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What is Unity Consciousness?

by Patrick Riley 2 years ago in evolution
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Explored as a foundation to build upon.

If you build a house on a steep bank you want a strong foundation. Alton Bay, NH

Author: Patrick Oliver Riley

For: POR Productions

As some one who has poured many foundations for people to build their homes upon a strong sturdy base is usually considered the best. Something that will hold up over a long time, and make sure the rest of the structure is supported so well, it is rarely given a second thought. A good form carpenter knows that any issues or flaws that show up in the foundation, will travel upwards through the rest of the house and possibly even amplify if not careful. A measurement that is only an inch off at the top of a basement wall can end up meaning a room is half a foot to wide by the second floor. Flaws that may seem inconsequential soon balloon into massive headaches down the road, for builder and home owner. It's the same with anything you wish to build. Especially societies.

Before the religions of the bible, many non-European natives studied very similar practices despite living untold miles away from each other. Even across whole land masses the size of continents and the oceans that divide them, they believed in a unity consciousness theory of reality. They believed that all that existed was one living being. That all they saw around them were like the cells in a living body. Each had a purpose and reason to exist and served a special place in life like organs do in our body. Having studied life by living with it day to day, many laws became apparent to them, across language and culture. This view impelled them to be less about consuming reality, as more about communing with it. Putting themselves in something else's "shoes" for awhile and imagining what it was like to be that, insect, plant, animal, mountain, river, person you are having trouble with, etc.

Their views were a form of personal science. Taking the wisdom gleaned from personal experience and combined with the wisdom of their elders. This wove in with the thread of their own unique tapestry of life to create the next chapter in life's story. A story where life could thrive for all if they worked together, just as each organ in the body serves it's purpose and so has a greater meaning to the over all being that is each and every human. Knowing their purpose, was their reason, and their connection with their greater selves, the will of all life that surrounds them, combined. Creator/Source. We are all the sum of our parts and that was recognized and honored. All were in this together. All were powerful, and could flourish together.

This is the foundation of a society that is constantly evolving, flourishing, growing in peace, harmony, and health. It's the way the world already works, and is designed to work with the world and leave it better than when found. Because, after all, if something is a part of you, then you want to take as good a care of it as humanly possible. In that way, the natives would strive to honor the past seven generations of their ancestors and then steward the world for the next seven generations of their family and kin. It is only logical.

From this framework humanity becomes gardeners, rangers, wardens, and managers of the whole world. No one owns anything because everything belongs to everyone. What people must own, is what comes from them, their out put in speech, work, play, art and progeny. Each of these is it's own reflection of you, a form of your life that you birth and must maintain and take care of, until it can see after itself. If it ever does. And that is given consideration, as is the length and breath as well as quality of life for all.

What drives this human is the need to always be improving, not only themselves but everything around them. As all are a part of the same great tapestry, acting out their own beautiful part. Ever evolving, ever exploring, sharing, comparing, and knowing these are all a piece of self. This is a game that greater reality (Great Mystery) is playing with self all the time, to help all reach the dreams that they hold in their heart. Living life becomes exploring a greater relationship with your own self. You become engaged in discovering who you are while, honoring the role that your unique existence serves for all those connected to you through the webs of life. The web itself is your attention, what you give it to and what emotions and energy you send down that connection link you.

Nothing is trivial. Everything around you has meaning, every circumstance, every meeting, is a representation of an even greater and ever smaller reality outside and with in respectively. It matches the breath. What you put out comes back to you. One sustains the other, as carbon dioxide is what plants need for photosynthesis while oxygen is what humans need for our cells. One learns how all these systems work and tie into each other, and see reflections in many different forms of interplay with all natural life. To tell a lie would become illogical and meaningless. For, if you tell lies, then only lies will be coming back to you. And so it would be for all things, to hurt another being of any kind in any way would be inviting hurt back upon yourself in equal measure eventually. This is recognized and seen in the natural world. It is honored.

