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Heaven or Hell

Where are you?
What is your Theme?

Many questions arise when the subject of mortality comes uncertainty. Out of fear, we have jumped to many conclusions concerning the obligations of life and remain submerged in the midst of confusion. Perhaps every little detail of our lives are judged by an all powerful being, whose agenda is to trip off His own perfection at the lack of ours. Consider a life that has such incredible meaning in itself, simply due to the fact that after this, exists nothing. Not one soul can know for a fact, in full detail, the blueprint to this existence.

To try and explain the meaning of things proves futile because without the outside interference of meddling forces, life tends to work itself out naturally. If anything, the more we stress of over the answer, the less we possess the ability to truly live and marvel at such an experience. So much of the population has been induced into different beliefs around the world. Many of these beliefs have been artificially designed to control the masses. This leaves a fraction of humanity in control, with the rest in a disconnected, dream like state.

One explaination is the idea of a heaven and a hell. In reality, these two locations of dweling can’t exist as their infamous depictions. Heaven is typically described as a kingdom in the cloud, whilst its counterpart, hell, is where the devil resides, torturing all who were too self centered or too foolish to figure out life’s message. Personally, I believe in a creator, but I am not afraid of going to hell because I did not kiss enough babies. Anyone could very likely enter heaven whilst still walking in hell or, vice versa.

Life can be viewed in infinite ways. Interestingly enough, our world seems to be a mirror of our inner kingdom. All of the evil we observe in the external world is merely projected by what we believe and dwell on. Some people tend to see the bad in everything, whilst others see every problem as a challenge and seek out life full heartedly! What if we have the choice,in the here and now, to decide if we want to live in heaven or hell? What if when we move on after this life, all that’s left is the way we feel inside.

Let’s say you always believed in being “one of the good guys” and spent all of your time worrying about taking care of others. Meanwhile you never enjoy a minute of your life due to your resentment over your presumed “obligations”. Let’s just be real, life would probably be more heaven than hell for you. The theme of your life has very less to do with your achievements and chivalry and more with how you feel on the inside. The more we focus on life being a heaven in itself, the more our obstacles prove to be mere challenges that deliver us to the next stage. The joy accompanying this belief will make all hardships appear excited.

Next time you ponder the status of your soul, ask your deep self the theme of your life lens. Regardless of what you’ve done and what you aim to do, how do you feel on the inside? Is life heaven or hell? Is this existence an experience or an obligation? Do you simply survive life with regret, envy, and resentment or strive with focus, joy, and wonder??

One last thought on this matter would be in regards to the super ego, which I will discuss more in a later article. The superego can sometimes keep us from enjoying life because it will feel guilty for not living up to societie’s standards for it. A good citizen may believe they are going to heaven for all of the sacrifices they make, but in the end they are trapped in their own prison. Heaven is a choice. Everyone has the choice to live by their own standards, break free from guilt and stress, forget the past, let go of resentment, and build a free spirit of endless creativity. When we die, all that remains is how we feel; therefore heaven can be a place on earth.

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