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Which Planets are Responsible for Breakup?

by Astroyogi 8 months ago in astronomy

Are you Going Through a breakup and wondering what caused your Relationship to fall apart.

Are you going through a breakup and wondering what caused your relationship to fall apart?

Love and relationship are essential aspects of our lives. But relationships are not always a bed of roses. In reality, they require understanding, compromises, and adjustments. We all want to find perfect love in our lives and spend our lives with them. However, not all of us are lucky to be successful in love in the first attempt.

If your love relationships are failing and you are constantly facing breakups and heartaches, there could be something wrong with your horoscope. The planets and their positions can significantly influence your life, and they could be responsible for your failing relationships. If such is the case, a love astrologer’s help could be a boon.

The Planets Responsible for Your Breakup

Some planets and their placements can have incredibly harsh effects on your relationship. A flourishing love relationship or a marriage can also get shattered due to the influence of the celestial bodies. However, it will be wrong to say that all planets impact your relationship negatively. Every planet plays different roles in impacting your love life. Some influences may be good and can affect your relationship positively; others can cause conflicts or break off your relationship.

Given below are some possible planetary scenarios in your horoscope that can be the reason behind your breakup or failing relationships.

Malefic planets, especially Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Sun, can lead to breakups or divorces.

The effects of malefic planets can be quite adverse to your relationship. A planet combination such as Mars with Venus and Saturn can ruin the state of your relationship and can break even a flourishing relationship.

Venus is the planet for love, romance, sex, and marriage. But, if Venus is afflicted or weak or retrograde, it can lead to disharmony in your relationship or marriage.

The fifth house in your Kundali or horoscope chart denotes your love relationships. If the shadow planets, i.e., Rahu and Ketu, influence the Lord of the fifth house, your relationship might not have a happy ending.

The seventh house relates to your marriage and other conjugal matters. If Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or other debilitated planets aspect the seventh house, they can create conflicts in your marriage. Rahu and Saturn’s presence in the seventh house is also considered inauspicious.

Moon in astrology is the ruler of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and desires. If the Moon comes together with troublesome planets such as Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Saturn, it increases the likelihood of a tragic breakup.

If in a situation, Moon is in a weak position in the sixth, twelfth, and eighth house in the horoscope, a breakup is a possibility.

If the planet Sun outshines or overshadows the planet Moon, there are more chances of the native having to deal with a breakup.

In a situation, if the planets Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu get conjoined in a Moon sign horoscope, it can cause a breakup.

When in a native’s horoscope, there is only the Moon in the house and no other planets on either side, the native may suffer heartache.

If the Moon is positioned between two malefic planets, it won’t offer your relationship any positive effect, and you might go through a breakup.

Your relationship might also break if your birth chart shows Moon to be positioned in the malefic house.

These are some of the scenarios that can cause your relationship to fail. Different planets and their movement and positions can affect your love life and your relationship in various ways. If you are facing issues in the relationship or going through a breakup, a love astrologer can help you understand the situation in a better way. The best part about consulting an expert love astrologer is that they can provide you with proper remedies based on the different planetary movements and birth stars in your horoscope.

If you are looking for expert astrologers who can help you with matters of love and relationship, Astroyogi can be of help! Astroyogi can help you get connected with the most reputable astrologers in the country.

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