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What Could’ve been

by Larry Visgar 7 months ago in fact or fiction

Story of 4

What Could’ve been
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By chance, or grand plan, 3 kids born on the same day on the same floor, and live on the same street. Parents kind of know each other but were never friends, 2 girls and 1 boy. Once the parents see each other, a bound forms.

The children become inseparable, doing everything together. One day as the kids are playing, thoughts of the future for some reason flood their minds. The Eight year olds Ashley, Marshell and Clare talk about what they want to be as adults.

As They swing on the schools swing Ashley starts. “Do you guys ever think about getting older?”

“Old like 30 and wrinkly? We’re almost gone at that point.” Marshell says.

“It’s not that old.”Clare comments.

“Are you for real? It’s like really really old.” He pushes.

“Well… I want to be a nurse like my mom, she helps a lot of people.” Ashley answers her own question.

“I don’t think I can think that far ahead.” Clare responds.

“I think I want to be a fighter, like what’s on TV you know?” Marshell says.

“Yeah like what your Parents watch right?” Clare answers him. “I think you’d be cute at that!”

“Haha! You are just saying that because I’m the only boy you talk too!”

They spend most of their days in each others back yards playing around. With no other friends but each other. There hasn’t been many kids interested in friendship with them. Even at a very young age, they’re thinkers, creative, doing things that’s beyond their age.

Jr High hit them like a ton of bricks, like an entirely new world. Kids cursing, doing drugs, and showing disrespect. Each of them were raised in a christian house hold. Teaching them all respect for elders, common curtsy, what God would do.

The older the 3 friends get the closer they become. Other boys getting more interested in the girls, begin to stir up issues in the classes. Clare and Ashley become smitten and hangout with the boys they’re attracted too, but their bond with Marshell never fades.

The girls hanging out with him more than the boys they like makes them jealous. Fights break out at school as the girls boyfriends attack their friend, Once Clare and Ashley find out, they leave them instantly. But that doesn’t stop the fights.

Marshell takes up fighting lessons to better himself, the 1st thing he learns is not to start a fight, and what training is meant to do. Of course this throws him off since it was the reason he wanted to fight in the 1st place.

A few months pass as the kids in his school that have attacked him, find out about his training. This makes them fight him more. Remembering the rules, Marshell takes the punches and doesn’t return any moves. Doing this turns him into a push over, but gives him endurance.

Him and the girls have weekly sleep overs where they watch either chick flicks or horror movies, depending what they’re in the mood for. As they’re all curled up in blankets, ice cream in hand, all different flavors and rotating. The girls bring up concerns of the fights that have been drawn to him.

“What’s up with the boys at school trying to bash your head in almost everyday?” Clare bluntly asks while their watching The Human Centipede.

“They’ve always hated me, and now they know I can fight back, they’re testing it.” He responds.

“Why aren’t you fighting back at them?” Ashley then asks.

“It’s the 1st rule, don’t seek a fight, only defend yourself, but even defending creates more problems.” He explains.

“In your case not fighting for yourself is making things worse. You need to fight back. Plus, no one listens to those rules anyway.” Clare says.

“I have practice tomorrow after school, see for yourself what’s going on.” Marshell invites the girls.

“It’s been a few months in your training right? Why have we only been invited now?”Both wonder.

“I don’t know, just haven’t thought about it, between that and failing to avoid fights at school. I guess my mind has been occupied.” He kind of explains.

“Oh crap I hate this part! The actual centipede thing where after they get attached. And they realize they’re screwed.” Clare explains as they’re watching.

“Why do you watch this when you are obviously too squeamish for the movie. Plus you’ve seen this movie 6 times, so you should know when everything is coming.” Marshell snickers at her.

“That means nothing, This movie creeps me out.”

“Yet you want to watch it all the time.” April shoves it in her face.

“That’s why I have you 2 here!” She pulls both to her kissing them on the cheeks.

The girls show up to his training, there’s some concern shown from the trainer. He brushes it off and discovers their presence doesn’t effect Marshell at all. The point to training is to push the students to their breaking points. This is done to him, eventually all of the classmates face Marshell. The attacks from the others don’t even phase him because of the beating he takes at school. After words. The girls share their shock.

“Dude you’re a total Badass! You took on 15 people at once, how do you not run the school?!” April asks.

“That’s not how this works.” He says.

“Well after that, you need some serious food, come on it’s 3 way friend date time.” Clare offers.

Once in high school everyone gets bolder but not much smarter. Bully’s don’t back down but they do realize once and for all what Marshell really is. Before that, The 3 friends take each other to prom. The girls were going to take their boy friends, but once they found out the boys were attacking their best friend. That was the end of the relationship.

“Are we taking your car Marshell? or…..” Clare starts to ask.

“No actually my Parents got us a limo! We’re going to head out to eat then go to the dance.”

“That is sick awesome!!!” Ashley says in excitement.

