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When you are seventeen again, what will your life be like?

"There is ten years between seven and seventeen, and a lifetime between seventeen and twenty-seven."

By Ivy in LovePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

To tell the truth, I often can't believe that I am in my twenties, but I am still that child who can't tell the difference between east, west and northwest. I don't seem to be ready for anything yet, and it's the age to talk about marriage; I originally thought that when I was 20 years old, my life would suddenly become spectacular and beautiful, but no, we thought it was special , in fact, that is not the case.

I used to think that liking was a very great thing, to be able to climb mountains and mountains, to go to heaven and earth, but then I realized that it is not. It can't even make you happy. But it's time to get married, so I'm with someone who is pleasing to the eye, noisy and raising children, and my whole life has passed. The you I want is only an occasional appearance in my dreams. Why do people get married? We have heard a lot of answers. The one I agree with is probably to have personal consultations when encountering things, to talk nonsense together when bored, to huddle together for a meal after a tired day; life is too long , There must always be a personal companion, an open and aboveboard company, and a down-to-earth miss, which may be the case.

When a girl misses the person she most wants to marry, she will become more and more critical, and when a boy misses the person she most wants to marry, she will become more and more casual, picky because no one is as good as you, Random because it's not you anyway. Most ordinary people almost have a lot of time, and they are not very busy and successful people, but they just don't want to waste time and emotion. Sincerity is running out, romance is running out, courage is running out. Almost twenty-seven years old, I have become accustomed to greet the sunrise and bid farewell to the sunset alone, and look at the dark night alone, waiting for the arrival of the stars.

We always hope that everyone around us can accompany us to grow old. It is not until you taste the backfire again and again that you can understand that those people who once reminded you of your life can only stay in our past. Although we don't want to admit it, but we grow along the way, but also lose along the way. Growth is inevitable, and loss is inevitable. Between the ages of seven and seventeen, these ten years are the most fulfilling time in life, carefree and only studying; from seventeen to twenty-seven, experiencing adulthood, studying, finding a job, falling in love, getting married and having children, this In ten years, I have completed most of the things that can affect my future life, and I have experienced the ups and downs of life. Perhaps it is in this experience after experience that we realize that what we have and miss is actually a lifetime.

To be honest, if I was 17 again, I would run back to the classroom, confess to her, take good care of her, not quarrel with her, or treat her like a scumbag. I will no longer dislike my father's unpalatable food, nor will I stubbornly talk back to my father, nor will I anger my father who has never beaten me since I was born. I won't quarrel with my mother, I won't be reluctant to go to the hospital to check my physical condition, and I won't refuse my mother's invitation to go out to play. (My parents are fine, but the time to go home has become very small. Looking back, the memories of being with my parents are very poor. Even if there is, most of them are negative, alas ~ rebellious period~) I will choose science instead, because, I Time to become a doctor, so maybe I can save him. Twenty years old now, it's been three years since I left 17, but I feel like half of myself have stayed at 17. By the way, one more thing, remember to get a scholarship in the last semester of your freshman year.


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