We Have All Time Traveled

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You might just not know it.

We Have All Time Traveled

You know that feeling of déjà vu? When something feels so familiar, you must have experienced it before? We have all felt it at some time or another. Sometimes it is a little thing like a place you have never been to seeming familiar. Other times it is a big thing where you hear someone speaking and you know what they will say and how you will answer because it is like watching a scene from a movie for a second time. We have all felt it and passed it off as just an odd occurrence. But what if it is something more happening? What if that sense of déjà vu is actually a sign of how the whole space time continuum works?

When we learn history in school we learn a timeline of events from point a to b and so forth. From this we assume that time is linear. We are all just going through time as if driving down a very long very straight highway. There are no turns and we are all going in the same direction. Yes, there are exits along the way but they take you off the highway to the hereafter. This is a nice clean easy way to learn history, but is it the correct way to learn time?

Others have theorized that time does not proceed in a linear pattern but instead we travel along the string of time as it moves. Unlike the highway, the string is flexible and therefore changeable in its path. Some people have a very straight string for their timeline. For them life is much like the highway theory. Other people experience a curvy string that meanders from side to side. They still proceed in the forward direction but tend to spend long periods of time in certain aspects of their life. The other option is that the string is actually balled up. That our life paths pass by past and future events on a regular basis.

The balled string concept has led to the premise that time travel within our lifetimes is possible. We just need to figure out how to jump back and forth across the space between sections of the string. They figured it out on the television show “Quantum Leap” but have yet to perfect it in common use for us now.

Until we can travel between points on the string, we can still get glimpses of the future. Imagine you are traveling along your life string. As you pass by those sections that you have yet to go down, you mind may perceive events without you realizing it. Somewhat like catching a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye. Because our conscious mind cannot perceive our future reality, we don’t even realize we have seen or heard anything. We just continue along our string.

Eventually, we reach that point along our string that we perceived subconsciously early in our life. Seeing the place, hearing the conversation or experiencing the event, our memory emerges from our subconscious into our conscious mind and we experience that sensation of déjà vu. We have not experienced it before, we only perceived that we would experience it in the future. Suddenly it all seems very real to us because it is. Our minds picked up on and remembered this as we passed by this section of life string.

In reality we are having an event for the first time but because of our perception along our life string, we were given the memory before the event rather than the other way around. So we feel we are reliving something again when in fact we are simultaneously having the event and the memory of the event converge in our minds and that is what gives us the strange feeling when we experience what has come to be referred to as déjà vu.

Through déjà vu we are already capable of time travel to a degree. We connect to various points along our life string and live and relive them in our conscious and subconscious minds. We must leave it up to science and the future to extend these events.

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