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What is life worth to you?

by Amelia Randall 2 years ago in habitat

Mother Nature needs your help

We can make it better

Have you ever stopped to wonder where you would go if Earth was not here? If Earth suddenly ceased to exist tomorrow where would you go? The answer is pretty simple; nowhere!

It wouldn’t matter who you are, what money, cars or other possessions you have. Without the planet, you are nothing. You will fail to exist and your life will have no more meaning than anybody else.

When you sit there worrying about being the first to get the newest console when it comes out, the best designer clothes and expensive possessions you are feeding your ego. You are giving yourself a false hope that you mean more than the average person and that it entitled you to a better life.

The truth of the matter though, is that everything you waste your money on and care so much about is actually worthless and does not make you immortal.

The Earth and Mother Nature is responsible for giving you the means to living.

So why do we all neglect the one place that offers us life? I get it, most of us are just getting on with the day to day routines that help us survive. A lot of us would want to make things better if we knew how to, had other options and could do, but we don’t.

Well it is time we look at the bigger picture. We take so much away from the planet, the essential things needed to survive and we are going to end up with nothing left. Not only is it essential that we have water and trees to breath, but the planet itself needs these things to keep balance and to continue living. Earth is a living thing! It is alive just like we are.

There is bacteria that lives within us and needs us to survive. We have good and bad bacteria and it is essential to try and keep bad bacteria to a minimum. Without us as a host, it has nowhere to survive. Like the bacteria inside us, we are bad bacteria on the earths surface. The earth can live without us, but we can’t live without it. After a while the Earth will use its resources to kill off what is killing it.

Keep building on green spaces and there is nowhere to grow food. Keep producing plastic and dumping it in the sea and we are destroying water. Keep polluting the air and there will be no way of breathing. Keep cutting down trees for material gains and we have nothing to breath.

It is great to imagine living in a nice house, driving an amazing car, smelling gorgeous, having new technology and fast connections, but what is the cost to all of this.

We have become accustomed to electricity, gas and other fuels and yet they are running out. Then what? At the same time we are destroying the very basic things that we need in life to. So we lose the extra things we like and we are destroying the basic things we need.

So what are you going to do when there’s not enough space around you to grow food, to graze animals. What about not being able to power your cooker and charge your devices? How will you drive when that expensive car has no juice? What happens when we keep reproducing and yet there will be nothing for our future generations?

At some point we have to stop wanting the amazing house and build efficiently. Properties that can house hundreds of people in one area and have land left to farm. We have to burn candles instead of using up electricity. Accept that at night it’s meant to be dark! Limit ourselves on what we use and have. Understand that the bare essentials such as air, water and the earth surface is more important than any possession.

Our money and possessions are worthless without a place to live on. We literally won’t exist if we ruin the planet. If you started to care more about your water, your air and the living things around you, the planet will exist for millenniums ahead.

Enquire about other ways to make bottles, build houses, source power and maybe be the first person to discover a way of making life better. There is such a need for balance.


Amelia Randall

Writing is one of my passions. I also encourage my clients to write when they need to express themselves.

Logic, creativity and balance can be found within writing.

It is so important to express ourselves and to allow ourselves to grow.


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