At the school, Marshell takes an arm of each, being in the middle. He walks them to check out. They get pictures taken with their other friends, but mostly as many with each other as they can. It starts as a night to remember, the 3 slow dance with each other, then join in the crazy group dance challenges. The longest is a dance competition that requires what couples can perform the dance moves better. This really shows Marshells coordination skills, him and Clare own the rest and win a cool dance trophy.

As He goes to bathroom, Ashley’s and Clares ex boyfriends jump him pretty bad. Punching, kicking and throwing him into the stalls. The final straw is them shoving his head in the toilet bowl of their pee, and trying to drown him in it.

Without fail he pushes him self up and uses their pressure points to disable them. Marshell gets himself out of the bathroom and with the girls, after explaining the situation. The school goes into lock down, a bomb threat was called in.

Everyone ignores it until shots are heard and blood flies. With all of the kids in the gym, there’s no way out. A psychopath with a few friends walks in to gun them down, when Marshell steps in between them with fire in his eyes. A few of his fighting classmates are there with him and give aid, he distracts, but the others fail at taking them down. The guns are tossed aside but no one wants to move to help.

The men attack him and with out trying he disables them in less than 5 minutes. By knocking them all out till the cops arrive at the scene. The prom continues and no one messes with him again.

Once they get home the girls can’t stop talking about the shooting.

“You were crazy! Taking the gun men on like that! WOW!” Ashley brags.

“Seriously though, that was badass. Now everyone is on your side.” Clare states.

“I wasn’t going to let them kill anyone, What a night though huh?”

“Yeah, I don’t know how we can top that.” Clare says wanting to keep the night going.

“Do you 2 want to stay here for the night?” He asks.

“Well YEAH!!” Both girls say jumping up and down.

Weeks later Ashley goes on a date with a boy in her class, she’s been very excited about it for the week. Lately she’s been getting strange vibes for Marshell since prom day, and is curious as to what it is, so the typical girl response is date another guy to see if its real. The friends have their own emergency code system. 1 is an actual emergency in which the cops cannot be involved. 2 is, date issue, bail me out please :)~. 3 is 2 but with family. 4 is anything school related. After that they just basic text each other. But once they start combining numbers is where things get real.

Her date takes her to a make out point when no ones around. Marshell and Clare are on stand by to see what happens. The date starts very innocently, both are very shy and just talk about their interests, then he gets bold. Starts to make out with her and feeling her up. Not liking it she pushes him off a few times, but he gets more violent with each refusal. Ashley activates siri and has it text Marshell 12.

“Hold on I’ll get popcorn!” Marshell breaks from his and Clares movie night to get snacks.

“Okay I’ll pause it.” She waits and sees his phone light up. “Marshell!!” Runs to the kitchen to get him.

“What’s wrong?” He asks seeing her fear.

“Ashley she needs us now!”

“Lets go!!!”

They jump in the car and he races there. Pulling up only a few minutes after her text. Screams can be heard from the car. Marshell opens the door so fast and hard he bends the hinges. Pulling the guy off of Ashley, they arrived just before he actually raped her. Throwing him to the ground the date gets up to fight Marshell. He takes a thick stick and bashes the friend in the head several times. Clare gets Ashley, he got her mostly naked, chest exposed and underwear ripped, shirt torn off.

Their friend uses a few disabling moves on him to get away, that only makes him angrier and the guy takes an aluminum baseball bat and cracks Marshell in the side of the head. Clare screams his name just before to warn him. Cops arrive on the scene and just see The friend beating on the not so date.

After a lot of questioning all 3 are released, Marshell on a warning because he was the one seen fighting. They are told to call 911 next time which isn’t going to happen.

Once back at his house, real talk happens.

“Thank you guys for coming to my rescue.” Ashley says sincerely.

“No problem, now go take a shower, you’ll feel better.” Marshell orders knowing she always takes a shower when shes had a bad day.

“You were wicked by the way.” Clare mentions.

“I wanted to kill the guy.”

“But you controlled yourself very well.”

“I don’t know maybe… I think I’ll go change into my sleeping clothes.” He leaves the room.

“You mean your Pokemon pajamas!” Clare yells out to him jokingly.

Marshell takes his clothes off down to his underwear as he’s looking for what to put on, Ashley walks in on him to borrow clothes. Being comfortable in his house she walks in to the room naked, and sees hes nearly naked. Ashley sees the bruises and cuts on his body, but even more, she sees how strong he is. Never before really seeing him shirtless since his fighting, now is blow away. He has seen both of them naked many times before, but this time it’s different.

They look each other in the eyes and she touches each bruise and cut and gets back to his eyes, Ashley then goes for the kiss, and Clare walks in and sees it.

“Well it’s about Freaking time!”

“Uhhhhhh” Both say.

“No continue, you guys have been hot for each other forever. Finally you’re doing something about it!” Clare gives the green light.

They laugh about it and continue.

