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We Are All Dead

A post-war diary entry about a heart-shaped locket.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
We Are All Dead
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We Are All Dead

A post-war diary entry about a heart-shaped locket.

Dear My Beloved Susan,

I hope this finds you at home. It’s the year 2370. I sadly won’t be able to come home, my dear. They bombed our one way of getting back and the government is taking our food and bombing us some more. We have no chance of survival. I have the heart-shaped locket that you made me before I left and I will hold it in my hands until death sets me apart. Please tell Timothy that mommy won’t be coming home from war. My comrades are dying like ants when a small child steps on them.

I have a gas mask over my eyes, mouth, and nose. It might become a new normal after this whole war is over. The air is so toxic the civilians nearby have stated that their crops are dying. But you, my beloved wife, are safe at home, in the metropolis city we once called home. And I hope it stays that way. Tell Tim to never join the army, it’s not worth it. I hope he still has his heart-shaped locket as well. Tell him to never take it off, that’s the one part of me you both have left.

I love you dearly Susan and I wished that we could make our wedding official, but the government had banned any form of marriage. They said it would take your eyes away from the only “important” thing in life. Which to them is power, money, and nuclear weapons. They try the weapons on people who can’t say anything about it. They even go as far as hurting their own people for the cost of being better in war. My heart-shaped locket has the last picture of our little family together.

Susan, I will perish in battle, meaning this is the last battle that I will fight in. Why did you let me do this Susan? I could have worked at any of the mass fast-food chains around the world, but you let me go and join the army. Why? They are throwing grenades, Susan. This is what I get for fighting for what is right. Death. Why did I get death, Susan? I wish you could tell me why.

I hope you make a good cause out of my letter. Try to make a book out of it, pay for Tim to go to the college of his dreams that we weren’t able to pay for before. Don’t sulk over my death please, it is not worth the time and effort. We have been together for over twenty years I know, but please go and find someone new once I pass. I love you and I know you loved me, but please honey. Do it for me and Tim. Tim doesn’t want to see his dear mother sad.

They are lighting our tents on fire. I don’t feel like running. My legs won’t allow it. I can’t save anyone and I can’t save myself either. It’s a sad day, isn’t it? I am sorry we weren’t able to go and visit the places that you always wanted to see. Go take Tim to see them. They are coming back. Stay safe Susan and keep fighting for what is right. I wish I can see your beautiful face one more time. Your beautiful curly hair and your dark brown skin and your beautiful brown eyes. My pale skin is burning in the sun, but I wish you the best. And this is my last farewell. Bye Susan, I love you forever. We are all dead.



After Lynn had written that letter her camp got bombed once more. She felt her soul leaving her body and she closed her eyes with the heart-shaped locket of her wife and her son in hand. But there was a sliver of hope till there. As the government went through the bodies of the people they had just murdered by the masses, they saw Lynn, she was the only one still breathing, because her gas mask was connected to oxygen. They managed to save her and ship her off to the metropolis she lived in.

She was in very bad condition and was unable to move at all, but she was still home. And when she opened her eyes she saw Susan. Lynn smiled, she was home.

science fiction

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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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