When the End Can't Be Seen

Infectious Disease Outbreak

When the End Can't Be Seen

The year is 2021, the world is at ends with each other. The United States and North Korea are in the mist of full out war. With this undergoing, Russia continues secretly is creating something that could be used as a biochemical weapon. Since the ban in April 10, 1972 of biological warfare weapons, the Russians continued study all the way up to the dissolution of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991. With conflict that America has had with North Koreans continuous nuclear study they have finally had enough. Russia backs the Northern Korean government giving them supplies, and material to continue with their studies. When American declared war with North Korea, Russia stated they will back North Korea and protect their province. The war began in 2020, and was declared WWIII. With no sanctions from the UN, Russia was able to continue their studies from the past further.

There were many experiments done in the days of the Soviet Union, but there was one study that deemed a scary turn for people at the other end of the biological weapon. “From Dr. Ustinov's corpse the Soviet scientists isolated a strain of Marburg that was especially deadly in airborne form; the strain was named Variant U in Dr. Ustinov's honor. According to Dr. Alibek, as of 1991, the Soviets were ready to manufacture Marburg Variant U in large amounts to be place into MIRVs (Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles) with 10 separate targeted warheads.” (Pike, 2011) These warheads can carry a blast radius of 300 meters and 100 miles of contamination. In the middle of the night March 23, 2021 Russia conducts a stealth mission over the Pacific Ocean with first respondent B2 bombers (Stealth Bombers) moved quietly in the night, and advance to the soil of the US soil with EMP capable missile to cripple the Americans defense. The second wave of air forces carrying the weaponized Marburg airborne virus follows 75 miles behind them in B2 and F-22, that were similarly used in the fly by from Russians in 2014. (Lendon, 2014) The first strike takes out surveillance and the electrical grid. There is complete low of communication and power. America is completely in the dark. Next comes the missile strike from the F-22 and B2. The B2’s starts the first strike and spread mass explosion across the country. The spread of the biological weapon is in a smaller missile that can impact a great spread of people because the ability of the airborne capability of the virus. People began to get sick. The incubation period of the virus is two to 21 days, with a 24 percent to 88 percent infectious capability. (WHO, 2017)

The United States issues a national security alert and breach other national security. It advises those that are infected to stay in place, help is on the way, but people by the load fill the hallways of hospitals. Marburg virus is not a virus to mess with though. There is no known cure for the virus, and is believed to be Ebola’s cousin. (Harding, 2016) If you are infected by Marburg virus you have only so long to live. There is an 88 percent fatality rate, so the likely hood of survival is low. After the attack the morbidity rate in America, Canada, and Mexica rose to 66 percent of the population leaving 306 million people infected, and 158 million people uninfected. The people that were not infected with the virus were advised to move to designated arrives, avoid contact with anyone that may seem contagious, and to take all precaution to keep them and the others not infected safe. When arrived at the designated arrives disease specialist in hazard suits would be waiting to meet new arrivals in isolated sections to avoid spread to people that may not have infection, and take labs from the parties with you. After they were cleared from contamination people were moved to a secured area that controlled ventilation and eliminated any harmful airborne vectors trying to breach the facilities. They diagnosed the disease in six separate ways:

  1. Antibody-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
  2. Antigen-capture detection tests
  3. Serum neutralization test
  4. Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay
  5. Electron microscopy
  6. Virus isolation by cell culture.

These samples are extremely biohazard risk and need to be contained and examined in quarantine areas that are separated from the population. (WHO, 2017)

Those that were infected were help to the best other the ability. The best people could do was make them comfortable. Treatments are to be done by supportive care—rehydration with oral or intravenous fluids can help keep the body from shutting down and continuing into convulsions. Treatment of specific symptoms like nauseas, vomiting, diarrhea, raised rash, chest pain and cough, sore throat, weight loss, fever, chills, severe headaches, red eyes, bruising, and internal bleeding could mean the life or death of someone infected with Marburg virus. If infected and saved, the virus can still live dormant inside the body in cavities like the testicles and inside the eye. With women it can be retransmitted when giving birth to a baby. That means that the mother and baby are at high risk of death if mom has been infected in the past and if the virus still lies dormant in their body. (WHO, 2017) Other places for the mother to transmit the virus is from breast milk. The virus can remain in the breast as well and reactivate the virus from feeding.

In the scheme of everything from the 66 percent of morbidity the mortality rate was effective at a 70 percent rate killing 214 million people between the three countries with America accounting for 65 percent of those deaths. World Health Organization(WHO) pushed out a way that the bodies were to be disposed of to prevent contamination from infectious agents inside the blood of the people. They also ordered decontamination of infected areas in the communities and proper disposal of affected animals. This is done in a safe and dignified way from the people and animals that lost their lives. People that have been infected, but survive are now placed under surveillance and isolation for a year. There is test done to help keep them and the healthy population safe.

With a great crippling of the United States the cost is priceless for the loss that they experienced. The causality rate was extraordinary, and trillions of dollars were spent on materials and relief effort. Organization like Red Cross came into help. Overall the world was greatly affected by WWIII.

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