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Why is human body temperature getting lower and lower?

by Mao Jiao Li 2 months ago in astronomy
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When humans are cold, they are more likely to live longer

Harvard Medical School

Human body temperature is no longer 37 degrees Celsius, what is this all about?

Is it true that some people say that human body temperature keeps decreasing to prolong life span? Why is the human body temperature getting lower and lower? In today's issue, the drawing board will talk to you about the mystery of human body temperature.

In 1851, a German physician named Karl Wends rich first determined that human body temperature was 37 degrees, which was his conclusion after collecting maxillary temperature data from a total of 25,000 patients.

Later, after scientists continued to explore, found that 37 degrees can be used as an average, so this conclusion has continued to the present, the reason why the human body temperature has been maintained at 37 degrees is all because of the survival of the fittest. In the millions of years of evolution, the human body temperature has been maintained at 37 degrees. Not only human beings but also all the constant temperature animals on earth have maintained a body temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.


A scientist named Paul has proposed such a conclusion, humans are thermostatic animals, only at 37 degrees, the body of various enzyme activity is optimal, keep in the best state of enzymes, can help the body better participate in a variety of biochemical reactions, so the human body is at 37 degrees, while the natural mammals are 35 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius, mainly because this temperature can allow animals in the better adapt to environmental changes in the wild and will not limit their activities because of their body temperature.

However, not all animals on earth are constant temperature animals, many of them have a body temperature that varies with the outside world, but on the historical stage, constant temperature animals have prevailed over variable temperature animals, and they are better able to adapt to changes in nature than variable temperature animals and are more resistant to natural enemies. Humans are also maintained at a body temperature of 37 degrees, carried over, the natural world of storm replacement but in recent years, some scientists have found that the human body temperature is getting lower and lower, what is going on?

Variable temperature animals

In the past, we have said that 37 degrees are the normal human body temperature, but in 2020 the United States Stanford University researchers launched a study, they found more than 80,000 U.S. soldiers in 1862 body temperature records, and then from 2000 to measure human body temperature, the past data and the current body temperature data for a detailed comparison. It turns out that the average body temperature of American men has indeed dropped by 0.59 degrees, while the body temperature of American women has likewise dropped by 0.32 degrees. In other words, the average body temperature of Americans has now dropped to 36 degrees Celsius.

Not only that, but Brigham and Women's Hospital, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, also published a paper

The study conducted 24,356 temperature measurements on 35,488 healthy adults in the UK who were not infected with any disease and had not received any antibiotic treatment. The average temperature of their mouths was only 36.6, which means that their body temperature was dropping. However, scientists believe that the standard body temperature is no longer 37 degrees, probably related to changes in the human living environment, such as changes in the climate environment, the global greenhouse effect makes the temperature in many places higher and higher, so air conditioners become large-scale use, human beings become comfortable because of air conditioning, such as long-term in the air-conditioned environment, the number of human sweating becomes less and less, the body's regulatory center is not as sensitive as before, so the body temperature. Before so sensitive, so the body temperature naturally changed.

Another reason is the lack of exercise, human society's technology has developed, a lot of work is done by machines, the number of human labor has become less and less, metabolism is also reduced, but also reduced the basal metabolic rate, body temperature also decreased with the reduction of energy consumption and lower. Is it true that a lower body temperature can increase the life expectancy of a person instead?

Is it true that a person's body temperature decreases all the time and can increase life expectancy? Some scientists believe that the higher the body temperature of the human body, the higher it needs to consume and run. When the body temperature is lowered, the body operates in the same low operating condition, so that the human life expectancy might run longer as a result. But this statement only applies to animals. A scientist experimented with mice, comparing two different body temperatures, and found that the mouse with the higher body temperature had a greatly reduced life span, while the one with the lower body temperature lived longer. Therefore, scientists concluded that high body temperature is bad for animals.

However, some scientists believe that humans are more likely to live longer when they are hypothermia. Scientists believe that there are some longevity signals in the human body, these longevity signals are like low temperature, only in the low-temperature state, these longevity signals will be activated. If from the longevity signal, low temperature is indeed easier to live longer, but the low temperature has more bad effects, these bad effects are not conducive to longevity.

For example, blood circulation is slower in hypothermia. As we all know, after exercise and sweating, body temperature will become higher, blood circulation will also be accelerated, and the body's metabolism will also be faster. Rapid metabolism can enhance the body's resistance, people are less likely to get sick. But low-temperature people, their blood circulation needless to say is very slow, the metabolic rate is even slower. The body's toxins and dirty things, because the metabolism is too slow and can not be discharged promptly, have been hoarded in the body, and the body's resistance and immunity have become poor, so low-temperature people are always sick and cold.

It can be said that the immunity of the human body decreases by 30% for every one degree Celsius lowering in body temperature. Not only colds but also cancer rates increase as a result, so lower body temperature does not prolong life. What do you think about human body temperature? Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section and discuss them with everyone.


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