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What To Know About Vedic Astrology and Its Reading

by AmeliaSchurr 3 days ago in astronomy

Vedic Astrology Reading in Sydney can inform you of your present and future life. They demand that they can inform you of the ultimate details of human fate.

Vedic Astrology and Its Reading

Vedic astrology has been inaugurated between 5000 BC to 10,000 BC. People are prone to learn their fate and what is going to happen in the future. They rely on the fact that the sun, moon and other planets are working on the human body to form the luck of everybody living in this universe. As soon as they have born into the world, the planets, sun, the moon and other planets have the impression. Vedic Astrology Reading in Sydney can inform you of your present and future life. They demand that they can inform you of the ultimate details of human fate.

People want to learn their fate to decide what is in front of them. If someone can learn what is to happen next, he will be able to decide what he needs to be done next. Some people want to know the type of ability in the educational field, professional life, or business field. He wants to know the age of marriage and the time of progress in life. Vedic astrology can tell you everything in detail. However, they always tell you that it is in possibility, not exact. The changing time and your work can change your fate.

Origins of Vedic Astrology

Rooted in the Vedas, astrology is the knowledge of stars and their impacts on human fate. Vedic astrology is based on some calculations and imposed thoughts depending on the current planetary factors. They always decide on the fate of a person by justifying the current status of the stars, moon and the sun. Almost five thousand years ago, it has been inaugurated and it is going on with great success.

Apart from starts, this astrology also tells you about Karma. If karma is great, your fate and luck can be changed in no time. However, karma can change your life most by defending the fate imposed on you. Maybe, fate is leading something critical situation, but you can overcome it with good works (Karma). If the karma (deed) is not good enough, you will suffer in your life. That is why, there are a lot of people who have great wealth, sky-scraping residences, and comfortable everything. They suffer in the long run if the karma is not good.

East vs. west astrology

Vedic or eastern astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac through which the positions of the planet are calculated. Based on the planetary

positions, they will decide your luck and predict the future of human life. Concerning the planetary position and its effect on the human body, the luck of a person depends. On the other hand, western astrology uses the tropical and fixed zodiac.

Depending on Vedic astrology and its explanation, the astrologers predict the daily horoscope of a person under the 12 zodiac signs. On the other hand, western technology cannot do that in this easy pattern. Vedic astrology utters every minute detail of your life logically with explanations. On the other hand, the western pattern provides you with some vague and generalised predictions.

The primary difference between Vedic and western astrology comes down to the people with constellations.

Moon is moving around the earth, all other planets are moving around the sun. The eastern and western astrology used to follow the starts and the movement of them to count the astrological patterns effective on every zodiac sign. When the earth is moving around the sun, different stars and the sun has some effect on it. When the sun or a particular planet is moving on its way, other planets and stars have some effect on the human body and regulate the future of the person. This effect goes to all signs of zodiac signs.

Vedic and western astrology was developed almost at the same time five thousand years ago. After that time, the ecliptic path has been changed many times.

According to science, the earth spins around the sun and the axis of the sun also changes in 72 years by 1 degree. The full wobble takes 26,000 years. So, the effect of the sun, moon and other planets of the sky will not have the same effect on the human body.

Some people say that Vedic and western astrology have been inaugurated 2000 years ago, and the other group says that it is more than 5000 years old. Whatever it is, with the passage of time the calculation changes. Vedic astrology updated it over time and updates the calculation of the effect on humans with a specific zodiac sign. When you want exact calculations of your astrological prediction, Vedic astrology can give you updated information, while western astrology is attached to the old calculations. Hence, you can practice Vedic zodiac calculations to know your future. The Vedic calculation is more prominent that western astrological calculations.

How are people get affected by planets?

Science and Vedas tell us that everybody and everything is under the control of time. Time is regulated by the solar and planetary movement. So, every single time has its effect on the human body to regulate its entire feature. The birth, stage of life, and various features of life eventually get altered for space-time. Every single object has been moved with the effect of the invisible regulation of time. Astrologers have calculated this effect logically. So, Vedic astrology gives you more prominent and perfect information about human luck and the future. However, this effect will change remarkably with the effect of good and bad deeds or karma.

Astrology also utters that people are pushed from the other world to this live world and get pushed off from the earth to the other world. Everything is regulated by the time. Your birth and expiration from the earth leave some effect of karma with you. The birth in a family and death from the earth is also determined by the time with the accumulation of karma and time.

The great astrologer, author, and astrological teacher, David Frawley utters,

What we call the planets are no more than points of light in a vast energy network, connected intricately by subtle lines of force, linking the entire solar system into a single organism. Though the planets appear like small points of light in the distance, their energy fields are present on Earth, and they are responsible for many of the formations of the Earth's life and our own bodies and minds.

Destiny and free will

Is everything happening to people according to destiny? The simple answer is "No". Destiny is not everything. Destiny is the fact that regulates the time, and you can regulate it with free will and karma. Your will is at your hand and you are the king of regulating the dynasty. Destiny determines the future set of situations and karma regulates it. On the other way, our destiny is the accumulation of our free will.

The Vedic astrologers determine the fate of a person by considering more actions of human beings, such as Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Then, you will get the exact result of astrological calculations.

Therefore, Vedic astrology can give you a deeper analysis of human luck and fortune. The astrologers must be more qualified. If you want to carry on the courses in meditation in Sydney, you can contact Geoff Rupp Meditation.


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