Why Super Bowl LII Is Known as the Extra Terrestrial Super Bowl


Why Super Bowl LII Is Known as the Extra Terrestrial Super Bowl

We just reviewed the concept of alphanumerics contained in the concept of wormation. When looking at events on Earth the possibility exists ESH have scripted them in advance of Earth's creation as part of the ETA. With a little bit of analysis, you can see repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. Major events on Earth are usually an easy place to see the possibility of the clues left behind which enable you to see the ESH handiwork and evidence of their ETI.

Using the Two Way Mirror Theory the possibility exists you can begin to see the presence of HET living among us on Earth. With the airplane theory, you can guestimate how many there may be living here among us as well. Using EARTH methodology and wormation you can see repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. Super Bowl LII was a matchup between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles and starred justin TimberlakE as the halftime entertainment. Super Bowl LII which is 52 in roman numerals or what is referred to as symbolism in wormation. Using the concept of reversal we can change 52 into 25 and as we saw in alphanumerics, 25 = ET (5 = E, 20 = T, 20 + 5 = 25 = ET). So whereas the possibility exists we can probably go back and find examples in all the Super Bowls of ETI as well as misdirection, a Super Bowl where the number can be converted into 25 = ET might have some clues that are even easier to spot. So the possibility exists we can refer to Super Bowl LII as the ET Super Bowl.Looking for clues immediately you can notice in the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles the possibility of the word "lose" in the last name Foles as an enagram. The question then is what does the letter "F" represent. Prior to the game the odds were, Tom Brady and the Patriots would repeat as Super Bowl champions and extend their dynasty to six wins and tie the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most wins of any NFL franchise. So prior to the game it was difficult to figure out what the "F" stood for. You might have even looked at the date February 4th and converted 2/4/2018 into 2+4 = 6 and since 6 = F in alphanumerics, thought the F represented February 4th. So the combination of thinking the Patriots would probably win and Nick Foles being a backup quarterback may have led you to think the Eagles were going to lose on Feb 4th. So his last name was confirmation of the possibility the event was scripted and this would be the hidden clue of the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. You may have wanted to run to Vegas to try to make a quick profit with your newfound skill. Over time of analyzing ETI you learn to wait for the event to get confirmation of your hypothesis.Sure enough during the end of the game, the possibility of the meaning of the letter became known. Trying to perform one of his trademark rallies where he drives his team down the field for a last minute score like he has done so many times before Tom Brady fumbled. So immediately the possibility exists now that you can see Nick FOLES last name may say "Fumble LOSE" relative to Tom Brady is going to fumble and lose the ET Super Bowl. Certainly, that is not what anyone would ExpecT. When we look at Tom Brady's last name the possibility exists we can seeB = 2R = 182 + 18 = 20 = TA = 1D = 41 + 4 = 5 = EBRAD = ETY = YesBRADY = ET YesMakes you wonder if the possibility exists any other famous people named BRAD might be HET or EA in the know.Does this show the possibility exists that Tom Brady is a HET,EA in the know, or just a completely unaware EA? Or is all this just one more coincidence and these are not repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. Does the possibility exist the coaches names Pederson and Belichick say "DROP SEEN" and "I CHEAT SUPER BOWL 52 TRICK."

The Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson

PEDERSON = DROP SEEN (enagram)The New England Patriots coach Bill BelichickBELICHICKB = 2

E = 5L = super bowLI = ICH = CHeatICK = trICKI CHeat super bowL 52 trICK Bill Belichick's name is even more interesting because the possibility exists it creates the misdirection that how could he be cheating if he lost. Yet if the ESH are winning and this whole NFL league is nothing more than misdirection, losing a Super Bowl would really be a victory in the bigger picture.Also, the possibility exists that the previous incidents of cheating surrounding the Patriots were not only misdirection but also secretly substantiation of what his last name says in alien. In other words, had he and or the Patriots never been accused of cheating his name would not have had as much value with the word cheat in it. This adds even more confluence to wormation revealing repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. We certainly don't want to forget the final score, after all, those missed kicks produced 41 to 33. 4 1- 33 = 8 = EighT just another coincidence.

Seeing that the game went as people would not ExpecT certainly makes you wonder. One thing is for sure, as you learn the possibility exists of Hetlau you realize nothing is going to be what you ExpecT. The key is to just keep searching for those repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. At least that way you can continue to increase your understanding of what is going on. Then you will not be caught off guard when disclosure happens.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg
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