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What It's Like Inside The 'Star Wars' Plane

by Culture Slate 9 days ago in star wars


Photo Credit: United Airlines

Flight is a staple of the Star Wars franchise. Whether it be via the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, Star Destroyers, or jetpacks, flight is how the characters get from place to place, especially from planet to planet. We have experienced flight in the galaxy vicariously via games like Rogue Squadron or rides like Smuggler's Run at Galaxy's Edge. Since it tends to involve space for a huge chunk of the stories we have seen, however, airplanes are not much of a thing within the Star Wars galaxy. We see ships flying in the air of various planets' atmospheres, but not really any airplanes. However, that does not mean that there can be no airplanes in our world that are Star Wars themed.

This week, Clint Henderson, senior editor at The Points Guy, recounted his May 24 experience of flying in a Star Wars-themed airplane. His trip from Houston, Texas to San Juan, Puerto Rico saw a delay, but the last leg of the journey pleased him when he saw the paint job on the plane. While the trip took place recently, the paint job was done a while back to celebrate the impending release of Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker at the end of 2019.

According to United Airlines, the paint job “features imagery of famous Star Wars spacecraft, including the X-wing and TIE fighter starships. The aircraft’s tail starkly displays a different colored lightsaber – the weapon of the Jedi – against a black backdrop on each side, reflecting the two sides of the Force.”

Photo Credit: Summer Hull/The Points Guy

The left side of the exterior represents the Resistance (with X-wings against the space backdrop) while the right side represents the First Order (with TIE Fighters against the space backdrop). The interior also has the seats divided into these two factions, with Resistance and First Order symbols on the heads of the chairs.

Photo Credit: Clint Henderson/The Points Guy

According to Henderson, "At one point, United was handing out Star Wars-themed amenity kits, but those have now gone the way of the fictional planet Alderaan."

Photo Credit: Edward Pizzarello/The Points Guy

There is also a plaque that reads the following:

"We're excited to welcome you on board this special aircraft that celebrates the new film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - the epic conclusion of the Skywalker saga.

"At United, our mission is to connect people and unite the world, which is exactly what the Star Wars franchise has done for more than four decades. For many of us, Star Wars has been a part of our lives since childhood, with families gathering together to watch the films and pass their love on to new generations.

"No matter where your travel takes you today - may the Force be with you."

Photo Credit: Clint Henderson/The Points Guy

This plaque really highlights how much Star Wars means to fans all over the globe. Even people who are far apart in different countries can feel a connection through their love of the franchise. Whenever people from the best sections of the fandom get to meet each other or simply talk to each other one way or another, it can be a very magical thing. They might feel like they have been on the same journey together in how they have experienced the franchise. Or they may have experienced the franchise differently, which could lead to them comparing notes on their respective journeys, which would make for a lively conversation.

If you ever feel the need to take a trip on this plane, you can look into doing so by searching the registration number N36272. Henderson suggests tracking it via FlightRadar24.com.

Written By Steven Shinder

Source(s): The Points Guy

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