We Could Be The First in the Universe

All speculations always theorize that we are not alone in the universe. However, what if we were alone and happened to be the first intelligent beings that exist.

We Could Be The First in the Universe

The universe is so immense that the thought that life could be life out there is not crazy. However, the idea is that life out in the universe is always more intelligent than us, right? You know, UFOs and little green aliens coming to invade Earth, or constantly abducting people to study. The other idea is that life could exist in some distant planet in bacteria form, or that some life prevails in some water planet.

Many say that the existence of aliens is a lie because of a strong religious stance. This, of course, is another argument. In reality, who really knows? At least, the main population of people on this planet does not really know that extraterrestrials could exist. Yes, the elite few that run the world have the true answer of aliens truly existing out there in the vast vacuum called outer space. Still, there is no true evidence that aliens from our universe exist and that truth being exposed to everyone.

There are those who have been abducted, but their experience could be debunked by simply stating that they are crazy or it was just a figment of their imagination. You know what I mean. As for me, I believe that we are in a universe full of life. It just happens that this freaking black void we happen to live in is huge and very hard to find life outside of our own planet.

Alternate Take

Well, think about this. What if we were the first living things that sprouted in this immense dimension we call the universe, and, in a gazillion years from now, we are going to be the intelligent beings that will invade other planets. Did you ever think about that?

If this were true, as of now, no other intelligent being is possible. We would be the first in this black void full of distant lights and are set to explore and spread out shit throughout this vast living thing called the Universe. Think about it, maybe that’s why we haven’t had any real contact with other planets yet! Those planets have not evolved yet! We could be the first in this black space to develop. You have to admit that this is also a possibility.

Are Aliens from the Future?

Many theorists speculate that aliens that are currently visiting us could be time traveling from the future. It is believed by many that these aliens are us evolved a thousand years in the future. Obviously, this could be right as well.

Other scholars have theorized that aliens could also come from other dimensions. These little creatures are simply from some parallel universe and have the technology to cross over. The simplest explanation and the most popular one is that they have traveled a shit load of light-years to visit Earth from some distant planet. Of course, all possibilities are possible.

Humans Taking the Universe

However, if we were the ones who are the first to sprout in this Universe, that would be very sad for this dimension. We are not a good species to be spreading all over the universe as we tend to use up resources and our leaders tend to worship power and control. The human race would take over the Universe and basically destroy it. Unless we change, Mother Nature or simply the Universe will find a way to rid of us.

Think about it, Mother Nature is already trying to get rid of us on our own planet. Because we have the technology, we tend to play God at times and overcome these crazy obstacles Mother Nature throws at us to rid of us. Also, when the human species prevails over extinction or a minor setback, the human is led by greed and corruption. The outcome is the destruction of our own planet. So, in a sense, we are assisting Mother Nature or the Universe to destroy us. Hopefully, humans will wake up and learn to live in tune with the Universe and expand righteously and not on a maladjusted path.

With all this said, I want to hear what you think!

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