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What Is the Hidden Significance Behind the March of Time?

by Joshua Solomon 3 years ago in intellect
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A closer look at the meaning of the clock.

When observing the march of time, it is usually noted that time has a complex and thoroughly integrated scientific method which involves space-time. Ordinarily, it may simply tick away and eventually mark the closing numbers at the end of a phase, whatever that instance may be. We in the United States have a constant fixation on the continuously updating position of the clock. Rather than thinking primarily about a busy lifestyle that relies on keeping track of events and how they can fit in with each other, we can also become accustomed to a less standard mode of viewing time. While having our consciousness tuned into linear events, I think that we can tune into a new linear paradigm when observing the progression of the day.

So what else can the process of time be attached with? I would propose that it is directly associated with a fully infused hermetically sealed construction. What this means is that the chosen structure of the clock is measured with a system of hermetically practiced definitions and processes that involve the number twelve. Hermeneutics is the art and science of interpreting authoritative writings including sacred scripture. Hermetism is the unification of the mind and matter into absolution with the practice of transforming the soul and doing the one great work in all of existence. The course of one's life is affected by the way in which you conduct the purifying of one's mind body and soul to coalesce into a much greater and happier sense of self in this life. As societal understanding takes on the role of a hermetically processed sense of participation in time, we can help everyone have practical meaning and effective practice in their everyday activity.

Hermes Trismegistus was an example of inventing the first perfectly sealed glass bottle. The process was of service to so many people and involved a hermetically sealed product born out of the genius of a soul well versed in the knowledge of a fully developed way of working with one's mind. In any hermetically sealed construction is a complete process that relies on the knowledge of internal and external activity. When going through the regular marks of the time-keeping function we are used to seeing, we can think about a new procession of actions that are most meaningful to our souls, minds and to the way we conduct our lives. In this hermetically sealed construction we call the clock, is the reference of the number twelve. There are twelve alchemical processes that are to be practiced when dealing with the perfection of the mind and soul wherever one may be. In hermeticism, the twelve alchemical steps include: calcination, coagulation, fixation, momentum, digestion, distillation, sublimation, filtration, incineration, fermentation, multiplication and projection. What if time is constructed with this process in mind and that our tasks are carried out by attributing to the method of this unapparent reality? It would allow for all people to start giving their attention to a purposeful practice of the measure of time. It would account for marking the practice of time as it pertains to the practice of the hidden science.

The inspiration of the invention of the numbered clock must in part rely on the use of marking a transitional phase in a personal ritual of inner alchemical work. As it is marked off we track the transition and stack inner events along with it. As a worker in a creative form, using the knowledge of each step in the process can boost the capacity to interact with the nature of the task one is currently handling. To think about all this in succession is to mark a ritual that can guide anyone to a successful state of completion. It is primarily a tool for religious, mental and physical work that is practiced to aide human history. In a day, we may do each of the steps every five minutes within the hour and start again every hour now from the next step on through until we reach full completion. The need to recognize the order of the process and to focus on these principles is key to minding what is happening in our environments and matching our states of awareness when processing these steps in our awareness. As people in work or play start to understand the usefulness of moving around the nature of our thoughts, we can better envision the application of these processes at work. If anything, what may come to fruition is the understanding that we have the power to notice the forces that exist inside us and outside us that makes us helpful, useful and intelligent minds. When more people are tuned into this framework of understanding I believe we practice much better works. It can be absolutely integral to building a great company with great people and provides the deeper needs of self nourishment. As a template for world succession, the 12x2 hour structure along the equator can account for all of the world having equal footing on an equated day. What would our mindsets appear to be like with the notion of making all the people of the world notice the march of the hermetic mind unfold for all to grasp? Provoking reintegration of personal developments on a scale of massively changing the western mind can ultimately lead to discovering the power of the mind and developing a new personality of the whole culture. If this normal mode of functioning took hold of the popular consciousness of the world, perhaps that would be a rather beautiful and well managed agreement amping people? I would think so.


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