On the other side of the coin, everything that sacrifices, each life that is given for the sustenance of another is honored. All are a different version of you, and a human eats all of their life, several times a day. Each meal is a sacrifice, to you and the glory of your life and what you plan to do with that energy becomes important. Many things no longer live, so that you may. The wood in the houses. The metal in the cars. The oil, that lubricates and fuels our vehicles all are a form of life. They serve their own purpose already in the earth. To give that up to serve a human purpose means the Earth goes with out. Have we considered how we are honoring those endless sacrifices? The answer is; not nearly enough.

And the reason becomes all too clear after thousands of years of rule by beings who put their private concerns over the well being of all combined life around them, it's not directly a part of their life. From the unity consciousness perspective that is an illusion. An illusion each individual must maintain at a costly price. The price is that each thing they choose to abandon with their love and consideration becomes less and less filled with life. It might eventually start to get sick, be blighted and even die. Often after it is gone do they realize just how important that thing really was to them, and how much more of their consideration and attention was actually needed. Then this leads to regret.

The spiraling begins, and sickness. Once in the morass of heavy thoughts and emotions, the parasites come. Those beings that live off the decay. Their's is a service to re-purpose old life that can no longer be healthy and convert it to energy new life can use to flourish and grow. But, humans, unaware of their world or their place in it, think they are simply their bodies, and so fight the evolution and change from one sick form to a new healthy one. Though the seasons may show them the cycles of life springing into be, blooming and breeding in the summer, storing and shedding any excess in the fall to hibernate through the cold winter of purification. These cycles and modes keep life fresh and renewed, so that decay does not set in and life remains hardy and adaptable to constant shifting changes. Each with their own actors who play their unique parts who all tell important stories with lessons and wisdom to share.

Attachment lessens, as surroundings and personality define you, not the material items that you may possess. For you need not own what is always and forever you. Such mindset is alien, and was deeply disturbing to the original stewards of what is now known as America when humans from Europe began to show up and settle there. Many a children's history book in grade schools will remark upon the amazing land purchase of New York state for only a hand full of necklaces from the Native American's settled there. What it does not talk about at all is the unique way in which the Native American tribes of those times saw land as common public property for all. No one person could, or even would attempt to own it. Everyone took care of it, and various groups had 'leases' based on their tribe to take care an manage certain tracts of land seasonally for everyone. Each did their parts, what they were good at, and traded with all others for the rest of what was needed.

The European mindset was not comfortable with dealing with all things around them as equals, sovereign. To them there was much to judge, many layers to things and hierarchy. That mindset was not much understood until all to late for the many native tribes across north and south America. Much like they did not well understand how diseased their very bodies were, seemingly healthy enough but carrying many illnesses with them microscopically across the ocean.

When the Europeans arrived, carrying germs which thrived in dense, semi-urban populations, the indigenous people of the Americas were effectively doomed. They had never experienced smallpox, measles or flu before, and the viruses tore through the continent, killing an estimated 90% of Native Americans.


The European view, just by it's very nature revealed how very sick and diseased it was, but the Europeans had adapted to their own toxicity and continued to breed and over-run surrounding healthy and thriving lands. They had begun to mimic outwardly the habits of the microbes that lived with in their bodies. Their mindsets were similar, to breed, to conquer and convert any natural life not like them, and made them just like them, or kill them, out breeding all competition. They were never directly in control of their own actions, always it was gods and governance, managers and laws all which sought to take far more than it ever output. There was no meaningful flow of fair exchange and so there for is logically an unhealthy system. Such systems do not honor sanity and clarity and so are doomed to eventual decay and sickness.

That sickness and trouble could not be more clear now, as the world finds itself re-examining every system it has created to deal with, manage, and oversee our collective problems. Problems that have festered unseen, hidden in darkness and with out proper application of love and understanding. Overflowing into our lives from every angle, be they crime, financial instability, terribly crafted goods, services that provide little benefit, chronic health issues, education that does not prepare the children for successful lives, spirituality that lights no fire in our hearts and media that hypnotizes and does not enrich. Each a warning bell, a canary in the mine that things have been allowed to go on to long with out a any interest set aside towards quality of life.

An interest that is inherent in a unity consciousness perspective of reality.


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