “What If” scenarios, let’s imagine whether our favorite characters from Star Wars would have survived the infamous Squid Game. Of course, we would only be looking at non-Force sensitive individuals, since the Force would have lent them a certain advantages in these games.

Wedge Antilles: Yes

Wedge has proven himself to be one of the best pilots of the Rebel Alliance. Used to staying calm in dangerous situations like dodging enemy fire in space battles, he would have the nerves to keep his wits about him during the “Red Light, Green Light” game and make it to the finish line. His focus would also allow him to chisel out the shape from the dalgona candy. However, he might fail during the marbles game or the glass stepping stones game as these games mostly rely on luck. On the other hand, we could argue that Wedge Antilles is perhaps the luckiest man in the Star Wars saga. Without the protection of plot armor, he manages to survive the destruction of both the First and Second Death Stars. He also survives the Battle of Exegol despite all the odds.

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Chewbacca: No

Many would take advantage of his large size, crouching behind him to avoid the doll’s sensor in “Red Light, Green Light.” He is also not the most nimble either. While he can move quickly during the “Green Light” phase, we do not know if he will be able to stop on the dime in time for the “Red Light” phase. If he does survive to the next game, we don’t see him having enough patience to chisel the shape out of the candy with a needle. He would end up throwing the container in frustration at someone, and probably take down a couple of guards before they finally take him out. Sorry, everyone, you won't have the Wookiee on your side for tug-of-war.

Han Solo: No

As someone who has a penchant for attracting trouble, it is inevitable that Han would eventually end up in a situation like the Squid Game. His ability to think outside of the box will definitely help him get through the first three games. However, he would most likely fall in the marbles game. We all know inside his harsh exterior, he has a good gentle heart. We can see him pulling a Ji-yeong move, sacrificing himself so that the other person can move on with the game.

Qi’Ra: Yes

She is cunning, and opportunistic. She is quick to exploit any weakness she sees. Otherwise she would not have made it to the top of Crimson Dawn. She will definitely make it past the first two games without any problems. While no one would know to fill their team with physically strong players without prior knowledge of the tug-of-war game, you know that Qi’Ra will somehow choose to be in the best possible team that will be able to tackle any situation. Her manipulative style will help her pass the marbles game. Even in a pure game of luck like the glass stepping stones game, her willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal means she is not above pushing people to test out the panels. Let’s not forget her fighting prowess that allowed her to go toe-to-toe against Darth Vader himself, meaning that she has a shot at winning the final squid game, and thus the entire Squid Game.

Boba Fett: Yes

You know he will be stripped of his armor and gadgets and put in a green tracksuit along with other players. We know that he is a fighter through and through, with a strong will to live. Otherwise he would not have survived the hopeless inescapable situation that is getting swallowed by the Sarlacc. In The Mandalorian, he has demonstrated that he does not need his armor and gadgets to win a fight. He is able to defeat the stormtroopers with the primitive gaffi stick. His tenacity will carry him all the way to the end of the Squid Game.

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Written By Apinya Wong

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