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When It All Goes Quiet

Science Fiction, Chapter One

By River B.Published about a year ago 4 min read
Way Back When

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say.

I've heard them for years, but no matter how many recordings I take, they come up silent.

It's year 22, day 295 and hour 4 outside of the galaxy that contained Earth, and I have yet to find anything. Anything. The screaming has dwindled to lasting 2 hours in 4 hour intervals. It's the color blue.

I remember when there were other planets. Back when I first left Earth there was the moon, the sun, my favorite, Saturn, and so many others. I remember when every year or so I'd land and walk the empty rocks in search of...well, something. Now I realize how much there was back then, before that dammed black hole came and took what was left. Floating around that day, there was no sign of anything peculiar, which, I suppose, was peculiar in and of itself. Then it was just there, right next to me, and the screaming started. First from inside that terrible void, then out. I remember the slowness with which the Earth fell into that black bowl, the streak of a shooting star, dying right into it. I watched it all, and yet, I am here now.

I always hypothesized that the human race would die, I just never thought I'd be the one to outlive them all. I suppose I've won.

"I cannot believe she hasn't found us yet."

"She will."

"And how do you figure that? Look at these notes! She wholly believes she's alone out here. Don't be so naive, Kayr."

"Don't you call me naive, Wye, remember how I found you? Hm? Floating out here just like she is now?"

"I never gave up hope that there were others. And I wasn't floating out here for over 22 years!" Wye and Kayr always fight like this. I'm not sure why they care so much about that girl out there. I suppose her notes are fascinating. Whether she knows it or not, she's discovered over 40 new planets. It is interesting that she hasn't discovered us yet; I haven't even been using my headphones when listening to music. They're still arguing, so I'm going to exit the room. Maybe Caān and Thingk are playing cards.

I have walked nearly the length of our ship only to discover Caān and Thingk with their stupid eyes pressed to the stupid window. Oh how I have wasted my energy.

"What in the world are you two doing?"

"There is no world anymore, remember?" Thingk is always so snarky like that, and I always make a point of rolling my eyes.

"We're watching her, of course."

"My God, you don't have to be so creepy, Caān."

"There's no God either."

"Would you just shut up, Thingk? Why are you watching her? She's just floating out there."

"Yes, and isn't that fascinating? She has completely given up. She thinks that the human race is going to end with her, and yet she's just sitting there."

"Well what would you do if you were sure the human race was going to end with you?" These two are as annoying as one could possibly be, but when there are only about 20 humans left, you talk to who you can.

"Well, I would start with having an anxious fit, then see where that takes me."

"Wow, very clever, Caān."

"Wait, she's getting up!" Thingk taps Caān's shoulder urgently, and Caān swings around to witness the girl simply moving from sitting on the floor to sitting in a chair a mere two feet away. She's not even looking for anything anymore. The entry of hers that we just read was written over five years ago. I don't fully understand how we acquired it; it's all very complicated work carried out by our teleporters. Their past careers as thieves and frauds have come in handy. The only thing that she's noticed is that screaming noise they make when they travel. It really is quite an awful noise. They don't always bring something back from her ship, but they go there every now and again to check on her. Kayr, for some reason, really doesn't want her to die right now.

Speaking of that screaming noise, it's filling the room now. Caān and Thingk are covering their ears; as am I. Then Yuu appears, which is odd, because this is where Caān, Thingk, and I hang out, and Yuu never hangs out with us, which is very insulting when the options for socializing are so small. He's out of breath and his face is red and glistening with sweat.

"You three need to come with me." He says between gasps. He's already starting to stumble out of the room. I've never seen him like this. Usually he has the likeness of a very neat brick wall, and I never thought I'd see him falter. Naturally we understand that this must be very important, and so we help him walk through the door, and to the meeting room, where he sounds the alarm, and the rest of the humans in existence, minus her, of course, enter the room. Kayr has an expectant look on her face. Does she know what this is about? After a moment of Yuu catching his breath, he clears his throat and says:

"She's found us."

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  • Jori T. Sheppardabout a year ago

    Ooh I’d like to see this as a book someday. Hopefully you have the drive to write it. A lot of effort was put into your work and it shines. Best of luck to you in the challenge

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