What Happened to Her?

One girl. Unlimited powers. Broken mind.

What Happened to Her?

Year: 2076

Location: Underground Paranormal Testing Facility somewhere in the US

Time: 5:32 PM

It has always been the same thing: wake up, get groomed, get dressed, eat the necessary meals, and sit in that cold and Hi-tech room. Ever since I acquired extraordinary powers, I was taken away from my family. They lied to them saying that I'll be placed into a "special hospital." I was 17 at the time. The research team saw my abnormal abilities and deemed me too dangerous—not only to my family—but to the world. The room was decent for me to settle. A twin-sized bed, sink, mirror that would open up and reveal my toiletries, a restroom card key is hung up next to the mirror. I even get monitored when I go "powder my nose" in the restroom. I have neighbors next to my cell room. Whenever I was carried by the guards, everyone would scream. Some even burst inside and out. I heard the cellar door open.

"Are you ready for another test?" they asked.

"Yeah. Let's do it," I sighed, putting on my black slip-on shoes.

Here we go again.

Time: 7:24 PM

I sat in a hovering chair, wires glued onto my scalp. Half of my ink-black hair is gone, but the other half is my long hair. At this point, I look like those people with the half-shaved heads. The shaved area of my head have outlets sewn on so that the wires can be easily plugged in. They can see into my mind. They can erase any of my memories or emotions. They already wiped out my emotions because I didn't want to feel anything, not even pain or love.

I'm staring at an apple, while the research team is surrounding me awaiting for a performance. My hand lifted and so did the apple. My index finger made a quick down gesture. The apple is in two. Another gesture with my index and middle finger. The apple is in four. A gesture of three fingers, the apple is in six slices. My eyes shifted to the researchers. They jotted down notes on their tablets. Oh, how I wish to jab those stylus pens to their throats. It's what they get for throwing me in this hell hole in the first place. I snuck a slice of the fruit for myself since I was so hungry.

"No!" a researcher scolds me, slapping my hand hard with his stylus pen.

I winced at the pain. Oh, how I wish to turn you inside out. Moments later, I heard gasps from the group. Then it turned to shrieks. I felt something running down my cheeks, making it pitter-patter sound. I wiped it and look down. Blood.

I woke up. I was laying on a hospital bed. The blanket covered from my waist down to the feet. I noticed that my vision was blocked off by two white squares. Pads. They prevented the blood from running further. The blood stopped. I smell rubbing alcohol and antiseptic... even my own blood. I even hear voices from outside the room and from the corridors. I now hear heeled shoes walking up to my room. I can sense the clicking noise. Female. She smells of lavender and honey. Lavender reminds me of my mother. I miss her. I hope she misses me.

"Are you awake?" the nurse asked as she opened the door.

I sat up. "Yeah." I faked a stretched.

"Let's take off those pads so we can see those beautiful eyes," she chimed.

I'm debating on putting you on the list, lady. I don't hate this nurse. At least she was a nice nurse. Slowly, she peeled off the white square pads that were covering both my eyes. I can see the world again! Then, my eyes got watery and teared up so much, I was blinking madly.

"Don't worry. It will stop," the nurse said, handing me tissues. She examined the holographic screen and jotted down a few notes on her pad. "We'll return you to your room soon."

Days and weeks passed with the same thing. I hate this. They're holding me, hostage, here. They confiscated my belongings and stripped me of my identity and rights since day one. I almost forgot my name, but I know it starts with an R.

Day after day; experiment after experiment. I just can't.

Week after week, month after month. Somebody help me get outta this place. I'm ready to snap.

The guards took me to the testing chamber. Here we go. I closed my eyes and, in just one blink, the guards are on the floor, insides out.

A faculty member screamed and pushed the EMERGENCY buttoned. The alarmed screamed. Cell doors were locked and barricaded, leaving the patients inside confused and scared. Staff, nurses, and the team rushed to apprehend me.

Not today. Not ever. I stood my ground, arms at both sides, and palms outward. They all halted, fearful of what comes next. The performance is about to begin.

