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What's the reason

What's the reason

By JACQUELINE SMITHPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

When I had finished, I gave the scroll to the envoys to take to the palace and present it to the king. When the king saw this, he appreciated my calligraphy most. He told the envoys, "Prepare drums, carry gorgeous clothes, and bring horses and mules to the palace to bring this calligrapher to the palace in a grand ceremony."

The envoys snickered when they heard the message.

The king was very angry and cursed, "You damned people! Is there anything wrong with what I have commanded you? How dare you laugh at me? !"

"Your Majesty, we laugh for a reason."

"What's the reason?"

"The calligrapher Your Majesty wants to meet is nothing but a monkey. Beautiful and graceful as these words are, they were not written by a man. They were written by a monkey that the captain had brought with him."

"Can monkeys write?"

"Truly, Allah is my witness, it is absolutely true."

The king was very surprised and said curiously, "I will buy the captain's monkey."

Then he sent his envoys to meet me in the ship, playing drums and bringing clothes and horses, and said to them, "You must dress him in these clothes, put him on the back of a mule, take care of him carefully, and bring him to the palace smoothly."

The envoys came to the ship, explained the king's wishes to the captain, and then dressed me, put me on a mule, and took me to the palace. When people heard of such a strange thing, they rushed out to see it. The whole city was in uproar. When I reached the king, I knelt down and kissed the ground three times. He asked me to sit down, and I knelt down. The court was surprised to see my politeness, and the king watched with curiosity.

The king held back his left and right, leaving only a eunuch and a child to wait on him. Then I was feasted with the most splendid food. There are wild animals running in the mountains, birds flying in the air, birds in cages, delicacies, the list goes on. The king motioned me to join him. I knelt down and kissed the ground, then sat still and ate. Then I got up, washed my hands, and took up my pen and wrote a poem and a feast, which pleased the King very much.

The lion came at the princess with his teeth and claws. The princess, quick with her eyes and hands, pulled out a hair, shook it and said a curse. The hair turned into a sharp sword, and she struck at the lion with her sword. But as soon as the lion's head fell on the ground, it turned into a scorpion, followed by the princess, also changed into a snake, chasing the scorpion, two fierce struggle. Then the devil turned into a vulture, the princess into a vulture, and the vulture chased and pecked the vulture. After that, the vulture changed into a black cat and the vulture into a Wolf, and fought for a while in the palace. The black cat could not bear it, and shook itself into a red, round pomegranate, which fell into the fountain. The Wolf pounced all the way, and the pomegranate rose slowly into the air, then fell to the ground, smashed, and the pomegranate seeds scattered on the ground. The Wolf turned himself into a rooster, pecked at the pomegranates, and ate them all up, not a grain left.

Then the rooster began to crow with wings and shake his head at us. We did not understand what he said, and then he gave a deafening cry, as if the palace were going to fall down on us. He looked around and found a seed of a pomegranate among the grass at the edge of the pool. Then he ran to it. Just as he was about to peck it, the seed rolled into the water again and became a small fish and dived to the bottom of the pool. The cock immediately changed into a big fish and followed the trail. After a while, there was a roar that frightened all of us, and we saw the devil come out in its true form. It opened its mouth, and black smoke came out of its nose and eyes. Then the princess also turned into a ball of fire, and appeared behind him. The two sides fought with fire. The fire grew stronger and stronger, and the palace was filled with fire and smoke. We were in a panic lest the fire should kill us, and wanted to jump into the pool for shelter. The king sighed:

"It is over. Only Allah the Great can save us. We belong to Allah and we all go back to Allah. I should have known better than to ask her to free the monkey, and save her from the danger of fighting with this powerful demon. If only we hadn't seen the monkey! It is an unlucky thing, it brings trouble, and we save it out of compassion, but we have great trouble!"


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