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When Capricorns & Geminis Collide

by Shirley Belk 10 months ago in astronomy

"Was This a Set-Up?"

Collision Course

I was born into a world of Capricorns. Both my parents were the goats of the Universe. So was my paternal grandmother and a first cousin. I would later be further goated by a sister, a daughter, and a granddaughter. So, I had to ask, "Why me???" What was the lesson in this for such a Gemini girl?

I have to admit, I love those cute pygmy goats that bounce around spastically in baby pajamas. They are adorable, actually. But I can see how annoying they might be at times too by doing just that as well as painful with those little hoofs. Goats can also be very practical and useful creatures, eating weeds and keeping the lawns mowed down. They also produce milk and a couple of babies each year which can be profitable. But they are notorious for intruding in places they aren't supposed to be, eating things they aren't supposed to eat, and are a bit impatient in the grand scheme of it all.

The human goats are also cute and can even be a bit conceited and vain. They, like their animal cohorts, can also be annoying because they are pretty much set in their ways from birth. They aren't shy about using those hoofs to get their way, either. They are earthy and like their world shaped in certain ways and can be quite stubborn about that. But they are very practical and organized, and goal-oriented. They make sure the ones in their basket of love are well-provided for, too. But, they at times, want to get into your business when they shouldn't. And If they are hungry, God help us all...please feed those goats quickly. Same with the Gemini. We both get cranky without food.

But always remember this about Caps....they have their own agenda and always have an ulterior motive and a master plan to make it happen. This seldom works for Geminis who fly away from anything that smacks of control or manipulation, even if well-intended...we, too, like life in our own way and style. Best just to say, "Hey, I'm going to such and such to do such and such...do you want to meet me there?" We like choices. And let us get there when and how we want to.

As a Gemini, when it comes to having a grand adventure, I believe Capricorns are at their best with the Twins. They have a deep sense of wonder as do Geminis. Curiosity and imagination of both signs compel them to partner. But remember, Geminis are easily bored.

Most of the Caps I've known are avid readers or at least have a favorite author. So do the Twins. We just have more favorites and we might not finish reading all the books we start. We will tell you exactly why we love a certain character from them and how we believe they are in some way like ourselves, but Capricorns love secrecy and mystery and hide those thoughts from others.

The Capricorns (non-family) whom I have worked with have been delightful. They have kept me grounded and organized. I have inspired them with outside the box ideas and my ability to quickly adapt. We've made good teams.

With these two signs, there will be lots of laughter and long conversations. There are big differences, but it teaches us that we need one another's strengths. There will be deep respect when boundaries aren't broken and patience is given in generous proportions.


Shirley Belk
Shirley Belk
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Shirley Belk

Mother, Nana, Single-Again, Recently retired RN, Nursing Instructor who loves to write stories to heal herself and reflect on all the silver linings she has been blessed with

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