Witching Hour Madness

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Witching Hour Madness

It should have been a peaceful Halloween Ball and the envy of every well to do not invited. This year some of the wealthiest families gathered here in Atlanta, GA, to celebrate the thinning of the vial for a night long celebration. This grand affair was being hosted this year by a rising star organization, the Oasis Group, and expectations were running high.

What should have been a peaceful evening has apparently degraded into a magical brawl.

The Trouble Started

On the ground, we're still not sure what has taken place, but we're sure the trouble started on the top floor of the luxurious ballroom suite so many floors above our heads. For hours now, weaker magic users have been gathering to celebrate on their own, hoping to catch a look at the elite. During that time we've heard reports of vast power drains, and even sightings of the Guards of Ma'at. I have been informed that many of the magical community here on the street can feel a strange draining aura twisting around the upper floors of the building.

What is going on up there, and is there anything we can really do?

History Lesson

Samhain is a pagan holiday celebrated by many different faiths practiced in the magical community. From ancient Egypt, to the builders of Stone Henge, people have gathered in order to celebrate the thinning of the veil. Many cultures believe this is a time of year that ancestors can cross over, and visit with their families.

Over the years, Samhain has taken on many different forms. The Day of the Dead, Halloween, and many other celebrations have roots in this ancient holiday.

Locked Doors

It's now well after the witching hour (in this case 11 PM) and the doors of the ballroom would have been locked. Long held traditions have set the terms on these gatherings, and everyone inside has agreed to the lock down. This extreme measure was put in place as a trust factor hundreds of years ago, and is only one of the many details that uphold the treaties among the magical elite.

It was after this event that rumors of draining magic turned into shouts of panic. A source tells me that the Guards of Ma’at already have a man up there trying to sort out the matter.

A Bit of Gossip

The word is that a number of the elite have been causing quite a stir in the community this past year. The future head of the well-known Blackwood family, Joshua, was married several months back. It was a small ceremony, with just the closest family and friends attending. Rumor has it the younger Blackwood brother, Malcolm, had invited the young head of the Blackburn family along as his date.

Miss Blackburn has had a number of recent scandals within her family, including an attempted overtaking of her position. As the gossip flies about her relationship with Malcolm, the community is holding their breath to see what happens next.

Storming the Building

It is now confirmed. Even as I write this, the Guards of Ma'at are rushing up the stairs towards the top floor. A crowd has gathered, magic users, and us normal folk alike are watching the sky for any sign of the chaos that has called up these enforcers. I can only speculate what waits from them in the grand ballroom above, but from the chatter, I expect to see a number of persons brought out and charged with magical misconduct at the least.

The Guards have long been used by the magical community to maintain both the peace, and the rule of law set down in the treaties. While not having any magical powers of their own, they do use magical tools to combat any rogue magic users. They are also given a wide range of allowances when it comes to ensuring the safety of anyone in danger.

Find out More

If you'd like to find out more about this Halloween event, or learn more about the happenings between the Blackburn and Blackwood families, check out the soon to be released book, Witching Hour Madness. It is the fourth in the paranormal romance series, Star Crossed, by J.R. White.

Visit J.R. White's website or her blog, Barefoot at Midnight, to learn more!

Jessie White
Jessie White
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