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What Does Your Horoscope Tell About Your Life’s Purpose?

by Astroyogi 4 months ago in astronomy

Astrology Help Us Find Our Life's Purpose

Have you reached a time in life where you are questioning yourself about what your life's purpose is? Your thoughts are valid. All of us at a time in life reach that point when we may feel like we do not know our purpose.

So the question is, how do we find our life purpose?

The answer is our astrological birth chart, which, if we pay attention to closely, we can throw light on what we are actually meant for.

If there is one thing that carries the roadmap of a person's entire life journey from life till death, it's their birth chart. Your horoscope, which is based on the exact time, date, and place of your birth, can tell you about many things that you are likely to experience, your personal and professional motivations, your talents, and much more.

Reading the planets' position, your zodiac sign, and the 12 houses make it easier for you to find your life path and, ultimately, your life purpose. Here, we will try to get deeper insights into how our life’s purpose is influenced by the Sun positioned in various houses in the chart.

So, let’s understand this more clearly. The zodiac sign that your Sun was at the time of your birth is your sun sign. The house where your Sun is located tells you which area of life you can best express your best purpose in life and shine. In a birth chart, there are 12 houses each representing a different area of your life. To know which house your Sun falls in your birth chart, you can consult an astrologer on the best astrologer app, such as Astroyogi. You can do an astrology chat with the astrologer or call them directly to get a detailed reading of your birth chart on this app. It’s great, isn't it!

1st House: Self, personality, and appearance.

If the Sun is positioned here, your life’s purpose may concern yourselves, your identity, and your personality.

The possible life purpose could be being your own boss, leader, or entrepreneur. Your courage makes you the ideal adventurer who can face the world boldly. You have the drive to be whatever you want to be.

2nd House: Money and Values

If the Sun is placed here, it indicates that your life purpose is related to making money, creating wealth, or doing something consistent with your values. You may yearn to develop your hidden talents.

The possible life purpose is to follow a life path where you accumulate wealth through investments or acquiring possessions such as stockbrokers or traders. You may gravitate towards a career where you can use your talents and live your life as per values such as musician, fashion designer, or gardener.

3rd House: Communication and Intellect

Sun in this house may find you your life purpose related to communication, learning, education, teaching. You may find new and improved ways to communicate to stimulate your minds.

The possible life purpose could be to express your need to communicate by being a writer or teacher. You may enjoy traveling to satisfy your curiosity.

4th House: Family and Home

If the Sun is placed here, you may find your life purpose concerned with your family, home, children, and nurturing. You may feel the need for a strong emotional connection to whatever path you take.

The possible life purpose could be to express your need to nurture and care for others by being a doctor, nurse, teacher, chef, or farmer. You have the feeling to connect with others on a deeper level.

5th House: Creativity and Self Expression

If the Sun is in the 5th House, you will be motivated to live your life with fun, passion, and creative self-expression as a priority. You are likely to be driven to express your passion through work with a creative edge. As this house is also connected to children, being with young people will be important to you.

The possible life purpose could be to teach others how to create, express themselves with feelings of love and live life with a spontaneous joy. You seek a journey that involves learning to follow your passions so that you can teach others to do the same. Writing, film direction, or acting are career paths that can resonate with this life purpose.

6th House: Self Discipline and Service

When the Sun is in this house, you yearn to refine and improve the circumstances around you through practical outlets for your skills, talents, and abilities.

Your purpose in life is to find practical outlets for talents, skills, abilities. You accept boundaries, routines and disciplines. You find ways to be of service to others so that you can teach others the art of refinement, self-improvement, and organization. You may be drawn to careers with a practical edge that allows you to serve, support, or assist others.

7th House: Partnership and Relationship

The Sun's placement is likely to motivate you to experience equality and fairness in relationships. You feel the need to partner with others and express yourself objectively. Learning about the intricacies of relationships will be paramount to you.

The possible life purpose could be seeking a career outcome that involves partnership, public interaction, or one-to-one dynamics.

8th House: Power and Transformation

The Sun's placement in this house may see you driven to understand yourself deeply so that you come to terms with the power within you. It's a house of mystery, intensity, and depth. Magic, mysteries, and psychology will fascinate you.

Your life purpose is to face the truth about yourself and others and teach transformation and the capacity to define challenging situations. Career choices may include dealing with other people's resources, be it emotional, physical, or material.

9th House: Inspiration and Education

The Sun in this house will motivate you to expand and broaden your horizons on a physical, mental, and metaphysical level. Travel and foreign places fascinate you as you seek to discover more about the world.

Your life aims to seek knowledge and follow pathways that allow you to understand and learn continually. Exploring potentials and questioning truth is a part of your journey.

10 House: Career and Reputation

This house is related to honour, recognition, achievement, and success. It also pertains to the public and professional dimensions of life.

With the Sun in this house, you will be motivated to fulfill your ambitions. You are most comfortable in situations where you are allowed to lead, manage and execute. The idea of professional success stimulates you. You are well suited to monitoring others, teaching the value of discipline and stability. Your true purpose is to add value to your own and others’ lives.

11th House: Friendships and Groups

This house describes how each person is related through the society of the group which they are a part of. You value friendships and connections, and have a strong sense of social justice, and proficient in bringing harmony to group situations.

Your life purpose is focusing on relationship building and achieving common goals. It is about teaching the value of equality, the freedom of true friendships, and the benefits of societies.

12th House: Imagination and Transcendence

This house's domain is higher states of consciousness, connection to energetic fields, and experience of the divine. You are gifted with heightened awareness, and you also possess a strong sense of compassion.

Transcending the limits of material existence is your ultimate life’s purpose.

Astrology brings to light what lies at the heart of you. It is not just about how you choose to earn a living, but astrology can reveal what your life's purpose is really about. It can help you select a job or hobby, or goal that reflects your innate character and key needs.

Astrology could be that perfect push you need to move ahead in the right direction. If you need a great coach to get to your life’s purpose, talk to an astrologer. Astroyogi offers the best astrology app where you can consult top astrologers who can help you decipher the true meaning of your life. Get in touch with the astrologer through call, or indulge in a convenient astrology chat with the experts for a personalized experience.

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