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When the work gets too dirty, send in the drones!

And it's all being done for our benefit, yeah right!

By Steve HarrisonPublished 13 days ago 3 min read

You thought it could never happen? Think again! Next year “flying pigs” are coming to British skies as our innovative and caring government takes another step down the road towards the New World Order vision of global police states.

With Palestine solidarity rallies taking place nationally, expressing the British public’s outrage at Israel’s genocidal campaign against the Palestinian population of Gaza, Rishi Sunak’s government shows no remorse for sanctioning the slaughter and instead quietly lays the groundwork for is own strategy for zero tolerance against protest, which it will need in place when it embarks on the next phase of the globalist agenda.

The flying pigs that I refer to are actually first-response drones that will be trialled starting next year in Norfolk, Thames Valley and Hampshire. The scheme, dubbed Project Eagle X, will see drones act as first responders in some instances to provide police with more accurate information on the potential scale of an incident following a 999 call.

Initial trials will take place in Norfolk, where there’s “limited access to the helicopters flown by the National Police Air Service”, with further tests scheduled for Thames Valley and Hampshire forces. If successful, drones would be stationed on buildings and operated remotely to scenes to give the police early information. But pay no attention to the words if successful, it’s already been deemed successful but they have to pretend otherwise.

Similar trials have taken place in San Diego, USA, and other tests are set to take place in Belgium and the Netherlands.

It is suggested the devices, known as DFRs (drones as first responders), would give more accurate information on the potential scale of an incident than a member of the public and arrive more quickly than a helicopter. But could it be that a drone strike is easier to stomach than officers being ordered to wade in with batons and rubber bullets?

“DFR is a drone that sits autonomously on a roof somewhere in a city and it's in a box, it's protected,” said Neil Sexton, who advises the National Police Chiefs' Council on the use of drones. “From a control station that receives a 999 call it can be launched completely remotely, flying overhead an incident to gain situational awareness that will be fed back not just to that control station or control room, but also to the first responders who are about to arrive on the ground."

About 400 drones are already used by police forces in England and Wales but cannot be flown out of the operator's line of sight but the trials next year in areas with closed-off airspace are a precursor to the amendment of those rules.

"The ability to get a remote aircraft overhead an incident that is still developing to gain a better situational awareness is much improved over phone calls from members of the public who are under stress," Sexton added. "Sitting overhead, it can tell you straight away whether you're talking about a major road traffic collision that requires three fire engines and four ambulances, or whether it's a minor prang and someone's getting over-excited."

Sure they can be used for that, but the reality is they will be used to suppress dissent against draconian government measures that form the next phase of the global agenda, which I fear is a key aspect of the complicity in Israeli genocide in Gaza now.

The impositions on society that are just around the corner will undoubtedly be met with dissent and probably strong protest, which human police responders – who have not had their moral compass brainwashed away – may find too distressing to crack down on with rubber bullets, batons or worse.

So, send in he drones, there have to be drones! Operated remotely by indoctrinated gamers, imagining they’re in the middle of another extended Call Of Duty session, ready to press that button against those radical insurgents.

Once again I hope I’m way off the mark, but when it happens please don’t say you haven’t been warned!


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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.

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