Elements of nature took over. Lightning danced around, striking a few of the staff in front. Then fire burst, engulfing the next group, leaving them to a crisp. At the corner of my eye, I see a few of the Research team charging with a hose, but my pyro power burned them before they could turn on the hose. Next, water flooded the room, drowning out the staff. I ceased everything. Bodies and objects were scattered around me. Walls and floors blackened from the firepower. They were all dead. I have a chance to escape.

"Hey, you! Freeze!" two voices screamed a few feet behind me.

I turned. Two guards stood with Tazer guns out, ready to fire.

"On the floor!" one of them commanded.

I got down on the floor, hoping that they don't fire. They don't know. I made a tiny rising move.

They fire the Tazer needles. I nodded my head up. Time slowed down and the needles turned around, aiming at the guards. The needles hit and stunned the guards. They screamed in agony and fell dead to the floor. I walked past them and everyone. Their weapon is a one-shot, so there's no point using it further. I hit the button to stop the alarm

I reached the check-in room. A man works in there. He keeps files and boxes of things that belong to the patients. "What's my name?" I grabbed his shirt color.

"P-please, don't hurt me. It's Rose Montahue. In your box, you had jewelry, a smartphone, and a black hoodie." He handed me my box, opened it up, and showed me the items he mentioned. He's not lying. "You may take them, just don't hurt me."

"Don't say anything to anyone," I growled to him. Beads of sweat protruded from his wide forehead. "One more thing: Free everyone."

I walked towards the door. It exploded, sending the doors flying outward. It was dawn outside. I haven't seen the world in forever. The facility was in the middle of the desert. The sky looked like a bold painting. Pinkish-orange clouds rested on the sky. Flying billboards hovered the sky. I remembered seeing those. All of a sudden I sensed something that turned my blood ice. Red laser dots skimmed to me. Sniper guards. Let 'em have it. They fired and the bullet ricocheted back to them, hitting them.

I opened up the box. I put on my hoodie. Still fits. Put own my jewelry. I turned on my phone. Still worked. I looked in the box and there were two photos. I had a family. I had siblings—a brother, who is the oldest, and a sister who is the middle. I'm the baby of the family. Are they still alive? Do they still miss me or wonder where I am?

I reached my town, thanks to the GPS on my phone. It looks more upgraded. How long was I gone? I pulled the hood over my head. I looked at my phone to find my home address. I checked the GPS to see if I had it listed. I did.

I kept on walking. Advertisements of products, fashion, and cars flooded each block. People were talking, laughing, walking their dogs. I never knew I would miss this. I thought I'd never see it forever.

I reached the house. It was gray and ultramodern. A gate guarded the house. I found the code for the gate on my phone. I punched it in and the gates opened. I hoped they remembered me.

I stood at the door. I knocked twice. I was so nervous. I heard footsteps coming down steps, then to the door. The door opened and there stood my mother, holding a mug.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Mom, it's me," I said, showing her the photos I held next to my head. "It's me, Rose, your daughter."

She froze with a shocked look on her face and she dropped her mug. "MY BABY!" She burst into tears and locked me in her arms. "I can't believe it! You're back. I came back!"

"Honey, I heard a shatter, is something wrong?" a male voice sounded. My dad.

"Look, it's Rose, our daughter! She came back to us!"

"Hi, Dad," I said, waving nervously at him.

"Oh, Rose. You're here! Finally back home to us." He almost cried.

We group hugged. They noticed my wire outlets and my shaved head that had grown a couple of inches of my hair.

"What happened to her?" my father asked my mother.

"It doesn't matter. She's back."

Even though I can't feel any emotion, I can sense what they feel: love, tears of joy, and relief. What am I supposed to feel? I now have a broken mind that is struggling to work. At least I remember my family. I was physically damaged from what the team did to me; not to mention psychologically and mentally. They're all dead. They'll never take me away again. Once I get back to the public, I will be hearing this question: What happened to her?

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Tatiana Adamopoulos
Tatiana Adamopoulos
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