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The Ancestors

By Jessica jonesPublished 4 years ago 6 min read
OpaWaLu (Ancestor Owl Tribe)

Looking over her shoulder, a fleeting figure seemed to glide across the horizon. Just as quickly as she had seen it, it disappeared. Ellia stood and turned her entire body in the direction where she had seen it. Nothing, nothing was there. Ellia took account of the moments when her eyes seemed to play tricks on her but she never wrote them off. Merely tucked them away for consideration when her reality explained her sight.

She had more pressing matters to attend to so digging her heels into the ground she crouched slightly then took off into the night sky. She is a white wing. A sort of rarity among her tribe. White wings unlike most bore iridescent veins up their backs, and across their wing span which could be almost double that of your average wing. Ellia's however were almost three times the size and her eyes were icy white. Born blind her interest in seeing what others saw was faint. she had long since learned that telling others she could see just not like them, only brought about worry and fear.

Accustomed to dancing light Ellia closed her eyes as she flew. hearing the wind whip through her wings she knew no one else heard her. Then although starting in her mind her eyes popped open. She was face to face flying with a creature that was like her but not like her. One she had never seen before. Its head was massive, great big black eyes spotted feathers and wings almost as big as her own. "what are you?"... whatever it was it was the most gorgeous thing she'd ever seen.. which for her wasnt a great deal. Looking at her quizzically the creature caught and upward gust and was gone. Managing to whisper just one word, "beautiful" Ellia began her descent.

"Tupayya, Tupayya..." hearing herself be beckoned Tupayya hooked the corner. "Ellia?, is that you?" the sight of Ellia still inspired awe, although they had been best friends since they were just about born. "Tupayya, come there is much to discuss." Following behind Ellia as she marched to the barn doors, Tupayya couldnt help but to stare at the glistening veins that spread across Ellia's wings. How beautiful they were. "Ellia, may i ask what we are rushing towards?","I need answers and since you are the only wing of free thought in this tribe it seems, i need them from you." Ellia pushed through the doors, waited to hear Tupayya cross the threshold then closed them back tightly. "What do you know of grand winged beasts with large heads and piercing black eye's?"...Ellia could almost hear the gears turning in Tupayya's mind as she turned to face her. "Well? what do you know, come on." Tupayya lowered her head, "only stories and lore" she said. "that the original white wings were beasts. With large claw like feet meant to pluck creatures up and carry them to their demise" "their eyes big and black as pitch were said to capture your magic to feed their own." Ellia sat with her legs folded under her. "Our ancestors you mean?", "why have i never heard of this?" asked Ellia. "Your birth was circled in so much suspicion id wager your maha just wanted to quite the whispers. Keep you guarded for tales that would only further those superstitions.", "What superstitions are those Tupayya?", Ellias voice was stern. "What superstitions are those Tupayya?" she asked again.

Tupayya walked to Ellia and put her hand on her cheek. "The elders believe your eyes are white and absent of sight because you have yet to absorb the magic of others." "That once you learn this power your eyes will grow black with the sight of those you take it from." Ellia rose to her feet, walked to the threshold of the barn. From the corner of her eye she saw perched on the roof beam what had been told to her was an ancestor. As she turned to focus her sight the image faded. Ellia faced the exit once more and asked, "what were they called? These ancestors?" ,"OpaWaLu, OWL tribe" answered Tupayya.

Watching as Ellia flew off Tupayya contemplated her actions. Knowing that her friend since birth had lineage to the eldest of their ancestors. Who were also the deadliest, most glorious and most powerful. This wasn't lore... these weren't stories. This was absolute, and Ellia no matter what she did would one day come into this same power and her life would be infinite. The OpaWaLu were Ancestors that still are. They are permanently tied to this world for balance and every so often a new OWL emerged from a descendant tribe. Ellia was OpaWaLu and white wing... Ellia was royalty.

Tears streamed her face before dissipating with the force of the wind. She rose through the air as though she intended to touch the stars. Questions ran through her mind and she couldnt keep up with them. Why hadnt she been told? Was there something wrong with her? was she feared somehow? She needed to know what she was and she would get the answers she sought even if she had to rip them free from the minds of those who bore them.

OpaWaLu's werent seen anymore. The tales of them were passed down from generations to generations. Most considered them to be lore at this point. Something to ensure our history be depicted as that of great and glorious beings. It was the birth of Ellia that brought the reality of it to Mirriot. You could see the features of the ancients as soon as she came into the world. All the stories came to mind looking in her eyes, both good and bad. Her eyes were different though. They were like glass, snowy glass and every story she'd ever heard the OpaWaLu had eyes like polished obsidian.. deep with darkness or perhaps something else. Either way this was a specific trait Ellie was absent of. "Maha!" Ellie burst through the doors of Mirriots cabin. "Maha!", "why wasn't i told of this looming tale of my being that akin to Owl's?", "Is that why i hear murmur's on the air as i walk pass other wings?" ,"Am i cursed?"... Mirriot was both shocked and proud in this moment. "You are not cursed, you are royal." she said calmly. This tribe fears that which they do not know and there hasn't been an Owl present among us for generations.", "No one really knows what you are capable of." Ellia leaned her head on her Maha sobbing. "What does it matter what becomes of me? im just Ellia"

It had been two moons since Ellia's maha and Tupayya had told her the stories of a lost tribe of wings, well the original and lost tribe. She'd gotten use to the idea that she was different. Mostly because she had been different her whole life. Ellia smiled, she was perched in the barn on a beam like she had seen the image some days ago. She liked it here, crouched down with her hands between her feet with her wings keeping her steady. The position came to her as though she had always landed just so. Hearing a noise out of nowhere see went to move and before she could a wispy figure of a great owl was right before her it massive wings sprawled out to either side. This time as she stared the outline of the creature became more clear. It stared into her eyes filling them with sight. Its wings wrapped around her and what felt like lightening pumped through her veins. She saw ages of wings...Birth, growth and death over and over. Felt the heaviness of it on her chest. The OWL released her and as she fell to the barn floor it flew from it. Tupayya ran in the barn and to her side where she lay gasping a bit from the fall. "What happened!?" , "Did you fall from the beam?, i told you it was an odd place for relaxation", "why must....." her questioned trailed off. Tupayya was looking at her strangely. "Why do you stare at me so?" then Ellia realized she could see Tupayya. She could see her as she had seen the OWL.

"Your eyes, your eyes have clouds of black smoke in them" Ellia gathered herself and rose to her feet. "Tupayya, i believe this is only the beginning of a path i must walk alone." with that Ellia walked out of the barn and flew off into the night. "Whatever path you walk along, let it guide you to your truth friend."



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Jessica jones

writer, performer, poet, spoken word artist, painter, cook... Kinda all around artistic type.

For my entire life all Ive wanted to do is write and now i have a platform where i can indulge. Thanks vocal.

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