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Aiomatic - Automatic AI Content Writer & Editor, GPT-3 & GPT-4, ChatGPT ChatBot & AI Toolkit

By Kapil RaghuvanshiPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Aiomatic - Automatic AI Content Writer & Editor, GPT-3 & GPT-4, ChatGPT ChatBot & AI Toolkit

Introducing Aiomatic, your all-in-one AI-powered WordPress plugin, lovingly crafted and meticulously refined by me (Szabi). Born from a simple idea, Aiomatic has grown into a comprehensive suite of AI tools that can revolutionize your WordPress experience.

In its early days, Aiomatic was a humble AI post generator, capable of creating AI posts using a few straightforward methods. But as I poured my heart and soul into the plugin, it began to evolve, expanding its capabilities far beyond its original design.

Today, Aiomatic is not just a plugin; it’s a powerhouse. It’s a single AI post creator, a bulk AI post creator with multiple content generation methods, and an automatic content editor. It’s a manual bulk content editor, an AI chatbot, and a content generator from RSS feeds. It’s an integrated AI assistant that adds AI-generated content to other plugins, and it’s a creator of stable diffusion images.

But that’s not all. Aiomatic is also an AI playground, offering AI fine-tuning, embeddings, AI shortcodes, and a wealth of statistics. It’s an AI SEO tool, providing AI suggestions, usage limitations, usage logs, and graphs. It’s an AI form creator, an AI text moderator, and an AI audio-to-text converter. And it’s always growing, always improving, always evolving.

Welcome to a new level of AI-generated content

The Aiomatic plugin will allow you to publish new posts with AI-generated content or update old posts with fresh, relevant content. You can tell the AI to write negative or positive product reviews, dialogs between different persons, commentaries on events, articles relevant to the title of a specific post, and much more. The limits are beyond your imagination!

Create new engaging content for blog readers or simply spice up older posts with new AI-generated content. The choice is yours!

In the latest plugin update, a fully customizable AI chatbot will also be available to use on the front end or the back end of your site. Engage with your visitors and provide them with personalized AI-generated responses. Whether you want to offer customer support, engage in conversations, or provide interactive experiences, the AI chatbot is a powerful tool to enhance user engagement.

What Can You Do With This Plugin?

Aiomatic is a cutting-edge AI content writer plugin that is ideal for auto blogging and automatic post publishing or updating. It harnesses the power of AiomaticAPI, OpenAI's GPT-3, and GPT-4 AI engines to turn your website into an auto blogging or money-making machine!

You have the flexibility to choose between AiomaticAPI or OpenAI as your preferred AI engine and subscribe to the API of your choice. The plugin seamlessly integrates with both options, giving you the freedom to select the one that suits your needs best.

By working directly with OpenAI API, you eliminate the need to pay third parties for their services to funnel the content generated by OpenAI's GPT-3 or GPT-4 models to your site. This direct integration lowers the price of each call, providing you with cost-effective access to AI-generated content compared to similar plugins that rely on their own pricing structures.

Get the Aiomatic Plugin - Click Here

If OpenAI is not the right fit for you, Aiomatic also offers the option to subscribe to Microsoft Azure or AiomaticAPI, a dedicated API created specifically for this plugin. These alternatives ensure that AI content creation is handled efficiently and effectively, allowing you to benefit from AI-generated content regardless of your chosen AI engine.

More about AI Generated Content

In a world filled with technological advancements, the art of creation can now be replicated through the use of artificial intelligence. AI, which was first developed in 1955, has evolved from performing mindless tasks to accomplishing highly complex endeavors that were once exclusive to the human mind.

With the development of AI, mundane tasks can be outsourced to machine learning, simplifying life as we know it. AI-generated content challenges the status quo by questioning the relationship between art and the human touch. While the connections and emotions we feel give meaning to the content we consume, AI-generated content expands the possibilities of creativity.

Key Features of Aiomatic:

• AI post creation: Generate AI-powered posts with various methods.

• Bulk AI post creation: Generate multiple AI posts in bulk with different content generation methods.

• Automatic content editing: Let AI automatically edit and enhance your existing content.

• Manual bulk content editing: Fine-tune and edit multiple pieces of content at once with AI assistance.

• AI chatbot: Engage your visitors with a customizable AI chatbot for interactive experiences.

• Content generation from RSS feeds: Generate AI content based on RSS feeds to keep your site updated.

• Integrated AI assistant: Add AI-generated content to other plugins for enhanced functionality.

• Stable diffusion image creation: Create visually appealing and stable diffusion images with ease.

• AI playground: Explore AI fine-tuning, embeddings, AI shortcodes, and comprehensive statistics.

• AI SEO tool: Optimize your content with AI suggestions

• AI API usage limitations, usage logs, and graphs.

• AI form creator: Generate AI-powered forms for interactive user experiences.

• AI text moderator: Utilize AI to moderate and filter text content for enhanced safety and quality.

• AI audio-to-text converter: Convert audio files into text format with the power of AI.

The Future of Aiomatic:

Aiomatic is constantly evolving and growing to provide you with the best AI-powered WordPress experience. It is not just a plugin; it is your partner in simplifying and enhancing your WordPress journey. Countless hours of development, refinement, and fine-tuning have been invested in this plugin, fueled by passion, dedication, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Embrace a new level of AI-generated content with Aiomatic and unlock the limitless possibilities it offers. Whether you want to automate content creation, engage with visitors through an AI chatbot, or optimize your website with AI-powered tools, Aiomatic is here to empower you.

Get the Aiomatic Plugin - Click Here

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