Graduation comes and their class has a party, and show a slide show of what happened in the year. Pictures of Marshells fight with the gunmen are the most talked about. Plans about after becomes the big subject later on. Many are going to college, some just to work, and others have no idea. Marshell brings up something very unexpected.

“You’re going to do what?” Clare nearly spits up her “Punch”.

“I arranged with our pastor that I’m going to Israel and assist the efforts there. Many need help and I think I’m close enough to God to give that aid.” Marshell explains.

“They’re in the middle of a war.” Ashley mentions in concern.

“I”ll be fine.”

The Friends say their goodbyes at the airport as the missionaries board the plain. Once they land the Army group picks them up, and it’s not a good pick up. The team leads them to the their out post and gets them settled in. There are several different missionary groups there, many rival beliefs all of course trying to convert each other on the spot.

Mashell doesn’t play that game, he knows everyone is set in stone and only gives the plan of salvation to those with a heavy heart. Their not at the camp long before trouble hits, the leader of the squad yells at them for the 1st mission. They’re about to move out when the camp is blown up. Several teams leave before this happens but few in the camp survive. Marshell 2 other missionaries and 3 soldiers make it.

When the leader realizes who’s available, he curses for 5 minutes. An enemy team is sent to kill survivors and 2 soldiers are killed right away, Marshell saves the leaders life and the remaining 4 move to hopefully the other teammates.

The other groups run into the same problem, and it’s revealed that Israel is the target. The boarder must be secured, They cannot call for help. Marshells team unites with a few others but only 20 people total, in which only a few are army. Not many are willing to help fight or believe in it. One of the missionaries goes live on their phone and the video spreads like wild fire.

Back home, Clare and Ashley are spending the day cooking and come across the video. Freaking out they watch as the men hold the border. Marshell is the last man standing when reinforcements arrive.

The mission is terminated early for obvious reasons. The group was only gone for a few days from a trip that was supposed to last a few weeks.

Hugs go around and he is scolded big time for joining the fight and is removed from any future missions. It’s not long after another mission is called up, the girls want to go this time, knowing that Marshell can’t. The pastor walks up to him and tells him he was specifically requested by the soldiers.

Back in the trouble land several weeks later, they’re actually about to do what they couldn’t before, actual witnessing and helping people. Ashley sees Marshells interaction with the kids of the village and is turned on by it. Everyone makes their rounds in helping the villagers, when an alert is sounded, but it’s too late.

The village is attacked by an air strike, and crafts fire on the buildings surrounding them. The 3 friends take on fire to save a tent of women and children. They’re shot to death and bodies shield them from any more shots.

A white light is seen that blinds them all, they wake up and see different variations of the same light. Gates can be seen and they remember what happened then the pressing question is asked.

“Are we….. dead?” Clare asks.

“I do remember being shot to death” Marshell says.

“Crap….. you’re right….” Ashley realizes as well.

“Wait, is that a person coming our way?” Clare points out in fear.

“Guys…. I think we’re in… Heaven.” Marshell gets out before that person reaches them, then.

“Marshell is right you are in Heaven.”

“Are you an angel?” Ashley innocently asks.

“No, this is just a Theophany for you to speak too.”

“You’re God?” Marshell asks.

“Wait! So this means we’re in hevean….” Clare repeats what they already know.

“ We were only 18.” Ashley says.

Marshell sees the look on the Theophanies face and verbalizes.

“Somethings wrong.”

“You’re right. The lives you just witnessed are one of many possibilities. The reality is you were never born.”

All of them are lost in a loss for words.

“All 3 of you weren’t given the chance of life, those in charge of you either didn’t plan on a baby, were wronged by another person against their will, or was told to by their care givers. I wanted you to experience a life.”

“When were we really killed.” Marshell asks.

“It happened just now, you never took your 1st breath. Ashley, your mom found out nearly the end of her term and choose. Clares mother was raped and found out half way through.”

“And me?” Marshell asks in fright of the answer.

“You my son were taken before you could form. And you Gabriel.” The 3 look in shock and remember there was a 4th the entire time. It was 1 of the bullies that beat Marshell.. “Gabriel your mother had the choice to sacrifice herself to allow you life, It was a test. I would’ve spared both of you. However, she chose herself.”

“Why just save me? Why let me die?” Gabriel cries.

“It’s about choice, prayer. I answer when asked, when the Faith is strong and the servant is reliable, I answer before asked. But this required a strong heart felt committed sacrifice. Believe me when I say, you are much better here.”

“So that’s it, they killed us before allowing us to see who or what we’d be?” Mashell says in disgust.

“This isn’t fair, that wasn’t their life, not their choice.” Clare says in anger.

“That’s not what they believed. None of your parents think they killed anything, their thought is life is once you’re on the outside. Otherwise, you’re still apart of them and they can choose.” the figure says.

“What is the truth?” Gabriel asks.

“You existed the moment. There is a plan for all in the moment. Now you all know, What could’ve been…”

fact or fiction
Larry Visgar
Larry Visgar
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