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What would happen if you were travelling through space and suddenly fell into a black hole

Objects can fall in it but can never come out. If you fall into a black hole, you will be reduced to ashes before the black hole reaches darkness due to Hawking radiation

By Jayveer ValaPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Do you know what a black hole is? No, so let's first know what it is. Then you will know what will happen if you are thrown into a black hole in any way or fall into it?

What is black hole?

A black hole is a place in space where no laws of physics work. Means time and place have no meaning. There is only gravity and darkness here. Its gravity is so powerful that you cannot imagine. Due to its stretch, it also absorbs light. This means that whatever is put in it, it will not come out.

You understand it in such a way that when we throw light from a torch, that light reflects on our eyes, then only that thing is visible to us, but if we assume that the light does not come back, then that place is a black hole. can. The same happens in space.

When a huge star reaches its end, it starts shrinking within itself. Gradually it becomes a massive black hole and then its gravitational force increases so much that every planet coming into its sphere of influence gets pulled towards it and goes inside. He starts swallowing everything in himself. Its sphere of influence is called the event horizon. The gravity of any object wraps the space around it and gives it a curve-like shape.

According to Stephen Hawking, its outer part is called the Event Horizon. According to the discovery of Stephen Hawking, due to Hawking radiation, one day the black hole becomes completely free of mass and disappears. Black holes were discovered by Karl Schwarzschild and John Wheeler.

What would happen if you went into a black hole?

It could be that you went out in search of life on another planet or got out of a spaceship and only then got hit by a black hole and fell into it. So there are many possibilities of what will happen to you.

Possibility 1: There is a boundary around a black hole. That boundary is called the event horizon. Objects can fall in it but can never come out. If you fall into a black hole, you will be reduced to ashes before the black hole reaches darkness due to Hawking radiation.

Second possibility: Even if you come close to the event horizon, that is, the limit of gravity of the black hole, due to its pull, your body will become extraordinarily long, wide, and deformed and in this situation, you will also die.

Third possibility: If you get trapped in a black hole without incurring any harm, then what will happen after reaching here, no one knows. Will another universe come or will you reach such a world then it will be very strange. Although it remains a mystery, what is beyond the black hole?

Fourth possibility: If you fall into a black hole, you will go on falling into the black hole without any jerks. Einstein called it the 'Happiest Thought'. Means free fall. In such a situation, if the size of the black hole is small, then you may have a problem. The force of gravity will then be felt more in your feet, rather than in your head. But let's assume that this black hole is much bigger than our Sun, then you can spend your whole life normally until you die of hunger and thirst.

However, there is a problem with this that space and time will have no meaning in a large black hole. None of your wishes will work. You can't even turn the other way. That is, it is clear that you cannot run away from the black hole. According to the laws of physics, you're going straight inside Horizon, without colliding with hot particles. Otherwise, Einstein's Happiest Thought and the theory of relativity would be violated.

Conclusion: This means that one thing is clear after falling into a black hole, you can burn to ashes on the outer surface of the black hole or you can easily reach inside it and get lost in infinite depths.


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